Home Makeup Tutorials The Haunting of Bly Manor Ghost Makeup Tutorial (CC)

The Haunting of Bly Manor Ghost Makeup Tutorial (CC)

The Haunting of Bly Manor Ghost Makeup Tutorial (CC)

I… have a ghost story. One  that begins at Bly Manor. …Not all is it seems at the Manor… Centuries  of dark secrets waiting to be unearthed —   where soon… the Wingrave children will  learn.

.. at Bly… dead doesn’t mean gone. It’s spooky season, baby! This video is  SPONSORED by NETFLIX! I am beyond excited   for the newest chapter in this haunted series,  “The Haunting of Bly Manor.

” I absolutely loved   the previous chapter, “The Haunting of  Hill House,” which I happened to watch   ENTIRELY within two days. I could ramble on and  on about how much this is a BEAUTIFUL gothic   romance, (it is) incredibly inspiring to me, it  is (a) chilling, suspenseful, eerie story — but   in this video I will be showing you  how to turn yourself into “Viola,”   who is one of the manor’s MANY mysteries.

As  well as a doll look inspired by this AMAZING   scene in the trailer, but we are going to begin  with Viola. Starting with my foundation, which   I applied pretty heavy for this look. Totally  optional, you don’t HAVE to apply it this heavy.

   I also applied powder to make sure that everything  was settled in. Go ahead and apply eye primer. I then applied a very light shade of eye  shadow to my lids, making sure that I keep   her eyes very light and beautiful.

I’m then  applying light brown shadows to my lids,   again keeping my eyes very light feeling. This is  mainly considering that you don’t really see that   much eye makeup during the Elizabethan era,  which his character is based in the series.

   I then applied a little bit of liquid eyeliner  just to frame my eyes as well as to be able to   blend in my false lashes later. If you’re  not using false lashes, you don’t really   need to put the eyeliner on.

For my brows,  knowing that I wanted to wear a black wig,   I made them black as well. I first filled them  in with some black eyeshadow, then brushed them   out to make them softer and then filled in small  lines using liquid eyeliner just to define them.

Like I said, false lashes are definitely  optional for this look. I just added some   natural ones to make my lashes look fuller  overall. For my lips I lined them using a   rose petal type color and filled them in using  a more grayish purplish, more towards “dead”   looking color — but kind of still alive.

..  after all dead does not mean gone at Bly   Manor. Of course (I) added some blush for our  gothic romance story, which is one of the main   troubles at Bly. It seems that those who reside at  Bly Manor always seem to find themselves longing   for lost love, which raises the question.

..  how far would you go for the love of your life? On to my favorite scene in the trailer which has  me super hyped for “who” or “what” is causing   the hauntings at Bly Manor. This portion of  the trailer was SO spooky and just inspired   me to want to recreate a doll out of this scene  in particular.

Now since i’m coming up with my   own doll that I think would fit in this  scene, i’m starting off by covering up   my eyebrows using a WASHABLE glue stick. It’s  not really going to matter how smooth you get   them more so that at least parts of them are  covered.

I’m going for an older looking doll   anyways. The story that’s being told in the  Haunting of Bly Manor is actually taking place   in the 1980s, but i’m going for a much older  look on the doll — more so to match the history   that is unfolding within the manor.

I’m applying  my normal foundation more so because I like to   have a layer of foundation underneath my body  paints. Now I also know that I wanted my doll   face to appear as though it is a mask on  my face, so using brown eyeshadow I first   created the “shadow” that is going to be  underneath the mask that we are going to   paint on — really just creating a line across  my forehead .

..you’ll understand more later. Using liquid eyeliner I also marked in  where my “eye holes” are going to go. I filled in my face using cream color body paint.  HERE is where we are careful not to cover up the   “shadow” that we just created, but to kind of  cut a line in between it which helps it make it   look like a shadow from the mask.

Using light  gray eyeshadow I am then going around my new   eye holes for the mask, which is going to add a  more 3D effect and push my eyes back. It’s always   easier to start with a lighter gray and go darker  as opposed to going right in with a dark color.

   I’m also going to chisel out  where my rounded cheeks are   going to go and just overall dirty up the mask. A lot of the placement of the shadows within this  mask are not particularly in any “spots” other   than around the eyes and underneath the cheek —  the rest of it is more so just adding some “life   or death” I guess to the mask, and as I  continue to shade the mask, I then move on   to a darker grey, a darker grey, and eventually  little bits of black throughout the mask.

The   main areas that you want to concentrate  the darkest are right around the eyes.   To make the cracks on the mask, i’m  then using liquid eyeliner any place   that I just randomly put some eyeshadow  on the mask.

I’m just very lightly   following the outline of it this helps make  sure that your cracks are more random. No   matter what you do, you want to be  very light-handed with your cracks. You can then go back where any  cracks connect and make a little   tiny hole in the center of them as  if a little tiny piece has chipped.

I’m then applying blush to my cheeks as patchy as  possible. This is an old doll, not a perfect doll,   and speaking of it being an old doll I also   added some brown eyeshadow just to  make it look a little more dirty.

Go ahead and prime your eyes and pat in  black eyeshadow. This does not need to   be perfect. Try to keep it as much in  the center as you possibly can but also   kind of blend it around the edges this  is gonna help with highlighting later.

For my lips I outlined them using a  light pink, making them more round   in the center and more baby doll like. I  also didn’t want to make them too bright,   so I patted on some of the cream body paint on  top and outlined them very slightly using brown   eyeshadow.

One of my favorite parts of all  body paint looks is highlighting — adding   a highlight to one side of the cracks is going  to make them pop a lot. You can also use white   eyeliner on the tip of your nose on your  lips, as well as to outline around your eyes.

   For some finishing touches on the mask  I just added a little more shadows where   I felt like they needed to be, as well as  highlighted around the outside of the mask.   I know that i’m going to love the Haunting of  Bly Manor, which i’m actually going to go watch   RIGHT NOW.

The Haunting of Bly Manor  is now streaming, only on Netflix.


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