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The CUTEST KITCHEN APRON DIY + Real Sad Failed Mochi ! | DIY Apron From Shirts | Kaming Auyeung

The CUTEST KITCHEN APRON DIY + Real Sad Failed Mochi ! | DIY Apron From Shirts | Kaming Auyeung

♪ IT’S ME KAMING! ♪ I have been cooking in my pajamas  for over six months now so I think it’s a good idea to do something about it ♪ QUACK ♪ So, today I decided to destroy two clean & white office men’s shirts because I want to turn them into  a really cute DIY kitchen apron and I think it’s okay because they’re both from charity shops so they’re secondhand and thrifted and stuff ♪ HEARTBEATING ♪ The first thing that I want to do is to cut and  unseam my shirts This is actually a dress that I upcycled from a man shirts before but I don’t really like the design, so I decided to up-upcycle it   You can see me wearing it in another  video, I put a link here so you can watch it later I basically just want to cut out as much as  workable fabric as possible so I try to cut out all the fabric into squares or rectangles Now, here is the actual men’s shirt I first want to unseam all of the buttons I want to cut out the little pockets attached to the men’s shirts as well Then cut out the area that had buttons along with the collar, plus button holes then I also cut out the sleeves and the buttons areas Now, you can see that I am just cutting out of the seamed fabric of the shirts and make them into several workable  fabric pieces Before drafting the patterns, I first need to show you my design because I want to make a kind of a vintage kitchen apron dress   I’m going to make a lot of ruffles and frills, I know that it looks a little bit complicated Just like my non-existing love life, but sewing to me is all about sewing separated fabrics together So let’s talk about what pattern pieces I need for the front of the kitchen apron First, I need a piece of square fabric, then a piece of semi-circle fabric, a piece of long rectangular fabric as a strip to tie the ribbon another piece of long rectangular fabric, as a ruffle decoration on the edge of the semi-circle fabric two pieces of long rectangular fabrics as the shoulder strips and finally another two pieces of long rectangular fabrics as the frills decorations of the shoulder strips For the back of the kitchen apron, I don’t  need any other fabrics I just cross the shoulder strips and make a cute design for the back I want to first make the square fabric which is the upper part of the apron dress To do that, I need to draw a 48 centimeters wide and 22 centimeters long rectangle on the largest fabric that I cut out  from the actual men’s shirt this fabric piece matches one of the fabrics that I cut out from the men’s shirts dress so I decided to make the upper part of the apron dress with double fabric Then, I need to make the lower part of the kitchen apron   To do that, I keep drawing on the same fabric This time, I draw a 50 centimeters wide and 33 centimeters long rectangle After cutting out the fabric, I marked 15 centimeters away from the horizontal edge of the fabric and 25 centimeters away from the vertical edge of the fabric   and then, connect these two dots together and cut it out You see, there is a cute round edge! This fabric also matches another one of the fabrics that I cut out from the men’s shirts dress Except for the round edge, so I just adjusted it and make the lower part of the apron dress with double fabric Now, I am making the strip for the ribbon tie of the kitchen apron because I want to make a super long rectangle that  is 213 centimeters long and 5 centimeters wide with double fabrics I need to cut out 6 shorts rectangles and sew them together later to make the ruffle decoration for the lower part of the apron I basically used the short rectangles that I  just cut out and placed them on a piece of fabric   and copy two more short rectangles, they should be 142 centimeters long and 5 centimeters wide I am going to sew them together to make a long strip but it’s not going to be a double layer strip To make the shoulder strips of the kitchen apron  because they are going to have the same width as   the short rectangles that I just cut out before, which is 5 centimeters wide I’m also going to place them on a piece of fabric and copy 4 more short rectangles which are 71 centimeters long each And I am going to sew them on top of  each other, in other words, making two double-layer strips   For the frill decorations of the shoulder  strips I first cut out a 71 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide rectangle and use it to copy as many rectangles on all of the fabric that I have left over from the men’s shirt dress and the actual men’s skirt as possible   My aim is to make two single-layer rectangular strips that are around 142 centimeters each ♪ CUTE MUSIC ♪ To sew the upper part of the kitchen apron, I place two fabrics right side together and pin them along the edge but leave a big hole in the middle  because I’m going to flip it over after sewing along the pins After sewing the fabrics together,  I’m going to flip it over and try to push the fabric in the hole pin the excess fabric together and close the hole by sewing along with the pins   You see, the upper fabric of the apron is  done ~ For the lower part of the kitchen apron, I am basically going to do the exact same thing as what I did for the upper part of the kitchen   I pinned the fabric right side together, leave a hole, sew along with the pins, flip it over, close the hole by first pinning the whole  fabric together, and sew along with the pins To make the strip for the ribbon tie, I place those six rectangles facing the right side together   then pin along the edge and again leave a hole  on each set of the fabrics and then I sew along with the pins flip all of the strips around and close the holes by pushing the fabric inside   pin them together I pin and connect all of the strips  together so that I can get a long rectangular strip To make the ruffle decoration for the lower  part of the kitchen apron I first need to overcast the edges of the rectangles to avoid fraying Just a small tip here, because I don’t have an overlocked machine I can only use a zigzag stitch  to overcast the edges and it is actually really hard to do it right this way so I like to cut out the threads or some parts that are just wrong then I pin two of the rectangles and sew them right side together Finally, I am folding one side of the fabric and pin it because I want to make a hem for this strip, then sew along with the pins   For the shoulder straps, they are actually  very easy to make I pin the fabric right side together and leave a hole on each set of the fabrics and then sew along the pins, flip it around ♪ SAD ♪ Close the holes, pushing the fabrics inside the holes and pin on them sew along with the pins You see, we have two shoulder straps The frill decoration for the shoulder straps is actually super fun for me to do I first overcast all the fabrics in each through set   then I pin all of the separated rectangular fabrics for each frill set right side together   and sew them along with the pins, to make two long strips in total then I fold the strips together and mark 10 centimeters away from the vertical edge of the strip and draw a curved line connecting the points from the far horizontal edge to the 10  centimeters mark that I just made I cut along the line and put the new looking strip to the original looking strip and again, cut along the curved line Now, I double fold and pin the fabric on the curved line area of the strips and single fold the fabric   on the rest of the area of the strips, to create  hems for the fabric Of course, now I just need to sew along the pins  I think I look better like hanging like here, instead of actually sitting on the seat So now we have so a lot of these things, it  just like cost me maybe like 12 hours or something   I’m like ah but I’m so happy because I have like a really pretty strap thing for the kitchen apron and I can tie it here and be cute Also for the shoulders like, ?? and then I will make a cross at the back these are the frills like a really  cute one and then like it’s gonna be like a lot   of ruffles and stick into here OH MY GOSH this is like one second away from my non-sexual fetish ♪ HEARTBEATS ♪ and then this one is the of course top of the  kitchen apron here and also here is the lower part of the kitchen apron This long thing will be ruffled  and then I’m going to like surround ^#@#@!&.

..It’s going to be really cute Before sewing all of the separated pieces together, I need to make the frill strips into actual frills I’m going to sew a line 0.5 centimeters away from the edge of the strip I adjust the sewing machine to  the highest tension, the widest threads length and the slowest speed, then start sewing remember not to backstitch After sewing both of the frills strips I take one of the threads at the end of  the strip and pulled it to make the ruffle I just try to make the ruffle equally distributed on the strip When finished making the ruffle remember to tie several knots in the end to  secure it Of course, I also ruffled the other  strip and try to make it look the same as the one  that I just made and then just pin both frills strips on the straps right side together and sew along with the pins It’s the exact same thing for the ruffle strip for the lower part of the apron  Just sew a line 0.

5 centimeters away from the edge   use the highest tension, largest thread length and  slowest speed to sew and do not backstitch   This time, I try to ruffle around the lower part of the  apron itself to make sure that it fits the edge   Before sewing all of the fabrics together, I want to  iron them because they are still puffy to sew at the moment After that, I pinned the lower part of  the apron and ribbon strip right side together   then pinned the upper part of the apron with the  strip right side together as well Then I just sew along with the pins Now, I just paint the through  shoulder straps right side together with the apron   and cross pin them at the back Here’s wrong because I should pin the straps on the far edge of the apron instead I have decided to add more like these small patterns because when I try it on I think it’s a little bit like  like wide here, it’s not completely fitting um   like my bust area, so I think it’s nicer to  put it here, so I’m just going to sew along these pins ♪ MARIO MUSIC ♪ Now, I only need a master ONLY A HANDSOME ONE Wow ~ ♪ SEXY MUSIC AND STUFF ♪ I am in SHOCK now ~ You’re energetic this morning I wanted to make some mochis like these but  then I end up making something like this   so I guess that’s life Ahm Remember to subscribe for more videos in which   I turn nobody wants clothes into your  first dates attire and stuff, See you !


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