Home Makeup Tutorials SPEAKING DUTCH Soft Eye Makeup Tutorial! | Affordable Products

SPEAKING DUTCH Soft Eye Makeup Tutorial! | Affordable Products

SPEAKING DUTCH Soft Eye Makeup Tutorial! | Affordable Products

Hello everyone, Thank you so much for watching today’s video! If this is the first time watching my video, My name is An 🙂 And today I’m going to show you how I created this eyelook. I tried to use mainly affordable makeup products.

Like: Maybelline, Nyx Cosmetics Zoeva Cosmetics So I you all like that! And yessss, I’m excited for you all to see this video! And I think we’re just going to get started! Okay so the first thing I’m going to do is prime my eyelids I always use the MAC Cosmetics Paint pot in the shade Soft Ochre I use this brush from Sigma Beauty in the number P84 It’s like a very tiny foundation brush And I apply this directly on the eyelids This will make sure that all the redness will be removed And it will make sure my eyeshadow is going to last all day By the way I also used a different shade not that long ago which is the It’s the same product, also the MAC soft ochre paint pot but this one is in the shade “Layin Low” this one is a little bit more peachy in comparison to the shade soft ochre I used this paint pot a while ago on my boyfriend when I used his eye to create a eyelook for my instagram page His skin color is a lot darker than mine And this one looked really good on him so definetly try this If you think the shade Soft Ochre is too light Today I am going to use this palette I already used it once before on my channel but I just wanna use it again because enjoyed using it This palette is called the Modern Dreamer palette The previous time I used this palette I used these golden shades And now I wanna use these shades Now before I am going to apply eyeshadow I am first going to use some trancelucent powder I use this one by Laura Mercier Because I don’t remember if I had fall out with these eyeshadows So I’m going to use some powder for underneath my eyes So if there is going to fall something underneath the eyes I can just wipe it away As you can see I used quite alot of product it’s a bit of waste of product but it is what it is.

…. :-p I am now using the Sigma Beauty E40 brush And I’m starting with this shade At the top row I also have another palette from nyx cosmetics and I think it’s called…. * Brainfart hahaha* Dare to create???? (nope) I dont’remember the name but it looks a like and I really like that one This palette I have only used this palette once so far (link in description) For today I wanna create a simple look Just a simple look that you can wear everyday So what I’m doing: I blend with my brush Back and forth in my crease area And that’s all I am doing Everything I do on one side of my eye ofcourse I also do on my other eye I mainly show everything on this side of my eye I also have a mirror on that side so that’s the reason I look that way This way it works best for me Okay the next shade I am using is right next to the previous one It looks a like but it’s a little bit darker I am using the same brush ( Sigma E40) And I’m going to do the same thing Maybe I’m blending it a little bit lower so you can still see the previous color peaking right above this one So I wanted to film a dutch video for a very long time And I have done this before (on my dutch channel) But everytime I would upload one video and than I would quit again And I always thought it would be fun to do dutch video’s as well Because it’s different And one of my sisters works at a school as a teacher Sometimes she would speak about Social Media in her class And then she would tell them about my Social Media Carreer And then all these girls go check my social media And what they always say is that they really like my videos but that my videos are in English And a lot of girls can’t understand the language For me it’ has become very easy to understand But ofcourse there are people that do not understand this language And I never really thought about that.

And ofcourse that makes it really hard to understand my video’s I finally made the decision to start uploading dutch video’s And this time I’m going to continue My plan is to upload at least upload two video’s (or english video’s with dutch subtitles) If any of you has some nice idea’s let me know I’m kind of doubting about something because I wannna create a very simple look today but what I can also do is make it even more smokey at the outer ends by for example using this shade in the out end of the eyelid but I already know that that would make the look a lot more dramatic and that’s what I don’t wanna do today! but it always ends up happening hahah it always ends up a lot more smokey than I had in mind So I think I am just going to leave it like this If you recreate this look you can ofcourse make it more smokey if you want to You could blend a bit of this shade at the outer end of the eyelid But I’m not going to do that today I am going to use my finger to apply this shade It’s a very pretty light color I’m going to apply it on top of my eyelid My boyfriend just made me something so delicious But I can’t eat it because I’m filming right now But I am literally looking at it all the time He made me a fruitbowl and he also sliced some strawberries for me He’s always so sweet and takes care of me But I can’t eat it right now Because there’s some stuff inside here like nuts and stuff and that will get stuck between my teeth very badly So I’m trying to film asap so I can eat this I am already eating strawberries because I can’t wait When I was younger I used to be allergic to strawberries When I look at this eyelook I have to say it looks kind of boring So I am going to use eyeliner and I hope that will spice things up I am going to use this one by Maybelline, It’s one of my favorites! It’s also not very expensive So the eyeliner is now applied I think both sides look equal I am using the Nyx Cosmetics Matte liquid liner now I really like to use this on top of my gel eyeliner This one is super black! It has a very nice matte finish I don’t like it when a eyeliner has a shiny finish So I am going to apply this on top of it So now It’s time to remove all the powder underneath my eyes I think it might be nice to make the lowerlash line a bit darker And apply a light pencil in the waterline So I am now going to use this shade It’s a bit of a redish pink shade And I am using a Sigma Beauty E15 Flat Definer Brush It’s a nice flat brush It’s very nice to use to press eyeshadow underneath the lowerlash line And then for the next colors I am using a combination of these two shades Now I am using the Morphe M507 brush It’s like a very tiny blending brush It’s super handy if you wanna blend something underneath the lash line Or in your crease area No I am using this pencil by Zoeva Cosmetics in the shade Karnat It has a nice neutral color And it will make my eyes appear bigger And It will also hide the redness in my waterline I am not a huge fan of using a light pencil in the waterline Back in the days I used to do this very often But lately I like it more to use a brown pencil But for this eyelook I think a light pencil would suit better Than now I am going to curl my lashes So because I wanted to use affordable products today I will use the Maybelline Classic Volume Express Mascara I never used this one before Actually.

. I always use the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara, that’s my favorite! But because I promised To use affordable products,I will keep my promise For my fake lashes I am going to use the Tatti Lashes In the style Wifey Material They look like this Super pretty! I only have to cut the shape to fit my eyes They’re always a little bit too wide for my eyelid shape For my lash glue I am using the Duo Brush On Adhesive This one is for very sensitive eyes I found out I am allergic to the House of lashes one That used to be my ride or die lash glue I never wanted to use anything else But I noticed it gave me watery eyes So I am now using this one It’s almost the same I am going to apply it with a tiny brush I am using a eyeliner brush instead of the aplicator I am going to apply it on top of my eyeliner So I can apply my fake lashes on top of the lash glue it’s super easy I think this technique is especially easy for people that maybe are just starting with trying to apply lashes because sometimes it can be very hard to apply at the beginning especially when the glue is still wet so if you use a very thin pencil and you apply a very thin layer of lash glue the only thing that is left to do is press the lashes on top of it I make sure the lash band is right in the middle I just let it sit on top of my eyes and then I take a tweezer and press the corners against the eyelid I hold it for a few seconds quickly doing the other side as well And it’s on! Super easy right??? I really think this is the quickest and easiest way to apply fake lashes I hope you all like how the eyelook turned out I think the lashes make it a lot more dramatic So I am happy I didnt apply more eyeshadow because I wanted to keep this eyelook soft Like Isaid before, it always turns out a lot more dramatic hahaha Story of my life 😛 I hope you all enjoyed this Dutch tutorial! And hopefully I’ll see you in the next video Bye bye <3


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