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Step-By-Step Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial with Malvika Sitlani & Simmy Goraya | L’Oréal Paris

Step-By-Step Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial with Malvika Sitlani & Simmy Goraya | L’Oréal Paris

Hi guys! It’s me Simmy Goraya and welcome to another super exciting episode of La Maison L’Oreal Paris your one stop for everything beauty so don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to stay updated on the latest makeup trends and also hit on the bell icon so that you are notified and updated every time we upload a new video! So speaking of makeup trends one of the hottest makeup trends of 2020 has to be the soft glam makeup look and for today’s video we’re gonna have malvika selani joining us today! she’s known for her soft glam makeup looks! So without wasting any more time let’s call Malvika and let’s see what more makeup tricks she’s got to share with us! Hi Malvika welcome to our channel! How are you doing? hi simi i’m doing awesome um it’s been sort of you know this lockdown phase but i’ve been keeping myself productive how about you actually i wanted to congratulate you you got married dude like congratulations oh my god thank you yeah i know thank you so much it’s been surreal girl so how’s it how’s it going for you it’s going amazing i’m very very happy to be married um i’ve been locked down at home with the whole family so i’ve been spending a lot of time with our kids so it’s been really great actually okay but to me enough about me i really want to know what you have in store for us today so i was thinking uh let’s do like a glam like a soft glam makeup look together because you know i watch a lot of your tutorials where you teach so many like different styles of like soft glam makeup look so maybe you have a few more tricks to share with our audience what do you think absolutely i’m completely on board soft glam is one of my favorite looks to do and people know me for this actually so super wearable very glowy very beautiful so yeah i’m pumped let’s do it all right let’s get started so what are we going with today what’s the first step all right so i’m going to use one of my favorite foundations of all time this is the l’oreal paris infallible pro matte foundation and i’m in the shade 105 natural beige and i’m really really excited to use this foundation for this specific tutorial i’m actually also using the same foundation but i’m in the shade 106 sun beige and i love how buildable this foundation actually is and i feel like this is gonna be like perfect for this kind of a makeup look i completely agree with you so what i’m gonna do is i’m generally just dotting it around my face and i’m gonna use like a damp beauty sponge and i’m just going to press the foundation into my skin and you can easily see how it just like melts into the skin which is like perfect for this look in specific perfect so i’m going to follow you i’m also going to dot it around my face first because usually i just go in directly with my blender but because we have you on our channel today i’m just gonna follow what you do that is so cute so specifically for the soft glam look this foundation is perfect because it blends very easily into the skin like you can see and we’re almost done all right so we are done with the foundation let’s move on to the next step all right so let’s move on to the next step which is using a concealer now i’m gonna use like one shade lighter to my foundation to kind of like highlight my t-zone and just brighten up my under eye area a little bit but we want to keep the entire look still in that you know like soft glam look so we’re not going to go overboard with it uh so for that i’m going to use the l’oreal paris infallible full web concealer in the shade amber i love this concealer this is just so beautiful timmy this is one of my favorite concealers to use ever and you know what i’m in the shade amber as well and this is so full coverage you don’t even need to go overboard and that is why this concealer is perfect for this look because you put as required and when you blend it out you’ll get the coverage that you exactly need which i love perfect so uh i think we’re not just uh we’re just gonna like highlight our t-zone a little bit underneath our eyes and uh that’s about it right yeah i’m just gonna dot a little bit because it’s so high in coverage and so beautiful just underneath okay so i’m gonna apply it right underneath my eyes on the bridge of my nose on the forehead cupid’s bow and on my chin i love how beautifully it just blends into your skin right like with the foundation and everything it’s just so easy to blend agreed so i’m also going to run the blender over my eyelids just to like sort of even out the eyelid as well yep okay so i’m done sammy i am done too okay so i think we should go ahead and set the rest of our face and for that i’m gonna use the l’oreal paris infallible pro matte pressed powder so mars i’m using the same uh compact setting powder and i’m gonna use a fluffy brush for this um and i’m gonna start dabbing it on my face now the best part about this um setting powder is that you know um because we’re like you know in lockdown and every time we go outside we have to wear a mask this actually helps your makeup stay in place throughout the day even when you’re wearing a mask that’s amazing isn’t it yeah actually that’s the best part because whenever we wear masks a full face of makeup is on the mask darling but yeah i’m done done so while that’s setting in let’s move on to the eyes but before that i was actually going through your instagram and i found this really amazing picture this soft glam makeup look that you posted the other day and i really really loved it thank you so much simi i’m i’m glad that you’re loving my looks um i love creating soft looks like i said earlier with eyes especially i love to get like creative sometimes but mostly um i love sticking to my beautiful neutrals these burnt orange colors and soft rose colors i feel like they complement my skin really well and i feel like it’s wearable which i love so i think that’s what we’re going to do in today’s video and with that let’s move on to the next step which is um doing our brows and for that i have the l’oreal paris brow artist expert with me and you know i know a lot of people who who like to go with that instagram like very very sharp brows but i like to keep my brows really nice and like feathered out when i’m doing a soft glam makeup look so that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing with the brow artist expert today yeah um i feel like i love the way this is shaped it’s got like a triangle shape with it which is really helpful to achieve that very bushy fluffy brow so what i’m going to do personally is i like to take my uh the spoolie side of it and i’m just going to push my hair upwards because i love that unruly look for this specific um glam look and then i’m gonna start filling in the gaps and you want to make sure you’re not too perfect with this you know the more unruly and fluffy it is the more awesome it’s gonna look for this one yeah the more natural it looks yeah yeah i’m totally loving the bushy brow look it’s my favorite okay so we’re gonna just fill in like with soft feathery upward strokes i love how doing your brows just actually gives your face a lot more structure um and i know a lot of people actually skip on doing brows but you know i mean it it actually takes your look from like zero to 100 you know with just the brows oh my god i agree so malduka i’m done with my brows are you done yeah i’m totally done perfect and now we move on to the most exciting bit of today’s makeup look the eyes and i’m gonna let you take the lead on this one because i want to see how you do your eyes absolutely silvie let’s do it okay so sydney for eyes i’m gonna take the l’oreal paris la petite palette uh this is the mini eyeshadow palette in the shade maximalist i love the shades on this palette how beautiful are these shades i know um the tones are perfect for what i’m thinking uh what i’m gonna do is i’m picking up this middle shade this is like a very burnt orange shade so i’m taking that on my blending brush and what i want to do is apply this like all over very messily okay so we’re gonna apply it all over the eyelids yeah so i’m just going to start from the outer corner what is typically what i do because uh when we pick up the pigment the it’s got like a maximum product deposit so i don’t want to put you know everything in the middle of my eye so i’m starting at the outer corner and then whatever is remaining with my brush and i bring it towards the inside that’s just basically what i do and i think for this one i’m just going to pull it out a little bit uh to give that very blown out soft effect so i don’t want any harsh lines for this look so we’re gonna pull it out i spent a lot of time blending simmy because uh keeping in mind this soft effect i make sure that you know i’m blending out all the harsh lines as much as i can okay i’m done with my uh first shade i’m gonna go to the next shade which is this rosy color right here and it looks very very pretty and it’s got a slight bit of shimmer so i’m picking that up on my finger itself oh okay we’re using finger yeah perfect i’m gonna do the same thing so we’re just gonna tap this on the center of our eyelid yeah yeah exactly so i’m going center and inner corner and just like again very messily blending it out because so there’s no precise lines here all right same so i’m gonna move on to my lower lash line i’m again taking the orange color right in the center okay and i’m just going to you know blend it out underneath very softly and what i typically do is i bring it lower than usual so it looks very like open yeah so make sure you’re like uh you know smoking it lower than usual and just blending it out so yeah don’t be afraid to go uh bend the rules a little bit and just like experiment with the look because this is what gives it a very beautiful soft effect so as opposed to a very tightly packed lower lash line you know yeah yeah i know what you mean just go on windscreen wet motions like reverse windscreen wipe and then go like lower and just like brush it out it looks so good uh so yeah i definitely do want to add a little bit of definition towards the outer corner that’s what i typically do so i’m taking this lower like this deeper dark brown color which has got a very cool undertone to it i’m just gonna pick that up on my shader brush yeah so malvik i’m just gonna take 30 more seconds and sort of build up on the eyeshadow a little more yeah absolutely all right so now that we’re about done i want to move on to the last step of this look and i’m going to take the gold color right here which is super pretty and i’m just going to put it in the inner corner and my brow bone and then we’re done i’m actually waiting for you to use this shape because i was dying to actually use this color you know awesome done yeah even i’ve done awesome so while we’re coming down with the eyeshadow let’s move on to the next step which is using a mascara to sort of bring it all together and for that i have the l’oreal paris voluminous lash paradise mascara so we’re just gonna use this to bring our soft lamb look together yeah i absolutely love this mascara because it gives you that perfect amount of unruly volume which i love it’s not too perfect it’s very messy beautiful sort of lash effect so yeah yeah yeah and it coats the lashes really well man so i’m gonna start with the root and just wiggle my mascara wand to the tip i’m gonna do the same uh so i’m done and i feel like it looks really nice i love my eye look right now how about you i love it too like it’s all coming together now i know um okay now it’s my favorite favorite bit of all time we need to add some color to the face we need some blush so for that i’m going to take the l’oreal paris la barre blush in be fierce perfect i’m going to use the same shade so how i typically love to add blush is firstly i love to add a lot of it because it just makes your skin look beautiful and healthy and you know so um what i do is i start with the outer part of my face okay and then i bring it towards the inside so that there’s not too much product deposit on your apples so the best part about this is that it’s highly pigmented so make sure you are tapping off the excess and you’re just starting from the outer side and then coming towards the inner part of the face and it looks so cute and it blends really easily you know i i love putting it on my chin although that makes my face look round but that’s okay like i love adding it on my chin i’m also gonna add it on my chin today oh my god just a touch in the nose is so important because it looks like very sunburned and sunkissed and it comes together you know so i definitely want to connect it with my nose for sure so okay wow this is turning out to be a beautiful monochromatic soft glam love it yeah all right so with that let’s move on to the last and final step which is using a highlighter to just bring all of this together and we know how much you love highlighter uh malvika so uh let’s do this i have the l’oreal paris la barra blush highlighter in the shade b brave okay so i’m gonna pick that up and i start with the you know the high cheek area and i’m just going to oh wow that is stunning i know right okay wow that is beautiful it’s like a very um soft creamy texture yeah it’s not too chunky at all and i’m just i go over my brow as well and i just leave that soft glow so when you turn your face to the light the light hits the right spots and then you get that beautiful effect on the skin i actually really like the champagne effect you’re right can add a little bit of my nose a little bit on my forehead a little bit on my chin a little bit everywhere i love it i’m gonna use a little bit on my body as well like a little bit there you go you know what i’m also gonna tell you this one or trick that i recently learned and i feel like it works really well uh when you’re using a powder highlighter uh so once i’m done applying it with the brush i just love to run my damp beauty blender over it and you can even take a little bit more highlighter on your blender i’m just gonna get this okay so i think we’re done with the highlighter as well let’s move on to the next step yeah i agree so what are we doing next malvika okay simi so we’re gonna use um a lipstick to end this look and for that i’m taking the l’oreal paris rouge signature lipstick in the shade i choose oh amazing i’m using the same lipstick but i’m going in with the shade 116 i explore but at the end simi this is our last step this is so easy to achieve also and it’s so fresh and it looks i love these kind of looks i’m glad i chose i choose i’m glad you chose i choose so um with that we come to the last bit of this makeup look that is a setting spray so i have the l’oreal paris infallible pro spray and set makeup extending setting spray so this is gonna basically help with the longevity of your makeup so for those working long hours this is awesome oh this feels so fresh why does it smell so good what i like to do is take a beauty sponge and just go over it just blend all of it together right yeah yeah and it looks so seamless with us using a matte foundation and a lot of powder products i feel like when you finish with a setting spray it just makes it just blends the makeup together and this does a great job of that so now it looks seamless and flawless so um you know now that it’s all blended into our skin i feel like even when you wear a mask um and step outside it’s not gonna move like the makeup is not gonna move from your face the entire day yeah i love how it turned out i know so uh with that this is it i love the entire look how it turned out it’s so beautiful it’s glamorous but it is something that i could just wear you know anytime you know it’s so beautiful so thank you so much for teaching us your hacks and your tricks i love them thank you so much timmy for having me this is so amazing i love how you look and i love how i look and um i would love to do this with you once again i know right like i can’t wait to do another makeup look with you very very soon so thank you so much for joining us today and i’ll see you soon soon bye so that is it for today i hope you guys enjoyed today’s makeup look let us know what you think about it and also if you guys are experimenting or trying out different makeup looks let us know that as well so that we can also experiment with you guys in our upcoming videos and as usual all of the products that we’ve used today are mentioned in the description box below and before you leave don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and also hit on the bell icon so that you are notified and updated every time we upload a new video on la mesa l’oreal paris and with that signing off for now i’ll see you next time bye because i did


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