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The EASIEST Glitter Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | What to use to apply glitter?

The EASIEST Glitter Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | What to use to apply glitter?

Hello my beautiful people! I’m Lupe. I hope you’re having a beautiful day so far Thank you so much for all of love and support on my previous cut crease tutorial. It’s the year to wear a whole lot more color and glitter and so today I’m showing you how to manipulate glitter in the way that you want it to be applied – I know that sounds, maybe, a little bit odd because maybe glitter is just glitter to some of you.

It’s just very straightforward, applying it, blah blah blah BUT there’s more to glitter than meets the eye I posted a mini tutorial on Instagram a couple of weeks ago on this look and I received a lot of questions on what brushes I use, what base I use, if I should use any base, is there a setting spray involved? and it really just depends on the type of glitter you’re working with and it really depends on what look you’re going for as well.

If you want to achieve more of an opaque look, more of, you know, just the entire lid area or wherever you choose to apply the glitter is literally just glitter. There’s no shadow peeking through there’s nothing, like no eyeliner.

Nada (nothing). Instead of showing you the glitter opaque look, I’m showing you the sparkle effect which is literally what it sounds like it’s the sparkle here and there you know when you’re looking into each other’s eyes there’s a little sparkle in the eye.

Before I get started I wanted to give you guys a little bit of an update on where I’m at with my laser hair removal. I have been receiving treatments for the past couple six months..yes six months since I’ve been receiving treatment on my arms and underarms courtesy of Laseraway so thank you so much Laseraway.

I am hairless. Let me show you guys. Oh no. I got those awful clothing marks but this is me now Let me show you the buns…I’m just kidding I have no buns. By the way, this is post two weeks of that sixth treatment.

I have not shaved I have not even really looked at it because it’s pretty much sweater weather here in Cali. I had to put my hoodie back on coz it’s cold out here but all righty, if you want to check out my journey with Laseraway, getting laser hair removal, go ahead and check out the other videos I’ve created.

They will be listed in the description box down below and also linked somewhere around here Lets go ahead and get started. Let me show you how to easily EASILY create this sparkly effect right now. So just to clarify what I mean by when I mentioned Sparkle and opaque, as you can see the sparkle look is where the glitter is spread out and opaque is placed more meticulously and is a little bit more dramatic.

So each look is achieved differently using different techniques, glitter, and products For the opaque look using loose glitter, you need to apply a sticky base beforehand. Way back then I used to use chapstick but this was troublesome for those of you who have oily lids so of course a glitter glue is the best way to go To achieve a sparkle look you’ll need a flat brush it can be pointy and any size and you’ll need setting spray.

If you’re not using a pressed-gel glitter like I am in the tutorial but if you’re using like a loose glitter then definitely get that setting spray. Spray your brush. Don’t go crazy wild with the spray though like I did I just got a little carried away! Then go ahead and dip your wet brush into the glitter.

It’s okay if you coat the entire brush since we’re not using the sticky glue. When you do pat your brush on the eyelid you can move the glitter around just like how I’m doing it right now. The second way to achieve the sparkle effect is by using pressed gel glitter this can be achieved using your finger or a flat brush and no need for setting spray, just like you’ll see later on in the tutorial but alrighty let’s start with the look.

I’m first using this medium orange brown matte eyeshadow and blending across my crease, blending upward towards my brow, and out towards my eyebrows tail. Next I’m taking this light milk chocolate matte eyeshadow and using a smaller blending brush.

I apply the shade on the outer corner of my eye. This will set the mood…oh my gosh why am I talking about the mood. I’m thinking about like a date right now. Okay so, I meant to say it’ll set the base for the darker color later.

Next I’m taking this peachy gold reflective highlighter and using it as my brow highlight. By the way, this is also the highlighter I’m using in today’s video. Next I’m taking this shimmery dark brown It is not the greatest shade at all.

It’s actually really hard to work with it’s one of those eyes shadows that you swatch in a swatch and swatch and it literally sticks to your finger and nowhere else Like you try to apply on the eyelid and it’s sticking to the finger so I had to wet my brush to achieve this color payoff.

So really all I’m doing right now is patting this shadow all over my lid and a bit above my crease and then I go back to my transition shade to blend out any harsh edges, you know, especially around the crease just so that everything melts nicely.

Now this is one of my favorite shades in this palette. It’s a dark brown with red undertones like a red wine color I guess you can say and I think it looks beautiful the way it intensifies this look. I don’t know about you but this really tied the look together really really nicely and.

..dark. I was…and darkly…not darkly. Is that Is that even a word? Next I’m applying brown eyeliner on my waterline, you know, I’ve actually gotten so much better at applying this on camera. I’m not poking my eyeball or staining my contact.

..wait. Hold up. So to smudge the eyeliner just a bit I’m taking the dark wine color and with a smudger brush this time around, I’m applying this shadow on my lower lash line Now for the extra sparkly effect, I’m digging my way into this pressed gel glitter with a flat brush and apply it all over the lid first and then literally begin spreading it out as if I don’t know maybe if you’re spreading the pancake butter.

Butter? Batter. It looks like a lot of glitter because we’re so up close right now but as you can see in the beginning it does give this beautiful sparkle and you can still see the eyeshadow peek through significantly Now go ahead apply your lashies, take your favorite mascara – coat those beautiful natural lashes focusing on the bottom ones and then maybe just add a little bit of mascara to your top natural lashes and then add a pop of frost white highlight to your inner corner and you have just achieved how to create this dashing sparkle.

Thank you guys for watching until the end. I love you all so much and I will see you in next Monday’s video. Until then, please go ahead and watch my previous videos if you haven’t already done so and I will see you there.

Muah! Xo


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