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Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial with Stephanie Ledda | COVERGIRL

Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial with Stephanie Ledda | COVERGIRL

Hey guys, so today I’m gonna be doing a makeup tutorial on this glossy lip with a sultry eye kind of makeup look, it’s super easy. So we’re just gonna get started. For this look I’m gonna be using the COVERGIRL Chocoholic Palette and we’re gonna be starting off with this light medium brown shade And popping that in our crease This is just gonna add some depth and also act as a transition shade for the other shadows we’re going to use So once you have that all blended We’re gonna take this creamy ivory shade and pop that underneath the brow bone And then for the lid we’re gonna be taking this sparkly metallic dark brown It is so pretty and you just want to pack this all over the lid Next we’re gonna go in with this chocolatey brown color And we’re going to blend right above where we put that lid color just so there are no harsh lines Next we’re going to take the same light brown shade that we used in the crease and we’re gonna put that on the lower lash line and kind of smoke it out a little bit and have the edges meet the upper eyeshadow Then I’m just going back in with that dark metallic brown once again and just adding a little bit more with my finger because sometimes when you blend it out, you lose a little bit of that.

So then after that I’m going to take this COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus black eyeliner and we’ll be adding this to my waterline first just to deepen it up and intensify the smokiness and Then I’m also going to take that same liner and just smudge it on the upper lash line just to make it nice and dark So now it’s time for mascara, I’m gonna be taking the COVERGIRL Exhibitionist.

Mascara, This is so good. It’s very bold and dark, which is the look that we’re going for here So I’m just going to apply a few coats of this before I add my false lashes. These are the Katy Kat Kat Whiskers ones They’re nice in like fluffy and wispy.

So I’m going to add those, just to add a little extra drama Now I’m gonna move on to the cheeks and add some blush using the COVERGIRL TruBlend Serving Sculpt Palette and this is in the shade bloom babe so I’m just gonna be taking that blush and adding it to my cheeks just to add a little pinch of pink so we don’t look so dead in the face I love to add blush, especially when you’re doing a dark smoky eye You want to liven up the cheeks a little bit and then I’m taking the COVERGIRL Super Stunner Palette in the shade It’s Lit and we’re making it lit by adding it to all of our favorite highlighting places, cheeks, bridge of the nose, tip of the nose and upper lip area I’m also taking a highlighter from this little palette and adding it to the inner corners of my eyes Just to brighten it up a little bit Now moving on to the lips.

I’m using the COVERGIRL Exhibitionists Lip Liner in the shade In the Nude just to define my lips before we apply our gloss Off with the star of the show we have the COVERGIRL Vinyl Vow lip glosses. These are so good I’m using two of them today I’m using the shade Toasted and Nudist’s Dream just because I always like to get my perfect color by mixing So I really love these because they’re kind of like an all-in-one lip product They have the moisture of a lip balm the texture of a gloss and the long wearability of a lip stain So it’s really good.

They’re very creamy and they never dry out your lips So I’m just going to be applying both shades to get the maximum glossy effect So that is going to wrap up this look Thank you guys so much for watching Head on over to COVERGIRL.

com for more info and all the products used and I’ll see you guys later


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