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SUPER BIG EYES makeup TUTORIAL Lashes & Hairstyle by Kurebayashi Japanese Kawaii model | 紅林大空超デカ目メイク

SUPER BIG EYES makeup TUTORIAL Lashes & Hairstyle by Kurebayashi Japanese Kawaii model | 紅林大空超デカ目メイク

Clever Can be finished Super big eyes Makeup Moody I will write eyelashes re 2 minutes I use this for false eyelashes. The type of false eyelashes that get wider and longer toward this medi is very good.

The big eye effect is great, so think about where to put it. It’s a little off, and of course my woman is up to here, so it’s about 5 mm from here It’s off to the side, but what’s wrong with the 8 Aika Systems that you can always see The festival will be held so that it is in a straight line from the longest vertical width of your eyes.

Ah, hearing loss at the end of a big person It looks like it’s fallen a little. Eyelashes Let’s see the cherry blossoms between myself and my eyes. I’ll fill it in the shade Black Road Day Jetty feita Just rub it a little and wash it again.

I’m going to write eyelashes because it’s a building that I really have a hard time just putting on 1 Gomez game I went to the hospital It looks like this between the ends of the lower eyelashes It’s okay if you write something and write the rules on the pedestal and bury it, so take it It’s because I added bamboo grass to the place where it became section 0 after a while.

Please insist that it is Koyama-ku eyelashes. It will appear again. This black is good. This time, after getting used to it with my own hands It ’s about opening the woman halfway. In this state, it ’s good to be a little above my second line.

Ah I’m going to draw a round line. It’s not very cute if it’s too attached. Gently revise and blur repeatedly With the beautiful person behind this up to this area Sweets and Jan already super big eyes There is the position of the eyebrows here.

It’s the position of the eyebrows here, but I’ve been cutting double width so far. Right and left if you do not write in this area of u200bu200bthe club No messed up line I’m going to put on a spar I thought I’d put on a little tears and put on my eyelashes Boobs It’s a sticker, but it doesn’t have to be a sticker, but a normal Stone Day me I’m the Emperor Ling, what kind of color is there? I think some are good.

The color of the reproduction is pink. In front of Kiriri, where it is not covered by the eye shadow of the head I will do various things By the way, the real position of the eyebrows is now this black part is a house without eyebrows, but it’s a little higher I will take the ash gray eyebrowday saplings The shape is right, isn’t it? My mother has grown up I’m putting in Kosei Koma Please be careful because the pen fill will hit while you wait at that time The space between these 2 eyeshadows and your name is important so don’t stick your bag there People with Tetsunamuni bangs don’t have to be rebellious, but the sweets have disappeared, so I’ll put pink again.

Somehow this is being returned with the lap seat coming Today the horse is also this youtube Yanga Queen juice Comfortable like this Because it is a recruitment rash theme, everyone outside the city will come out of the capital because of the sound of the city Is it like me Together nan I think it was tied at a park It ’s so cute because it ’s continued.

I want to sit down at home I think it’s a year. I’ll put it roughly because the pet star is big. Speaking of yellow Like this ame Poop twice I like Anne related things Tsuda-san En It’s a mystery that the big face looks like a super small face when it’s sloppy.

Spring loop It is an obligation for Japan to stick out of the cent d Paint this name Let’s put 4 blues clever Can we meet each other? How was your super big eye makeup? Let’s meet everyone. The point of coordination of influence is the mysterious t-shirt that says about 12:35 to eat a snack can challenge n javanese pack inside


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