hi guys how are you today my name is Bailey sarian and back in December is there lipstick on my teeth because I feel it. let’s ignore back in December I actually filmed this look I posted on my Instagram I was like ” just filmed a tutorial on this look” and turns out like that’s when my hard drive, everything got deleted and all that good stuff .

So with that being said I refilmed it. here it is this look right here . We’ve got some white eyeshadow we have some liquid liner and a very dark vampy lip. it’s hot, it’s sexy, it screams hello mommy I’m here.

it’s super easy tutorial I’m just kind of, it’s very laid-back , you know like just hanging out tutorial. don’t forget to Like and subscribe. I will shut my dirty little mouth and let’s get into the tutorial.

so lately I’ve been starting with my eyebrows first which is very rare for me as of lately it’s been a thing. This is the Lime Crime bushy brow precision pen and I have the shade brownie it’s a felt tip pen I don’t know if you could see it too.

…… okay! I just do little flick-aru’s shut up, me and my stupid lingo. I just kind of feather it right through. I’ve really been liking this product because it’s really easy to use it reminds me of the Mac shape and shade that I was obsessed with all last year.

the only thing I don’t like is it’s like it dries out so it’s like you got to give it a minute or something to kind of get back in there like any felt liner really does . so next I’m going to do my eyebrows I’m oh I just did my eyebrows.

so now I’m gonna do my eyes this is the P Louise base in rumor zero is the shade. it’s a white. if you don’t have this you can use, do you have a white eyeliner? you can use a white eyeliner, you can use a very light concealer.

I want a light base because I’m gonna put a white eyeshadow on. This is a morphe brush I think it came from like a holiday package thing I’ve noticed with the P Louise primer if I try and layer it like, I do a sheer layer of foundation and then I try and put this over the foundation cuz I always put foundation on my lid it doesn’t stick, it like almost flakes it’s very strange .

okay so once that is all over my lid I am now going in with my viseart palette. this is the editorial brights palette , I only want this matte white shade. so any matte eyeshadow will work we’re gonna layer this on top of the white primer that we have and I’m just using a fluffier brush and I’m placing this all over my lid.

it’s a really easy eye look, I mean you can’t mess this up . then jumping to this festival by Julia’s place palette there is this shade right here it’s white but it has some shimmer to it so think of like a really light highlight you may have that will work too or if you have this palette this will work I’m just wiping my brush down on a paper towel grabbing a little bit of that shade just want a little bit of a white shimmer right up here.

Then with this product right here it’s mehron 1927 liquid vinyl makeup. so this is a liquid eyeliner I find that this one is really good like it stays put all day you have to shake it up really well and it comes with this brush, has a very fine tip to it which makes applying the liner a lot easier.

the reason I’m doing my eyes first is because when I do winged liner I always mess it up knock on wood but I do I always tend to mess up my winged liner and if I do it first it’s easier to clean up . so I’m using the brush that it comes with and then I’m gonna wing it out so shoosh shoosh let it dry don’t open do the other eye I’ll be right back this liner came out way better than whatever for foundation I’m using Milani conceal and perfect two-in-one foundation I have shade number two natural I haven’t really been wearing primer at all so I just buff it into the skin I went through a stage where I really liked this foundation and I just stopped using it so now I’m back on the train of the Milani Foundation.

it’s nice it gives like a medium coverage you can build it too full then I take a small concealer brush to get around my eyebrows this is why I hate doing my eyebrows first cuz you got to be like careful I hate being careful.

I’m just taking my Beauty Blender and like pushing it into the skin I did get a new concealer from ELF and it’s the 16-hour camo concealer I actually have not used this before so this is new. normally I just use the Tarte shape tape concealer I hate this chair our apartment’s at like a slant so it starts to kind of just go its own way anyways okay I’m using the shade medium peach and dabbing it in here it’s got it really nice like big applicator to it boom Shakalaka then I take my Beauty Blender blend that out.

I no that this isn’t a review video but I must say right off the bat that is a really nice concealer it blends easily it seems like it’s drying down so it’s not staying super wet I’m adding more because I just kind of want to be cakey today.

somedays I want the makeup to just wear me . I’m not trying to wear makeup. I was just talking to somebody about concealers, I was saying I have yet to find like a good drugstore concealer that I really like and that actually covers my hyperpigmentation and this one actually is like covering it .

it has almost like a tacky feel to it I know I’m sure a lot of people won’t like it honestly for me like I don’t mind that because I’m used to such a cake face I am very impressed huh okay let’s set it so I need setting powder Beauty bakery cosmetics setting powder flower setting powder and I have the shade translucent and my Beauty Blender I’m placing this wherever I place the concealer so my chin above my upper lip middle of my forehead okay I’m using my Smashbox contour palette and I am using this shade right here.

now this palette does come with a brush I just misplaced it so I’m using an angle brush to come right into my crease, my crease? Jesus where am Its been a while since I’ve done a makeup tutorial all of a sudden I forget who I am and what I’m doing okay.

I forgot how much I liked this Smashbox contour palette though and I’m so glad I decided to like try it again I think I did mention that in another video. perfect contour shade. my skin is breaking out so bad what the hell? okay I’m dusting off the loose powder sometimes I do my contour while my loose powder is sitting on my face cuz then I’ll just dust it over the contour and it softens it a bit.

just depends on my mood I guess I don’t always do that. My Tarte Amazonian clay bronzer in Park Avenue princess and I’m just gonna use this same brush to give myself a bronzy look. this used to be one of my favorite bronzers I don’t know why I stopped there’s always something new makes you forget about the things you used to enjoy.

I just got the strangest email Natasha Denona super glow powder had this for quite some time, I dropped it shattered everywhere so I lused some alcohol and try to push it back together I tried my best but this super glow does give you super glow.

if you want a glow baby , this will do it. this is makeup forever artist color pencil in 104 my inner waterline lower lash line as well just doing like a thick line. I don’t know when you would wear this look but if you do tag me in your photos.

totally a valentine’s day appropriate look . I am going to put on mascara on my top and bottom lashes and then my kiss lashes in negligee I’ll be right back just easier to do off camera last but not least we’re gonna do a lip so I have the Mac retro matte liquid lip color in uniformly fabulous and I’m using the NARS vinyl lip lacquer in baden-baden mmm this lip is sexy mmm this looks like I would have whips and chains in my closet this is hot and there you go this is the finished look I hope you like it as much as I do.

it’s very easy to achieve. where are you gonna wear it? I don’t know wherever you want girl , cause its just makeup okay it washes off it’s just makeup it washes off so have some fun, live a little, try something new, try something different.

let me know what you think down below but most of all I appreciate you so much for watching and hanging out with me today! also big thank you to all of you who participated last week, last Saturday in my giveaway I hope that you have a really good day today you make good choices and I’ll see you guys later, byeeee.



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