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sub) 노렌즈👀데일리 데이트 메이크업 / 하객메이크업 ✨(여드름 완벽 커버) Daily Makeup Tutorial

sub) 노렌즈👀데일리 데이트 메이크업 / 하객메이크업 ✨(여드름 완벽 커버) Daily Makeup Tutorial

Hello, I’m Misojeong. I tried this kind of makeup today. It’s wedding guest makeup. It’s very clean, right? I tried a simple make-up for a black dress. Let’s go see how you do this makeup! I’m going to do my makeup now.

My face is getting dry because I didn’t wash my face and put anything on. I’ll start with skincare. First, I’ll fix my hair with a hairpin. I’ll moisturize your skin with a mist. Now I’m going to use a cotton pad soaked in toner to cleanse my skin.

I think this will help with my makeup. I’ll apply additional ampoule to keep my skin moisturized. The mist I used earlier is 100% moisture, so I need ampoule and cream to balance the oil and water. I’ll put on some cream.

It’s the Madessera cream I used to use. I’m going to layer it one more time. The dryness is gone now. I’ve only been doing skincare videos. I’ve been filming a lot of makeup videos lately. I’m going to the wedding after finishing my skincare and makeup, so it’s really a GRWM video.

My skin is so moisturized, right? Let me put on lip balm first. This is a second design lip balm that I often use. I’ll apply a lot before I put on makeup to soothe the dead skin on my lips. I’m going to get started with my makeup.

I set up my cosmetics yesterday. I’ll do the makeup in order. I should put on sunscreen first, right? It’s from Espoir. I’ve been having a lot of dark circles lately. So I’m going to use a darker makeup to cover my dark circles.

Benefit concealer 2. I’ll use the Abamat concealer brush to cover this area. It’s better to cover it with dark colors. I’m going to cover this lightly and then use the Etude Cushion to touch it overall.

Tap it once, apply it, and tap it several times. When the cushion is finished, use a concealer to cover blemishes. Maybelline Pickme Concealer No. 5. It’s a lighter concealer than the one I used earlier.

Apply to dark circles and blemishes. I had a lot of pimple marks on this side. That’s a lot less now. Isn’t it amazing? I uploaded a video of how to do special skin care. I’m going to take a video to recommend a product that’s effective for acne.

I think I usually expose products that worked well in videos. Blend it with the puff you used earlier. I recently got a pimple on my forehead, and I used this spot product. But like a ghost, my pimples started disappearing the next day.

And then the dead skin cells on this side are dropping. I can’t do my skin makeup because of the dead skin cells. No one’s gonna see my face close today, so it’s okay. I think it works the fastest among the acne spot products I’ve used recently.

I think you did a good job with your skin makeup. Now I’m going to use the fixer to make it last longer. And dry it. Tap the fixer residue to make it stick together. I think the base process takes the longest among makeup.

It’s not hard, but it’s taking a long time to keep tapping. The blusher will use a new product. Amuse Soft Cream Cheek. People use it a lot. I’m just curious, so I’m going to use it. It’s color 13. It’s shaped like a star.

It’s peach. I’m not going to use powder today for moist makeup. If you skip the powder, you can make your skin glow! So I’m going to use Cream Cheek today. I applied it slightly above the cheek. I applied blusher very naturally.

I’m going to start eye makeup now. I’ll use Peripera All Take Mood Palette. This product is cheap and has several colors, so I’m using it well these days. I’m going to use this for natural eye makeup.

I put on base makeup with the brightest color. Apply it lightly under the eyes, too. I’ll apply this color to the double eyelid line. Now I’m going to use another brush to paint it dark. I’m going to shade both ends of my eyes.

I think my friends are getting married one by one now. My childhood friends already have married friends and one more is getting married today. Two college friends are married. Two more friends are getting married.

My friends are getting married. I think this is good enough. Darker at the ends with a darker color. I’m going to use Apeu Brown for eyeliner. It’s really pretty. It’s a light brown color and the color is so pretty that I’ve been using it a lot lately.

I’ll draw a line between the mucous membranes of the eyelashes. I think it’ll look good with pearls now. It’s Innisfree Pearl, and it’s really pretty. I’m going to use this color in the middle of the eyelid and blend it.

Now that you’re done with the shimmer, I’m going to curl my eyelashes with the eyelash curler. I’ll use the Tony Moly mascara. It’s a fiber-added product, so if you apply too much, it’ll fall off later.

So you need to take it out and use it moderately. My eyelashes went up well, right? I’ll apply mascara for the lower lashes. I don’t have enough lashes on my lower lashes, but this mascara makes me feel better.

I think it’s because of the fiber. Now I’m going to draw two eyebrows. I’ll use Benefit’s. It’s been a while since I’ve organized my eyebrows, so my eyebrows are messy. So I’ll draw it in my original eyebrow shape.

After you finish drawing your eyebrows, it’s time to contour! It’s a Missha Smoked Hazel product. Use the Abamat brush Touch lightly like this and contour your jawline. And you need to contour your lower jaw to make it look natural.

I think the blusher I used earlier feels good. Now that I’m done shading my chin, I’m doing nose shading. I like this color because it expresses natural shading like a shadow. Shading under the nose makes the nose three-dimensional.

I’ll make the tip of my nose round. I’m going to use the Daiso brush to make the fat under my eyes. Shading under the eyes makes your eyes look bigger. It’s very good~ I’m going to do my lip makeup now, so I’m going to get rid of the lip balm.

And with the cushion I used earlier, I get rid of the color of my lips. Put the Etude Tint on the inside. Blending naturally Next, I’m going to apply Innisfree pomegranate tint to create gradation. If you wipe it with tissue, it won’t get on your teeth.

So I’m done with my makeup. Lastly, I’ll spray the fixer one more time to make my makeup last longer. Fixer needs to be dried like this. I’ll use Mamonde’s hairpang to straighten my hairline. I’m going to wear a simple black dress.

I’ll be back in a dress. Ta-da! I’m ready for the wedding. It’s a simple black dress. I’m going out with a bag. The hairstyle is made of curls with a curling iron. I think it’s better to tie your hair.

I’m gonna take the hairpin I bought before and tie it up later. We don’t have time. We have to leave now. We have to leave in the next 9 minutes. I’m meeting my friend at 10:30. I’ll be on my way. It’s been a while since we filmed a GRWM video.

I hope you enjoy it. What kind of makeup should I prepare next? Please let me know in the comments. See you next time! Goodbye!


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