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the cw RIVERDALE Toni Topaz Makeup Hair & Outfit Tutorial

the cw RIVERDALE Toni Topaz Makeup Hair & Outfit Tutorial

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video we’ve got another a toni topaz tutorial this time it’s the full makeup hair and outfit so if you haven’t seen my series of hairstyles inspired by Toni then you should definitely check it out I will have it linked in the information button as well as in the description bar and it’s a bunch of really fun and braided hairstyles as well as how I get my hair to this kind of rose gold pinky shade of using temporary hair sprays super fun to try out but today it’s more based on at the makeup look so I had a lot of fun playing with purples used a really cool palette that I hope you guys enjoy seeing you anyways thumbs up if you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe and hit that Bell notification button if you don’t want to miss any of my videos and crazy enough but Vanessa Morgan actually liked and commented on my photo of me as cheerleader Toni today so that was pretty exciting and anyways let’s just get started with today’s look I have already applied my foundation I’ve used one of my favorites the NARS natural long-wear foundation in the shade Patagonia – hopefully I said that right and I don’t see a highlight and contoured look just a natural looking foundation base so to add in a bit more of a dewy natural texture I’m using the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter on the high points of my face you could also share out your foundation with an illuminator or moisturizer mixed in for a similar look and setting this with bare minerals bare pro pressed powder I like this one quite a bit and I am tapping to set especially underneath the eyes and I’m using this to prep the lids of course my most used contour palette the Urban Decay Naked skin shape-shifter palette I’m using the ash brown for some dimension to the look taking this under the cheekbones under the jaw as well as along the forehead not a strong contour I also have brought in a bit of the bronzer in this palette to warm up the complexion and up bringing the contour shade between the eyes and contouring the nose so the face doesn’t appear flat so down the sides of the nose and then accenting the tip warming up the cheeks with sugarbomb I benefit I love benefit boxed powders and I haven’t used this one all that often but it’s a really pretty a deeper peachy rose and one more blush cuz I can’t seem to just use one a pop of pink higher up on the cheek this looks really nice against the otoni topaz inspired hair you can skip a liquid highlight and go with the dewy look we already have going I use the L’Oreal Lumi drops I loved the whole L’Oreal Lumi line but this highlight is actually my least favorite out of the collection it looks nice on camera but it’s a little bit silvery based and I prefer the pearly pink or a golden highlight so I actually like the L’Oreal liquid illuminator in the shade pink ice better on me which is an earlier product they released but anyways moving on to brows I’m using the Revlon Colorstay brow pencil to create a rounded arched brow I toned down my own shape but I kept them quite a bit deeper than normal Toni’s brows are very dark brown almost black but my roots are not quite as dark so I went with a bit more of a medium dark shade next up the coolest palette ever this is the Mac and Jeremy Scott collab the makeup all looks like old school radio players discs and tapes super cool and be sure to head over to my Instagram because I do have a giveaway with the Mac and Jeremy Scott collection now using the Purple’s in this palette or any matte light purple you have apply all over the lid and then with a slightly deeper purple blend the shadow through the inner and outer lid for the crease let’s bring in a bit of a purpley maroon I’ve mixed some of the reddish shadow with the deeper maroon / purple shade hopefully I’m doing all right with the color descriptions here the shades are up on screen if you want to try to match them with shadows you already have and while the shadows are rounded through the crease taper the shadow into a V and we are going to apply some liner that extends past the lash line pop on a brightening highlight that has a bit of Sheen to it and with the mix of red and purple we used in the crease apply under the lash line lightly I find no look really looks finished without a bit of shadow blended underneath the lash line so that’s just a tip I have even if it’s something really simple a bit of a like medium tone Brown always looks nice and now a liner that I love I never go with this kind of applicator but I was so pleasantly surprised with how easily this felt tip glided over the lash line so I did add this to my giveaway as well build the liner thicker into a point slightly upturned but we do want this line extending past the lash line outwards to taper out the eye more than it is upturned if you know what I’m saying and once the liner is down I like to then go in and start to deepen up at the outer corner with a matte gray Brown also use the shadow to smoke out the lashline slightly and finishing step for this purpley eye is a pop of shimmer I’m using one of my favorite pigments ever Mac Kitschmas all over the lid this has definitely appeared in a couple of my tutorials now and then some pencil liner to the inner tear-duct and tightline also go underneath some of the bottom lashes to make them pop and now for falsies these are a pair from kiss lashes kiss lashes are the best these ones really fill out the lash line and extend outwards to match the liner bit of Urban Decay troublemaker mascara I thought this was appropriate packaging for toni and applied to the bottom lashes and then I’m using a tiny bit to blend in my top lashes with the falsies this makes the falsies harder to use so you can always apply it mascara first or not at all but I don’t know I mess up putting on lashes when I apply mascara first so that’s why I do it this way and lips for Toni start with a dusty rose lip liner I love this one by L’Oreal it glides on so easily and I’m over lining my top lip here for more of an even doubt pout because my top lip is quite a bit smaller and for Toni’s lip she usually wears a gloss and there’s more of a pink in the center so I’m mixing a couple glosses here first up we have the buxom viva plump shiny liquid lipstick in the shade get lucky for a bright pop of cotton candy pink and let’s tone it down with a brown based rose this is bare minerals Jen nude butter cream lip gloss in the shade tantalize I love these glosses and if you love rose and nude gloss shades then you should for sure check this line out here’s a look at all the shades blending together here and I think this lip look is pretty accurate to Tony but if you want just one product where you don’t have to layer I look for a rosy nude shade from the bare minerals line moving on to hair of course I did recently do a series of Tony hairstyles thanks again for all the love on that video it meant so much to me and we have another really cute hairstyle today with a bandana you can find these at our Ardene’s I actually found a ton vintage shopping and I wish I picked one up because they were much more worn in looking let’s just roll it up and tie behind the head and this looks best when you iron this scarf flatter so I should have done that but just keep it fairly tight and then let the hair lay over the bandana and I got these really nice curls with my foxybae 25 by 25 mm wand and to finish off the look we are going to add some rope braiding detailing to rope braids take a section of hair and divide in two twists the two sides going the same direction so here I’m twisting both of mine away from my face and once you get the twist go in wrap the strands around each other towards your face this will keep the rope braid in its shape and then tie off with a small elastic I added some rose gold spray to the twist so it would pop more in the hair and I’ve repeated the rope braid again in the underlay of my hair is that a word underlay I think so and another one on top Toni’s bandana again looked more worn in so it just took some eyeshadow and faded out the brighter white on there with a bit of grey and I added a plaid top with lots of layered necklaces but stay tuned for my final at toni topaz inspired outfit I put together from one of her most iconic looks with braided pigtails Here I am in an awesome retro cafe called a Bean and Baker Malt Shop it has amazing milkshakes definitely check it out if you’re in Toronto and to get this Toni look you want a distressed top a bunch of layered necklaces and then some faded jeans and some awesome lace-up boots I will have a link down below to my dope profile if you’re American you should definitely have the app and follow me because I do character recreations on there as well and you can easily shop the look but you of course want a leather jacket and a plaid shirt to wrap around at your waist she wears that a lot and we can’t forget the beanie thanks for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this toni topaz inspired look and if you did make sure you hit that thumbs up button and subscribe for more beauty tutorials don’t forget to hit that little Bell notification button and if I’ve missed any of the Riverdale characters that you want to see let me know in the comments below I haven’t done Betty yet so if you want to see you buddy I can definitely do that so hopefully you enjoy today’s video and I will see you in my next one


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