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soft glam makeup tutorial | HOLY GRAIL products!

soft glam makeup tutorial | HOLY GRAIL products!

hey it’s jackie and welcome back to my channel for another makeup tutorial for today’s video i’m sharing all my favorites from makeup some hair products fashion like online shopping and everything so i hope you guys enjoy this video and if you do make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more tutorials like this and speaking of faves i have a new amazing phone case this video is in sponsorship with case defy and if you don’t know what case defy is that they are a tech accessory company and this couldn’t come at a better time because this is my old phone case it’s really cute but i dropped my phone with this on and it didn’t work and i spent three weeks last month without a phone i used my boyfriend’s so i got the military grade drop protection phone case and it’s super cute so you can drop this from like more than six feet and your phone will be okay i basically just dropped mine from like the couch the bed in the beauty table so now my phone is protected and a case device constantly collaborates with different designers and artists so there’s so many to choose from but these are the ones that i picked out i’m obsessed with the little butterfly case this has slightly less protection still more than your basic case but you do have a choice on how much protection you want and then you can do custom cases as well my mom and best friend really liked the pressed floral cases i do too so if you are looking for a new super cute phone case you can shop the link down below www dot casetify.

com jackie wires and get 20 off your new favorite case so thank you for sponsoring today’s video case by i’m in love with my new cases and let’s get into the makeup look i already have my hair teased i felt like having big hair today and my first holy grail that i have not shown on my channel is the skin ink serum glow filter this is 50 so more of a luxury product but it’s skin care and makeup it makes the light bounce off your skin for a glowy pearlized finish and now a mainstream k-beauty brand lineage i went to south korea last year with amore pacific brands and lineage has become the brand that i reach for most for skin care my most used foundation is light wonder by charlotte tilbury this is shade number two and i love how neutral it is it’s not too yellow or peach on me and i’m adding some giorgio armani foundation that i have to make my perfect shade because i have a bit of a tan but typically two suits me well if you’re looking for a lightweight foundation that has buildable coverage and a natural radiant looking finish i recommend trying this one and this has lasted me a long time i’ve been increasingly going for sheer foundations because i have fine lines on my forehead and less product there the better it looks on that section and the concealer that i keep going back to is the l’oreal infallible full wear concealer and i use this concealer to highlight more than conceal i really don’t worry too much about perfectly concealing blemishes i have one on my forehead i go more for a healthy hydrated overall skin look than perfection and my camera died as i was blending out but to finish off i’m using my favorite powder charlotte tilbury’s magic genius powder love the subtle radiant glow this has i use a minimal amount over areas that might crease and i’ve patted over the eyes to set them you’ll see a lot of charlotte tilbury for skin products because it’s my go-to brand they have a new bronzer and i really like it and sculpt under the cheekbones lightly over the temple connected to the forehead to narrow my rounder face a little bit and then i like to very lightly apply this under the jawline in transformations so many prominent celebrities have very intense jawline so i have to do this step usually more hardcore but it never looks good in person because obviously our face and neck moves so you can see a line at most angles so it’s best to keep this lighter for daily makeup and i take it down the neck um so that it all blends together i love chanel beauty products simply because i feel fabulous and my most used chanel product is their blush i only have two shades of the zhu contrast blush this dusty pink that i’m using and then a brighter coral shade so i went with the pink the smell is quite strong so smell it in person if you are sensitive to scents but it’s just the chanel scent so it makes me happy and this enhances complexion with a touch of color and radiance so it does what it says and moving on to the brows i had such a phase where i loved the benefit goof proof brow pencil but in the last two years i’ve been reaching for the precisely my brow a lot i use shade five which is quite dark but so are my brows and i just use a light hand creating brow like strokes with the small applicator my favorite way to sculpt my brows now is to bring the head more upwards similar to lily collins kind of lifts up that whole area and then i’ll fill in the spar sections and to find the tail with a sharper line up top then bring in small strokes from the stray hairs to blend it together setting with the 24 hour brow setter comb up and then bring the strands down to match the shape and now that i have my brows done let’s do the nose contour my personal favorite way to do this is to bring the shade nudie from too faced from the head of the brow connected to the start of my nose bridge and a bit of a angle to connect the features more i’ll shade using nudie up into the brows and then i like to define the natural divots i have in my nose to make them more apparent so that instead of a rounded nose tip i have a bit more structure and then i’ll fade over the top of the nose tip for that button effect of course if you have a rounder nose tip it’s quite cute actually i just like to make mine a bit more structured because i have round eyes round face it just gives i don’t know my face more balance in my opinion and these are contouring techniques that i picked up from recreating different celebrity looks and then i ended up really liking how you know but it looked on my face but i do these steps to enhance rather than restructure the too faced natural love palette is my most used eyeshadow palette by far but i’m gonna use the natural eyes neutral palette for this eyeshadow look really any too faced natural palette i enjoy using and i’m taking the shade cashmere bunny and bringing this slightly above the crease and into the v i do my shadows pretty quick and i like to subtly define the eye with mostly matte shades deeper shade i’m using to contour right under my brow into the nose contour again i really like how this brings definition to the face and just brings the look together and i’ll add a bit to my outer v i brought in one satiny shade over the lid and faded into the v for a bit of sparkle and my favorite eyeshadow brushes ever are by charlotte tilbury i have a travel size set and they are so soft on the skin and the eyes my forever go-to liquid liner is the brush stroke liner from mac this one is the most user friendly i’ve used it for years and it’s so easy to create a thin line above the lash line by just placing it on your lashes and dragging along from the kendall jenner tutorial i really liked bringing the liner outwards before the end of the lash line to bring up the eye and then building this up creating a slight cat eye effect with a sharper inner corner and then under my lash line i’m taking a medium brown smoking it up and out into the liner deepening out that outer corner one more time and we’re gonna repeat on the other eye mascaras here are my three most used i’ve gone through a couple of these and i thought i would switch it up with a drugstore product wiggling this through my lashes on an outward angle i’m gonna move on to lips and i’m so obsessed with the charlotte tilbury iconic nude lip liner also from the kindle tutorial i really liked over lining my upper lip but not rounding out and over lining my cupid’s bow gives kind of a classic old-school lip shape and this really balances out my top lip and my bigger bottom heavy lip side note i’m so excited for fall and just listening to taylor swift’s album on repeat and i’ll bring back my favorite revlon matte shade called hot chocolate for the cooler months so there’s my girly glamorous but wearable makeup look that i definitely don’t do every day especially in isolation it’s like fun and no makeup half the time and then the holiest of holy grails to me the charlotte tilbury hollywood beauty light wand in the shade spotlight it doesn’t pick up pores like some powders do and it completes a contour so well by making it look really three-dimensional my fave powder highlight that is just the cutest for when i want a bit more color to the skin is tickle by benefit it has more of a golden pink sheen to it and i like this on the cheekbones and inner corner and there’s my look time for hair like i said i teased my hair so much i was inspired by this picture and then just did like a very wearable version and for fun i curled the ends inward i have not had a haircut in forever so adding some curl or wave distracts from how uneven my ends are and my favorite hairspray for taking photos and recreating images is the ogx spotifying and bamboo fiber full hairspray so much easier to get volume and really control the hair with this so i had fun setting my hair taking some photos making it glam with this outfit and this is the quarantine look these fun pink mom shorts are from my new favorite online shop it’s an australian boutique called birch girl it’s so cute and unique you guys will love it like i have such a long wishlist on that site but anyways these are my most worn shorts thanks for watching i hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more tutorials like it i usually share my favorites on my instagram story but i just haven’t really done like my own makeup look in a while so i thought this would be fun and hopefully you found it helpful if you’re looking for new products i would love to know also your favorites in the comments below so i can try out some new um beauty products because i do get stuck using my favorites like i’m sure you’ve seen those products in a lot of my tutorials finally this i have been spraying constantly the brazilian crush um body fragrance mist it’s the same scent as the bum bum cream which i’ve raved about like every summer for a long time so check this one out if you are looking for like a summery body spray i love it with you guys that tag me in your instagram photos if you try out any hair or makeup looks from my channel so i can feature you you guys look amazing as always and i’ll see you in my next one


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