Hi Everyone, welcome to my channel if you’re new here, my name is Smitha in today’s tutorial i’ll show you how to achieve a long lasting bridal look this is sweatproof and waterproof makeup so, its perfect for summer let’s get started if you’re new here, please take a moment to subscribe first I’m starting with my eyebrows to fill it in, i’m using Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade in Dark Brown i’m filling it in with this angled brush this is a thin angled brush from HipDot and the dip brow pomades from Anastasia Beverly Hills are all waterproof, long lasting and highly pigmented and to further secure my brows i’m using the Milani brow shaping gel this is a clear gel without any pigment I will set the brows with this next I’m going to use an HD concealer this is LA Girl pro conceal in pure beige I’m taking a small eyeliner brush this is elf eyeliner brush with this I’ll clean the brow borders and I’ll also use it on my lids as a primer and to set this concealer i’m going to use a loose powder this is airspun translucent loose powder to prevent the concealer from settling the fine lines and creasing I’m sticking some tape on the sides you can use any sticky tape so you get straight edges and as you can see, I’ve left a small gap in the lower lash line so when you apply kajal or eyeshadows you get continuity from lower lash line to lid today i’m using the colourpop Double Entendre palette first I’m taking this dark brown shade by the name teddy bare using a blending brush, I’ll define the entire crease now I’m taking this lighter brown shade by the name “hard” I’m taking this with another blending brush and diffusing the darker shade that I used in the crease as you can see it has softened the harsh edges now I’m taking a black eyeshadow with a small fluffy brush this is the Sigma Nightlife palette you can use any black eyeshadow I will deepen the outer corner with this I’m going to be doing a cut crease but before cutting the crease if you clean up the lids then the cut crease will look sharp to cleanup the lids I’m using micellar cleansing water with a q-tip where ever I’ll use the concealer I’ll clean up there now with this flat shader brush I’ll cut the crease and the concealer that I’m using is LA Girl Pro conceal in natural now with this darker brown shade i’ll diffuse the edge to make the blending easy now I’m going to use a very long lasting gold jelly eyeshadow this sets very quick this is the colourpop jelly much eyeshadow in Photosynth Sis i’ll apply this directly over the concealer this sets very quick and has zero creasing and zero fallouts and doesn’t come off easily over this I’ll use a delicate glitter i’m going to use Stila liquid glitter in Gold Goddess and to apply it lightly I’ll apply it with a small eyeliner brush there’s a drugstore dupe for this product its a Revlon product the link to it is in the description box below to prime my face I’m using Benefit The POREfessional this is a peach toned primer so it will also lightly neutralize the uneven skin tone applying primer is important it will fill your pores and the foundation sticks to it and so becomes long lasting now to neutralize the skin tone I’m using the elf color correcting stick where ever i have dark circles, dark spots and dark patches I’ll apply it there and bled with my finger its easy to blend with fingers because of our body’s warm temperature its melts the product easily I’ll lightly set this with loose powder so it doesn’t mix with the foundation for foundation I’ll be using one of my favorite drugstore foundations this is very long lasting, ultra resistant water proof, sweat proof 24hr foundation this is Maybelline Superstay in the shade golden this is full coverage & gives flawless finish without getting cakey I’ll apply it with a damp beauty sponge this is the studio 35 beauty sponge now to define and highlight the high points I’m going to use a lighter color concealer this is colourpop no filter concealer in medium 28 I’ll blend this out with a damp beauty sponge now comes the most important part of ultra proofing and sweat proofing the base makeup with the damp beauty sponge that I used to blend out the concealer I’m taking some loose powder with it this is airspun loose powder in translucent I’ll lightly press this around my face and bake and set the entire face the warm temperature of our body combines the foundation, concealer and powder and sets it this becomes ultra resistant and we call this “baking” this also creates a flawless base I’ll apply a bit more powder under my eyes so we can dust out any eyeshadow fall outs to condition and prime my lips I’m using lip balm in my waterline I’m going to use my favorite eye pencil this is jordana easy liner in black this is a smudge proof eye pencil for eye liner I’m using O.

TWO.O waterproof eye liner with this flat definer brush i’m using some black eye shadow first i’ll set the waterline with it when you set kajal/black eye pencil with black eyeshadow its becomes smudge proof after this, I’ll apply the black eyeshadow in my lower lash line and extend it in my outer and inner corners now I’m using this darker brown shade I’ll diffuse and soften the black eye shadow before using false lashes I’ll curl my natural lashes and apply mascara this is O.

TWO.O fiber lash mascara this is waterproof mascara and for lashes I’m using bepholan faux mink lashes in rose to contour I’m using powder contour this is Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit I’m using the shade fawn this is Hip Dot small angled contour brush and for nose contour I’m using this tooth brush style brush I got this with an oval brush set I bought this from amazon and the link is in the description box below to highlight the high points I’m using this banana powder this has a yellow undertone so you wont get photo flashbacks to add more warmth and definition I’m using a matte bronzer this is Hoola bronzer from benefit cosmetics I’ll apply it with a large fluffy brush this will soften the contour and will not look harsh for blush I’m using the Sephora blush in So Shy and to add some glow I’m using an illuminator this is very subtle this is Colourpop – Thimble Super Shock Highlighter first I’ll apply it with the HipDot highlighter brush and for smaller areas like nose and brow bones I’ll use a small flat shader brush in the end make sure to use a spoolie brush to clean up your brows so the highlighters and powders that are fallen on your brows can be cleaned for lipstick I’m using a long lasting, smudge proof, transfer proof lipstick this is Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Lip Color in Red Velvet Cake now to seal all the makeup you’ll need a setting spray the one that I’m using today is the L’Oreal Infallible setting spray Here is the final look I hope that you liked the tips, tricks and this tutorial please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe because this makeup is sweat proof and water proof this can’t be easily washed off with water so before washing it off massage your face with some coconut oil and then you can clean it off with a cleanser all the products that I’ve used in this tutorial are listed in the description box below so make sure to check it you’ll also find my social media links there you can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram


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