Home Makeup Tutorials Speaking in my Native Language (NEPALI MAKEUP TUTORIAL)

Speaking in my Native Language (NEPALI MAKEUP TUTORIAL)

Speaking in my Native Language (NEPALI MAKEUP TUTORIAL)

So from now I will be speaking Nepali It feels so weird This is my first time speaking Nepali in my channel Ok so lets go ahead and start the Makeup Before I apply makeup, I always use a primer Primer makes the makeup look great and Makes the makeup last all day so I am using this new Vichy Laboratories Mineral 89 serum pumping 2-3 drops on my hand apply it nicely all over the face My skin is a bit dry so I like hydrating primers apply it everywhere I apply Makeup and then I am using Fair and lovely JK lol I am using my Clinique beyond perfecting foundation.

This is going to nicely cover all my dark spots thats why I’ll take a little and apply it all over For camera and photos, I usually apply a bit more this should be enough ok now I taking this makeup sponge and ugh not sure how to say sponge in nepali.

I don’t know I just blend this all.. uh make it like disappear on my skin My big forehead. When I was a kid I use to tell my frens I have such a big forehead and they were like Big forehead means your Lucky Not sure if thats true Now lets do concealer for concealer I take a shade lighter the my foundation This is from yesstyle website They usually send me free Makeup lots of companies do this to advertise their products so we can test it thats why I haven’t spent too much money on makeup lately Now I am applying this concealer under my eyes in a V Shape then I’ll do the same here Specially if you have eye bags, heavy bags then make sure to use a bit more and also the high points of your face like this on the nose tip above your lips and chin just like the foundation now blend all the concealer also on the corners of your nose sides of your mouth umm then to look like foreign actresses with slender pouty faces.

I am taking this brown colored creme and near the cheeks from the ear to the mouth not till the mouth, let me just show you from here to there like that and also the forehead This will shrink the forehead and give that sun kissed skin Nose also Now lets blend the contour I don’t know how to say blend in nepali and its bothering me um what is Blend called ? Up, Brush Up this reminds me of a song called up up valley of Kunti moktan that I used to dance to brought back memories on the forehead use the brush and pretend to draw a rainbow this step is very important I picked up the setting powder on my sponge and pressed it under this will set the foundation & concealer keep it in place and for the rest of my face I am using skin colored Benefit Powder brushing it everywhere Now lets do the eyebrows for the brows, I am mostly use a brow pomade I like Anastasia but this La girl is a good dupe.

taking darker La girl color Dipping Dose of colors Angle Brush and start the eyebrows here . I make my brows thick because I don’t have a lot of real hair Like Nepal’s mountains I make them arched and also a bit wider Eyebrows should always match the Hair on your head Mine is matching really well Whats the name? Soft Black these eyebrows got me in lot of trouble got spanking in school I use to pluck it in America but wasn’t allowed in Nepal so got yelled at alot Okay now I’ll do the Eye makeup For eyes I’ll use Hudabeauty’s red mini palette ruby obsessions Picking the orange shadow and this I am using fluffy brush and sweeping back and fourth Since its my first shadow ,I’m applying it more all the way near the brows next I am taking this dark Maroon shadow and on the outer most area of the eyes I’ll brush it this way Nepal’s national color is red so I using mostly reds today when I was younger and participated in dance competitions Doing Makeup was my fav part and I always did bold bright eye colors like this Under the eyes I mixed both the eyeshadows brush it under the lashes Make sure to connect this to the top in the sides then I’m using a concealer in a brush to make a circle above the eyeshadow this is called a Cut crease starting here and carefully draw the half circle for this you need a thick concealer I have to focus so I am not going to say much , if it messes up I have to start the whole Eye To set , I picked up this white shadow dab dab to cover same step here.

Before the eyeliner I am taking this Mac sparkle glitter and put this on the inner corners you can also apply it above the lids needs to look like a festival on your eye I also used maroon shadows on the corners and it it looks lot better now lets do eyeliner I using Thrive causemetics pencil liner and first below it has to be really black and then same on the upper eye I am sure Eyeliner is the most used makeup in Nepal Made it like Kumari’s eyes applying it on top This eye makeup today was actually inspired by ‘Kafal gedi Kutukai’ song model .

Her eyes are really big and lashous so yeah doing the same. That song is my fav umm folk song *sings the song * lets finish the eye makeup with fake lashes, this is from the brand Angel these are really long and full apply glue on the side wait a little you can blow too start here inner corners and out after you put it on your eyes will look Big & Pretty you can flutter it like a butterfly Now lets do the blush mascara then blush I have this Pratigya Mascara No its Marc jacobs this is new will be trying it for the first time making the lower lashes longer and blending the top For glowing cheeks I choose Mac’s snowflushed duo chrome blush + highlight it looks gold and also pink I am brushing this above my Cheeks like so, ugh so pretty shining like a mirror now this side and sometimes I use on my nose too Now we’re almost through For lips, I will first use this red lip liner Not sure for lipstick I should use Brick red or blood red let me just apply this I line it a bit over the lips to make the lips fuller Oh wow this such a bright Red made my teeth look super white ok for lipstick here’s is jouer brand just going over the lip liner Makeup is done.

This is what it looks like with the lips Now I am going to do my Hair & jewelry. Adding this rope thing to my hair. Makes such a nice sound This is a Nepali Hair Extension I also had the foreign hair extensions Started from the bottom now we here but this looks so fun I am taking this and braiding it to my hair it looks funny when its fat up here and gets smaller so I going to loosen it down here I feel like I kind of look like Bipana Thapa I used to love her Nowdays I haven’t watched a lot of Nepali movies but I did watch on movie called Ghampani It was really good I still listen to old songs.

I love Raju Lama Nima Rumba fav pop song is from Edgeband ‘Mero Ashu’ that song is too good. The lyrics is best ok my hair is done I don’t know why I am obsessed with this Now I am putting on this yellow necklace My waistband is also yellow so it matches On the neck I putting on this chunky necklace This use to pull the hair alot This makes it look like I have no neck Next is the head Piece This is so gorgeous even has a crescent moon like Sailor moon These were all brought by my mom when she came to visit Thank you Mom.

You did well with these oufits Put it on like this then is the Earrings This one is called ‘Dungri’ but I forgot the other Flat gold I poke this through my hair and pin it But they always fell when dancing I remember dancing on parents day make groups and stuff My head feels flat so I put a rose ok Let me show you guys my body oh wait that sounded bad I going to show you guys my dress So that is my whole look It was actually harder then I thought I probably said whatever at times so apologies Thank you for watching this video This video is dedicated to all my Nepalese viewers and followers thanks for supporting and watching my videos for so long I want to do more Nepali videos in the future I’ll dance in the next one if I don’t get copyrighted Ok Thank you and lets meet again bye bye


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