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Tangled Transformation! Rapunzel Makeup Tutorial

Tangled Transformation!  Rapunzel Makeup Tutorial

Hello and welcome to the Queendom. I’m Sarah Ingle and today we are going to do a Rapunzel makeup tutorial. I’ve been waiting a long time to do this but I want to tweak some things with the eye shadows.

If you notice, Rapunzel in her original Tangled movie, her face looks slightly different than in Wreck-It Ralph 2, for instance. Rapunzel in real life has purples on the eyes and she definitely has a lip stick.

Then you’ve also got the animated series, so this is kind of my blend of all of them. So actually special shout-out to Deck of Scarlet. They partner with different YouTubers every other month to do a makeup subscription, and the YouTubers are the ones who make the palette with them.

They actually sent me palettes that had a whole bunch of lavender shades so that I could find those last couple Rapunzel eyeshadows that I wanted to tweak. So let’s get started! So first off in order to have that really cartoony finish you want to make sure you start with your foundation done.

Once you put costumes on with things, you tend to look way more washed out. If you don’t know how to do foundation, I have a costume and stage makeup foundation tutorial and I will link to that in the description as well as links to all the products that we’re gonna use today so that they’re right there and handy for you.

Once you’ve done your general foundation, because everybody’s face is shaped a little bit differently, compare your face to hers. If your jaw shape sticks out a little bit more, then you would add some dark in this area versus if your jaw line maybe is narrower, you might add light.

Put light on areas you want to make appear either larger or more protruding and then you put dark on areas that you want to make look smaller. So in my case I’m gonna put a little bit of dark right here and right here and probably pull in some extra light here.

Contour — always make sure you’re doing with a matte. Just do a couple shades darker than your skin. In my case, I’m actually just gonna use “Naked” and “Buck.” Make sure you blend it in with a translucent powder.

For highlighting, you can use foundation that’s a couple shades lighter than your skin. I’m gonna put a little bit here ’cause her face is pretty flat right through here so that there’s not this little indention where your nose goes in.

While I’ve got it here, I’m also gonna put a little a little tiny speck right here on the tip of the chin. Now that I put that lighter color underneath, I am gonna take a little bit of this High Beam from Benefit and put it just on the absolute lightest areas.

if you have a highlight powder that you want to steal it unless you can do that but you don’t want to look glittery I’m going to use virgin from the Naked palette so we’re just dusting a bit of that on there so now I’m going to move on to blush palette number three from deck of scarlet has its baby doll and the other one show cute like SH Oh cute I think that’s really funny I’m gonna use a little bit of baby doll or really any light pink and we’ll work pull it into into hair lines even a little bit underneath here especially if some of those pink tones aren’t already in your skin it makes it all feel a little bit more natural and like it’s glowing from within you instead of just think mooshed on your face I know we haven’t done i shadow yet but you can hold a little bit of this up over your eyes to take a little bit of that show cute and put it on those areas that we highlighted now looking up blush take a translucent powder this does make up forever Ultra HD powder awesome I’m taking just a little beauty blender and we’re gonna Pat it on top of all that all right we’re gonna move on to eyeshadow we’re gonna try and keep it pretty natural but I want to pull in a little bit of those those pinks and purples of lavender lilac that she wears in the park if you have not put on eyeshadow primer I really recommend that because it will help those really light colors pop a little bit more since we just did some of that blush let’s pull a baby doll starting from the outside and pull it on in and now I’m gonna take a little bit of that show cute and pull it a little bit more onto the top not in the crease leaving this whole intersection really really clean then I’m gonna take a little bit of supernova Pat it just right here right in the center I’ve got this really awesome pinkish color from Mac called swish pulling a little swish cuz in that same area try and keep most of the inner area as clean as possible we want it really light that helps your eyes look a little bit bigger more open and Rapunzel has the biggest eyes of any of the Disney Princesses a lot of Smashbox palette and it looks actually like literally smashed cuz it’s so old and then beat up but there’s a purple but has little flecks of gold in it it’s called amethyst Rapunzel’s got a lot of those purples and golds I feel like it’s this a great way to pull some of that in without having like a gold too much on your face so a little bit of this amethyst yeah keeping this way on the outside don’t pull this in because it’s too dark pulling on the lid just in that outer corner take that little fluffy brush blend it out a little bit I’m gonna take a little bit of making mops and put just a little bit in the crease don’t go in all the way because we want to put a very very very light highlight color in there I am gonna take a little bit on this brush put a seat of naked kind of pull it in it keeps it also from getting way too purple it’s a little more neutral a little more brown in there and then maybe a tiny speck of book in that absolutely outer moist corner and then we’re just gonna blend don’t go past maybe about like here because then we’re starting a game get into that area that we want to keep it clean now take a little bit of high-beam again and put it on the brow bone and then also a little bit in the inner corners where we kept it all nice and light and then make sure you seal that in with a light shimmery powder I’ll use some a virgin from the Naked palette before I do eyeliner I’m actually going to show what we’re gonna do with false lashes you don’t have to be this tedious with it you can actually look at a picture of them and see what shape their eyelashes made and build our own little set of lashes based off of that and rather than doing one eye completely free to the other do them both at the same time it helps keep them a little more even I’m going to kind of go where the peak of my arch of my eyebrow is out there and build off of that this is like crazy extra you don’t have to do this just find the pair of lashes right once you’ve got your lashes on the top add some black mascara to your bottom lashes and there we have our lashes a very important thing to do I mean especially when you’re doing the build your own lashes type of thing even out anything you need or fill in any little gaps with some eyeliner I like to use a liquid felt tip I dot he felt tip right in anytime this a gap so it doesn’t look like she patched together her own eyelashes even less kind of what I did for underneath your eyes get a light brown that’s very very not a white but a very very very light pearly slightly pinkish I like for Rapunzel’s eyebrows we’ve got a couple of different options because in the original tangled movie her eyebrows are brown and Rickon Ralph her eyebrows are more blonde and then in the cartoon they’re also again brown so he is just not to make them too arched I’ve got this the night eyebrow pencil then literally light brown before we do the lips I’m gonna take care of being there his contour she is quite shadowed almost everywhere under a cool tip very upturned nose so I’m going to shadow almost everything under here especially right under here make it look as upturned as possible simply been using naked for all of our contouring we’re going to continue and again one like crazy and I put a little darker than you might necessarily do it in person so you can see what I’m doing but please notice quite a turn so I’m also going to draw a little line across here okay they see that’s really dark and I already used like the lightest color ever also I connect that to the sides here I am under a little bit of shadow up the nose because this unless darkness down here but I want to blend it all in together when she blended in and you will be blending it in more than this I just need to make sure that you could see it take a little beauty blender and Pat this on it it’s gonna make it all blend into your skin a little better and pull up a little bit of that color too now to finish off your contour nose they’re actually going to highlight on your nose so this is the Naked basics palette I’m going to use a little bit of Venus down the front of the news but make sure you stop when you get to that part where you made a little upside down seat so that you don’t cover that up right on the tip and begin tap that in if you want to again so slightly leave unpadded in a little dot let me into your nose we can move on to the lips we’re going to start by getting a very light or almost white to color and surrounding the mouth with it that doesn’t look scary or anybody take a nude pinkish something that kind of matches the color of your lips lip liner I’m using this L’Oreal color riche forever rose we’re gonna draw on our lips again go a little over on edges her lips are a little bigger or a little more under where they’re smaller in my case I’ll be coloring over I noticed her lips are rather straight across at least in the pictures I can bind so I’m making the cheap its bow a little bit straighter than normal richer than I color in a hole if you big a mess you can take a little brush here and some foundation and just clean up those edges now I know this looks a little big pink and it is really painful we’re just gonna use a little tiny bit a lip brush stick bring more pink back into the lips so they’re not so dark this is lime crime pink velvet or whatever you use make sure it’s matte take a light pink lip liner you’re just gonna highlight the middle of the lip now take a liner this is a red just in the outer corners and maybe a little underneath I’m gonna create kind of an ombre shadow effect just lightly because I just gonna blend with this take a lip brush and blend that in take a little bit of this matte liquid lipstick and put it right there in the center because my lips don’t stick out quite as much I’m going to take a little bit of naked add a little extra fake shadow under here you think and he want I add some there but be careful not to make it look like a mustache I’m actually taking a little bit of piling I shot up I’m putting it right in the center and then up here okay and again clean up the edges with some foundation take a gloss just the only thing left is optional you want to add freckles we can do that now take a teeny tiny little brush dip it in some water and then dip it into a brown eyeshadow and then make sure yeah squish it on down with your Beautyblender so that’s it now you know how to get Rapunzel’s look to make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on our Disney princess with makeup tutorial series tag me and pictures on Instagram if you try it out because I want to see all of your fun Rapunzel looks I hope you have the best day ever and I will see you next time


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