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Sunset makeup look on my mom!

Sunset makeup look on my mom!

LA LA LA LAAAAA!!! Who wants to get beaten with makeup! mom laughs Hey guys! Its me Adalia and welcome to Adalia …wait what? Welcome to Adalia’s Show! And she’s on live at the same time Yes, cause I want to show all my fans how I do my videos! Shush, (pretending to talk into an ear piece) Its all good! I SAID SHUSHHHH! Thank you! I’m talking to my manager.

He keeps talking! …. I SAID TO SHUSH! Thank you! So, we are going to get this brush right here. I got it! I got it! It’s like a super small one. So what I am going to get is a yellow. no…. pink! ya we are going to get some pink.

not too much not too small do I look like a lion? you look like a beautiful lion actually! (singing) listen to my heart beat beat beat! Don’t move a thing! ok! Don’t move I am going to put a line on now bahhh! (mom laughs) Don’t even try to mess me up! Cause I am such a profesh when somebody moves I always fix the problem! oh you are a profesh? PROFESH! look at yourself! bang bang bang (starts to sing) but I am laying here alone so I put you in a song beside my heart beat beat beat (continues singing) (continues to sing like a little princess that she is ) you should have seen my hair it was like .

…uh uh uh! do you want me to do my hair like yours? sure! high pony tail? ya! like its so messy and so clean! so messy! so clean! my hair is so messy right now! (screams) twinsies! I love your hair more like that! its so pretty! do we have another small brush? like.

.. eyebrow brush?? this one? eyebrow brush? ok! Lets get some black! some black?? what are you doing with the black?? eyeliner! I was like (making heart beat noise) you don’t need to do it like that girlfriend! Look! you see how the the the brush is angled like that? you just get your brush and you do it like this! you know who taught me that? who??? grandma! mommy! sometimes i need to do it like this because sometimes I go like this and some comes off you better edit all that out! dont move a muscle! don’t even roll your eyes behind your head! ok i won’t don’t move! OK Im trying not to! you look pretty already thank you because i got my profesh doing my makeup! its actually your daughter! oh my daughter!! sorry AND I am your profesh! makeup artist! HEY! dont move your eyeball! and your moving and shaking your dun up don’t worry i am not going to poke you in the eye ball ok I am so good now! I used to poke you in the eye ball when I was little! wow! that looks good! Look at that! ok.

… DONT MOVE! stop moving… can you be nice to me?? mommy you are moving! i don’t want to mess it up! because then you are going to be all mad at me then you are going to wipe it off. and then you are going to be a beaut.

.. and the you are going to be like “oh you messed it up!” (mumbles really fast) ok don’t move. I am going to try to be nice. But you are always like this and i am always like ahhhhh! ok…. close your eye.

dont move a muscle mother why are you moving your eyes? i’m nervous don’t be nervous…. I gotchu! ok (breathes in and out) just relax there you go there you go! ok turn your head like that just make it more black there we go and i might do a wing on you if i can do it! if i can do the wing! oh my god I love myself! I’m like so good at it! wow! look at that eyeliner tho! I’m sleepy! yes you are! because we need a nap! we need a nap! your eyebrows are so messy! ohhhh I should fill them in! ya? are you going to put the orange on top? yup i am going to put the orange on top! lets see here.

.. this one! ok i am going to use this half fluffy… focus on this! (laughs) ok! is that better? this right there?? is that good? ya.. now the other one! I am going to even this one out get more… get more eyeshadow PERFECT! OK I am going to make it like smudgy ya that is exactly what it is! it needs to be smudged a little its not really working on you that’s why I told you it was the other orange I think it was the other orange I will just dunk it in both of them there we go now its showing up on you what is up with this? let me see it looks good in the camera.

.. but let me show you, let me show you give me, give me (starts to laugh) your face! look right here oh wait! its not even coming up (adalia) i know! (mom) maybe it need to be darker! (mom) soooo this one? (adalia) darker darker darker! That one? no thats too dark! its ok! I know what I am doing! (mom sighs) or this one! that one is good! this one, this one and this one! this one and this one! ok! come here.

.. come come come! It needs to be darker cause like… right there see that is a good color! ok now do the other one then you are going to use that brush and blend I need both of these that one is not coming out i am going to make it smudgy so i can like smudge it ok smudgy this side this looks so good I don’t even want to smudge it smudgey there is that good? wow!! good? and then I just blended it out and it looked like a sunset remember guys? like.

….. DANG! Say hi dad! say hey! nice HEY! say hey to them on that one! HEY hows it going guys? and if you have to much and when you blow it and does not come off just do this! just like that and it comes a little bit when you try to blow it and it doesn’t come off like i said just do this just one time and then ohhhh so fluffy! ok next! you look like a little baby doll its so cute (clears throat) oh its not open yet? thats why i was like (clears throat) can’t you see the sticker? like.

.. (clears throat) its not even open yet (starts to laugh) no worries! its actually really pretty specially on you its really creamy ya so your lips don’t actually get chapped i found this in my backpack and i read some of the instructions because it had some i am going to try some on wow your lips look gold i’m not going to poke you in the eye.

I promise! I pinky promise! trust me close your eye close you are like rolling your eyes behind your head (mom gasps) I’m sorry oh my god mommy you messed me up its ok! TADAH! Don’t mess me up again. here lets get a little bit more LA LA LA LAAAAA! Who want to get beaten with makeup? ok close your eyeball.

I don’t want to poke you in the eyeball. and then you are going to get all mad at me and then you are going to say “you are never doing my makeup again” wow! I am actually good at this! hang on I have to fix this eye a little bit I hope you enjoyed! comment down below if you like this look.

and follow the instructions or else you are not going to get this beautiful look! bye! mommy is a camel! mommy is a camel! (mom) I am not a camel. your booty!!! smack it!


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