Home Makeup Tutorials Soft grunge makeup tutorial in Spanish (NO foundation)

Soft grunge makeup tutorial in Spanish (NO foundation)

Soft grunge makeup tutorial in Spanish (NO foundation)

Hey you Welcome to my channel It’s so freaking hot in here that’s what I get so I look like a mom my family has been waiting a very very very very very long time for this video so this is going to be a tutorial in Spanglish.

.. some words in Spanish and others in English so I’m going to be doing an Emo tutorial but not really emo, but just a lil bit emo You get me! So let’s get starteeeeedddddddd… ok Lately I’ve been doing my makeup a little bit differently.

I’ve been playing around with darker shades which always used to kinda intimidate me bc you have to be really careful, one wrong move and you messed it up for my brows, I’m not going to be filling them in this time, so I’m just going to brush them I’m gonna be using this concealer, applying it under my eyes and on the eyelids to cover these dark circles In the title, it says that I’m not gonna be using any foundation I don’t really like to wear foundation every time I do my makeup so I’m using this concealer by L.

A Girl, this one is not my fav one but it matches my skin tone almost perfectly bc lately I’ve been using one that doesn’t really match my skin tone and then it looks so weird idk so I’m going to apply it right here, I’m not gonna use a lot this applicator is weird, takes a long time for the concealer to come out it’s a problem now I’m going to blend everything by lightly tapping, NOT dragging the concealer I’ve never been Emo but I really like this kind of makeup and its something that I wanna keep doing this year ok that actually matches my skin tone bc the Maybelline one I’ve been using makes me look so yellow I like this concealer but sometimes I feel like its too full coverage usually I prefer a lighter coverage so I feel like this concealer leaves me like ready for the red carpet lol so yeah it’s definitely too intense for me and I’ve always liked more natural-looking makeup let’s see if this video does well I have to apply some concealer to my mustache bc it looks kinda dark it be like that sometimes now ladies and gentlemen I’m gonna be using this loose setting powder so that my makeup lasts all day long I’m going to apply it all over my face bc I have very oily skin when I’m not filming I like to use these cotton mini pads, they are so good for applying powder bc it leaves my skin so airbrushed I take a little bit off and then apply it I have a mirror behind the camera and I’m just now realizing how damn big my forehead is a long time ago, I wouldn’t even show my forehead, I had bangs since I was in 2nd grade lol you get over it as you grow now its time for some blush I love blush sm because it makes me look.

.. alive lately I’ve been applying it like this bc it makes my face look more lifted this shirt makes me look like a grandma I hope I’m not applying too much bc I don’t wanna look crazy a little bit here and up up up maybe a lil bit on the nose idk it makes me look sexier.

..I’d say now its finally time for the eyes so I like to use this creamy eyeliner, honestly so good and then I use this brush to blend everything out done! now I’m going to blend it out with this brush, which is kinda thicc and small so my eyes are done, as you can see and now I’m going to apply my mascara and I’m using this one by Clinique and it’s pretty good, it makes my eyelashes look so long now I’m going to apply some highlighter just a little bit on my nose bc I don’t want it to look like a sun and now I’m going to use this lip liner and I’m gonna overline my lips and now I’m going to apply this nude lipstick perfect! I think that’s it for today, so humans, thank you for watching this video in Spanish I hope you enjoyed it, if you would like to see more vids like these, just let me know down in the comments thanks for making it until the end, thank you for all your support give this video a big thumbs up, subscribe and turn on the notifications bell Byeeeeee:)


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