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(subs)GRWM 파데 NO! 출근 데일리 메이크업 같이 준비해요 Daily Makeup | 파데프리 | CHES 체스

(subs)GRWM 파데 NO! 출근 데일리 메이크업 같이 준비해요 Daily Makeup | 파데프리 | CHES 체스

(Get ready with me) Hello everyone, CHES’s here! It’s 2021 already, guys Whenever a year passes by, I start to realize how fast time flies How is your new year going, guys? There are lots of big changes in my life this year First is I finally can go to work at my office For this brand new year, I really wanna start working with a fresh attitude So, I’m gonna do a makeup look suitable for workplace You can also think of it as a simple daily makeup look So without further ado, let’s get started! *This video is sponsored by (THE LAB BY BLANC DOUX) Oh, FYI, today I’m gonna do a no foundation makeup look The most important factor of this look is healthy-looking skin So I’m gonna apply this toner Before doing this, I did apply this lab by Blanc Doux Mask This is a brand I’ve just discovered recently Since they asked me to include their products in my video, ㅊso I got a chance to try them out I think their products must suit my skin really well so my skin feels like in their glory time these days This product helps tighten the surface of the skin So I do notice my skin become really firm after use It has a rich and a bit sticky consistency (a kind of rich essence consistency) Take out a bit onto my hand then apply it to the face As the name shows, it contains ceramide and prebiotics which are known as food for probiotic (In this case AHA ingredient/ not living helpful bacteria) It helps tighten our skin’s surface A decent amount of moisture are provided to our skin just by using this toner alone Our skin doesn’t feel dry anymore since the product really stays on Now, I’m gonna apply moisturizer (THE LAB BY BLANC DOUX PREBIOTIC-CERA CREAM) This product is really thin and light It doesn’t leave any heavy feeling which may happen because of ceramide’s original feature Gently apply to the skin then evenly spread it out Ceramide is well-known as an ingredient that good for our skin But many of us don’t like that heavy and stuffy feeling it gives to the skin But this product is different It has a really silky and light texture so not only people with dry skin like myself can use it, but it’s also suitable for people with oily and combination skin (Suitable to use daily for both dry and oily skin) The weather’s getting cold these days So the indoors and outdoors temperatures are really different Plus, our skin can easily get irritated because of the cold weather and our masks Another thing is that I’ve mostly spend my time indoor so my skin feels really dry These are the perfect time to take extra care for our skin to strengthen our skin immunity to fight against all of the external factors These products are all passed the skin irritation tests so they can be used to soothe damaged skin They’re all tested on real people so you can use them without any worries These products are going on a promotion for LOHBS’s anniversary all over the country (You can get yours at available stores or LOBHS website) All the products are on a special promotion this January (You can get yours at LOBHS stores or on their website) The detail will be noted in the description down below So please go check it out (This video is sponsored by the lab by BLANC DOUX) BELIF UV PROTECTOR TONE UP SUNSCREEN This sunscreen has pink undertone so it creates a natural tone up effect I’m gonna apply it to my face As I mentioned earlier, today we’re not gonna use foundation But instead, I’m using this sunscreen as the base We often have to put on a mask these days, right? So I also go for a no foundation makeup look for casual occasions Today, since I have to go to work, I’m gonna apply some sunscreen like this Recently, I’ve been using this belif tone up sunscreen a lot Even if we drag it on the skin like this, it doesn’t cake up at all It’s evenly spreads and absorbs into the skin creating a silky soft sensation Usually, sunscreen can easily dry out our skin, right? But this product is different That’s why I really love it It also adds a natural pink tint to the skin which helps the overall look really good I use this not only on no-foundation days but also on regular days, I’d combine it with my foundation (THE FACE SHOP DESIGNING EYEBROW PENCIL#04) For eyebrow, loose your hand a bit, then gently fill it in The way I do my brow changes throughout the time I’d go for a straight brow look these days Since my natural brow shape has a round arch, I can’t make it completely straight But I still try to make my brow looks more straight Gently draw a straight outline down here The product in my previous videos that I’ve been using for a whole year is BOBBI BROWN EYEBROW But actually, I also use this product a lot These are my most 2 frequent-go-to eyebrow products But this THE FACE SHOP BLACK BROWN COLOR is more matching my current hair color I’m gonna brush through my brow for a natural effect The great thing about no foundation look is that you don’t have to worry about smudging the foundation while brushing your brow So, we can just wing it (THE FACE SHOP COLOR CONTOUR EYES#02 WARM) Today, I’m gonna try out this eyeshadow palette I wanna create a warm soft and friendly makeup look for winter So I’m gonna use this yellow shade as the base Since the sunscreen leaves a moist finish to the eye so I’m gonna gently apply the shadow to fix that then spread it out also use the same shade and apply under the eye Our eye area naturally looks dark, right?! Especially, since I have dark circles which even darken my eyes more Apply a bit of bright lemony yellow color like this is gonna help brighten our base without using foundation Next, I’m gonna use this shade right here Apply it to the outer corner then blend toward the crease Since this is a shimmery shade, I’m using a denser brush Gently pat it on like using your finger to make the color pop more Also evenly blend out to soften the edges This color is really beautiful For the under-eye area, I’m gonna focus on the outer corner of the eyes For this outer V area, instead of using a shade that we’d normally go for I’m using a shade that is similar to the one on upper part to create a cohesive color scheme Then I’m gonna use this brown shade to smoke my eye Blend upward the outer corner like this The thing I really love about this palette is that it includes all the shade from brighter one to more neutral tone and shimmery shades as well It’s perfect to get one since I already love it from the first use Just think like we’re doing a thick liner blend the color upward add some shadow to the eye Since it’s easy for eyeliner to get smudged on this front part So I’d normally use eyeshadow instead of eyeliner I also use the previous color to fill in my outer V The shades that I use today are definitely not my frequent-go-to ones But I think this brown shade look pretty good (BBIA LAST AUTO GEL EYELINER #03 ROSE BROWN) I’m gonna use this light brown color to fill in my upper lash line It’s easy to get smudged at the front and the end of the eye so I’m gonna focus on the middle part right here and then quickly color in the rest (BEYOND PERFECT TOUCH BRUSH LINER #03 ROSE BROWN) Now use this eyeliner to create a sharp wing Draw a thick line then fill it in toward to front With the same palette, I’m mixing these 2 shades It seems like the overall will look better if I soften the edges So I’m gonna use the eyeshadow to blend it out We should balance out the front and the end so I’m gonna fill in a bit here Next, curl the lashes really well (NEOGEN EXTRA VOLUMECURL METAL MASCARA #02) This is my favorite mascara It has a metal applicator so it less sticks onto the skin, which is easier to use then the regular applicator So in fact, I only use this one I do think a lot about using only one type of mascara but I really love using it! Although I’m a more “black is everything” girl today’s makeup has brownish tone so I’m gonna use brown mascara The most special thing about this one is that it can even reach the smallest and shortest lashes So it helps volumize and lengthen my lower lashes I really love it since I have barely noticeable lower lashes (3CE VELVET LIQUID BLUSHER #VIENNA ROSE) This is from 3CE new products line There are 3 shades in total and they are extremely gorgeous Among them, I’ve chosen the darkest shade Since I usually go for a no foundation makeup look these days so I often use cream blush or liquid blush We tend not to use these formulas with foundation to avoid cakey finish So I can now finally use it without any worries while doing the no foundation makeup look A tip for you guys, many of us would dab a bit onto the cheek like this, right? But the trick is to take it onto our finger like this so we can evenly apply the same amount and the same place on both sides Move your finger in a motion like this It may look really harsh now but I’m gonna spread it out more With the same amount, I’m gonna blend it out widely The best thing about no-foundation makeup is that you can blend it out more if it looks too harsh Just gently blend it well like this Toward the edges of my face After we blend it out nicely, it looks better now, right? Apply a bit on the nose bridge This will create a cutesy effect Apply a bit more since nose bridge is where the light hits the most The thing I love about this blush is that it creates a soft silky finish but not greasy or oily at all This area is in contact with our mask the most so you may worry about the transferring factor But with this blush on, it creates a powdery and smooth finish (DEARDAHLIA PARADISE PERFECT LIP DEFINING PENCIL#03 DUSTY CORAL) This is a really pretty coral shade Instead of doing the inner part first, I’m gonna apply to the outer part of the lips Use finger to spread it out a bit to create fuller effect Do the same for the upper lip I personally think this color looks better if we apply a thin layer of it rather than a thick one At the edges, if we do a circular motion like this, it creates a watercolor effect Use that technique to blend it out Now, I look a bit funny because only the outer part of my lips is colored, right? Do the same circular motion and spread it out I have thin lips with really visible lip line So if I overline my lips, it will look obvious So whenever I apply lipstick, I only gently spread it over the line a bit The most important thing when overlining your lips is to make the corner looks neat So please pay extra attention to it! Do the same for the upper lip (CLIO MELTING DEWY TINT# 06 CORAL AURORA) Lastly, I’m gonna use this glossy lip tint on the inner part I used to be obsessed with matte lipstick But now I love that juicy-looking lips so much that I have to wear my lipstick the same way Tada! Lemme take off the hair clamp Tada! Our makeup is finished I’ve become so pretty *chuckle* Well! Gonna get to work now! Thank you so much for always being by my side Happy new year and may all the best things come to you! Thank you so much for watching till the very end of the video See you guys in my next video Today I’m pretty and so are you Bye bye~


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