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Tape in Human Hair Extensions Silky Straight Skin Weft Ombre Balayage Remy Hair Beauty Hair Style 20 Pieces 50g Per Package(#1BTgray Ombre Natural Black to Silver Gray 14inch)


Price: $40.99
(as of Oct 30,2020 11:50:54 UTC – Details)

Product Description


JUAN HAIR brand” Aison” as a US brand.we are a hair products company integrating production and sales.It specializes in the production of hair extensions,clip hair,tape hair,lace wigs and other hair products.The company’s products are exported to the United States,Britain,Canada,Germany and other countries.Our company is located in Qingdao,ShanDong Province,China.We have our own production department,all of which are strictly controlled and of high quality from raw materials to finished products.All products are 100% real human hair,don’t hesitate to purchase it.We value our customer’s shopping experience.Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

A beautiful woman with long blonde hairA beautiful woman with long blonde hair

worker are making human hair.worker are making human hair.

Workers make products seriously

Quality is the first standard for customers.Every process from sampling to production is strictly controlled to provide the best products to our customers.

Is it 100% human hair? Is it good?

Why is the cost high?

All products of JUAN HAIR are 100% Real Human Remy Hair.
Human hair compared with chemical fiber hair product,from the perspectives of raw material selection,production process,realistic effects,and styling wear effects,it can be said that “made by real human hair ” are good products!But the same is due to these factors,resulting in a higher cost increase!But value for money,real human hair are breathable,smooth,natural!

A beautiful woman and details of clip in hair extensions.

A beautiful woman and details of clip in hair extensions.

length and effect after using tape in hair extensions.

length and effect after using tape in hair extensions.

Different colors of tape in hair extensions.

Different colors of tape in hair extensions.

20 pieces for one bundle

The tape is 20 pieces per bundle and the total weight is 50 grams.Hair lengths range from 14 inches to 22 inches,and customers can purchase them according to their actual needs.

Different length

Length :14 inch;16 inch;18 inch;20 inch;22 inch
The tape hair sold by JUAN HAIR are unformed and are straight hair,but due to the influence of packaging and transportation,the tail of hair may have a slight natural curvature and will recover after combing.

Diverse colors

All products are taken by JUAN HAIR with real hair products,but due to the influence of the display and light,there may be a slight color difference between the real hair product and the picture.Everything is subject to the real product.

Details of tape in hair extensions.Details of tape in hair extensions.

How to identify human hair?

How to identify human hair?

The picture show how to use tape hair

The picture show how to use tape hair

Cleaning process

Cleaning process

How to identify human hair?

The hair products on the market are dazzling,the variety of various materials and various crafts,then how to distinguish?

1. Gloss: The color of the chemical fiber is bright,and it will be reflected under the light,and the gloss of the real human hair under the light is the same as usual.
2. Hairstyle:The hair style made by chemical fiber is more docile,and it looks more dull.The hairstyle made by real human hair is elegant and natural.
3. Shape:The hair of the chemical fiber is not easy to be deformed at first.After changing the shape for a few months,it can no longer be restored.The human hair can wash,cut,blow,burn,dye and arbitrarily change the hairstyle according to your own requirements.
4. Weight: The human hair is very light,and the same hair style is half the weight of the chemical fiber.
5. Comfort: Chemical fiber hair is made by machine.The human hair is made by hand crocheting.so very breathable,very comfortable.

How to use tape hair?

1.Part your lowest strands with a rat-tail comb in a straight horizontal stroke.Pin the upper hair on top of your head with the bottom hanging below.
2.Just under the parting line,separate a thin segment matching the attachment’s width.What we need to do is place one tape at the bottom,stick to your hair
3.And close tape with one on top.Think of it as a sandwich.
4.Starting from your neckline,stick the first extension on parted strands below the root enough to prevent scalp tension discomfort as hair moves.
5.Use alligator clips to lift and hold first,tape wide line of your own hair.Gently add the tape as evenly as possible.
6.Now release the clip and put last tape on top.Keep affixing strips to complete the first horizontal row.
7.On the second thin row above,position a narrow segment of your own hair to cover the first addition you placed slightly.
8.Add another bundle over that section to sandwich your natural locks in between two extensions.

How to wash human hair?

Tips For Hair Care:

1.Wash and deep condition hair regularly
2.Detangle hair gently by hands before washing.Do not rub or twist hair.
3.Add mild shampoo to cool water and wash hair carefully till clean.
4.Have hair to dry naturally. Do not expose to sun or dry by hair drier.Put organ oil to soft hair after wash.
5.Comb curly hair gently with your fingers from top to end.Do not brush
6.Brush straighter hair in a downward motion straight with the ends.Work your way up to the roots.
7.Avoid overuse of hot curlers and flat-irons which will shorten the life of hair.
8.Hair may tangle if general care directions are not followed properly.

Beautiful  pictures of womanBeautiful  pictures of woman


Q1:What Are Tape in Extensions?
A:JUAN Tape in Hair Extensions Use The Most Durable White Tape.And It Is Secure and Comfortable Tape.Tape In Hair Extensions is The Most Popular Method in Salons.Tape Hair Extensions is 100% Natural and It Requires No Tools Or Chemicals.It Takes Less Than An Hour to Apply The Entire Head With Zero Damage.
Q2:How Long Will My JUAN HAIR Last?
A:The Lifespan of Hair Extensions is Determined By How Well They Are Cared.What Products Are Used on Them, And How Often They Are Worn. Usually,The Lifespan Of Hair Extensions is 3-6 months.Depending On the General Care They Receive.
Q3:What Should I Do If My Hair is Shedding or Tangling?
A:There Might Be Some Floating Hair Especially When You First Wear The Extensions.But It Will Be No Shedding After Few Washes.Also We Recommend You To Use a Detangle Brush To Brush The Hair. And Brush The Bottom At First.When All Knots At Bottom Disappeared.Then Brush From The Top.
Q4:Can I Color Curled or Straighten My JUAN HAIR Extensions?
A:Yes.You Can. Because Our Remy Hair is 100% Human Hair.It Can Be Dyed,Curled and Cut Just Like Your Own Natural Hair.
Q5:Is there any color difference in hair? does it look bad?
A:All hair products taken photos by real products,but due to the influence of the display and light,there may be a little color difference between the picture and the product.
JUAN HAIR is a professional hair products manufacturer. We hope to serve customers with the best products. We value the shopping experience of every user and hope to give you the best products!

2. Quality: Use American white tape,can be used normally for 8-10 weeks,Grade 9A 100% real human hair tape in extensions,can withstand 350 degrees Fahrenheit curl,straight,styled.
3. Instruction: Package include 20 pieces/50G.If your hair is thick we suggest 1-2 packs.If thin we suggest 2-4 packs.You can apply a full head of tape hair within 30 minutes,after you get your hair extensions 48 hours,you can wash,swim,etc.Hair life:lasts 3 to 6 months with proper care.
4. Service: We reply the email within 12 hours.If you are not satisfied with our product,we will return it without any reason in 30 days.(Before you return, please contact us and keep the package intact).
5. Color:All pictures are taken by JUAN HAIR.Because the light and display equipment are different,the actual hair maybe has colour difference.Please understand.If you have special needs,you can contact us to made for customer.


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