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The Little Mermaid Live Action | Ariel Makeup Tutorial

The Little Mermaid Live Action | Ariel Makeup Tutorial

He loves me He loves me not He loves me! Hello and thanks so much for joining me here under the sea for my Ariel inspired makeup tutorial The Little Mermaid happens to be my all-time favorite Disney movie so I really wanted to make this extra special by recreating some of the scenes from the movie which was so much fun to do Make sure you check out my Instagram to see some of the behind the scenes stuff and yeah let’s get started! Since Ariel has blue eyes I’m wearing these circle lenses by OhMyKitty4U So now I’m going to do foundation and for this I’m going to be using the absolutely stunning Ariel Chest and Dinglehopper set by Spectrum and let’s just take a moment to appreciate the amount of effort that spectrum put into this cause I mean just look at this stuff, isn’t it neat! it’s definitely something you would find in Ariel’s Cave for sure you have loads of room for makeup inside and then you have these gorgeous oval brushes that are based on the dinglehopper which is such a clever idea! Humans use dinglehoppers to eat with but we know what they’re really used for makeup and hair! So I’ll try and explain this experience as well as I can it’s like cuddling a bunny basically So soft! Apply some concealer and then I’m using one of the smaller oval brushes to blend it Now I’m just going to use this brown eyeliner just to draw a new crease a bit higher than my natural one and I’m going to do it in quite a roundish shape and then just smudging it a bit Kind of blending it upwards making it look like part of the eye shadow Now to create my eyes I’m mainly going to be using another br ush set which also is so beautiful by Spectrum which is the Ariel Shell Brush Set So they used Ariel’s colors to create these brushes it’s red on the top to represent her hair and then it’s like a glitter which is like green and purple to represent her tail and her shell bra Apply a light color eye shadow to your lid and below your eyebrows Then I’m using color ‘sand bar’ from this gorgeous Tarte Cosmetics mermaid eyeshadow palette using the A12 brush So I’m now gonna use black gel eyeliner by Inglot in 77 and I’m gonna draw my eyeliner and I’m gonna do it thin to start with up quite thickly and then thin it down and then slightly winged out I’m now going to make my eyes big and cartoon like and I’m gonna start with using a white kohl liner in the inner and outer corner of my eyes Then I’m just extending it down a bit And then I’m going to use a kohl liner in the same color as my lenses in the middle So the white makes the eyeball look larger and the blue makes the iris look larger And then using NYX inner eye brightener in ‘linen’ below it It’s a pale pink color Then I’m using the same eyeshadow as earlier to draw a shadow below the pink I kind of drew the pink kind of quite straight-ish so I’m just kind of gonna follow that line This is also a technique that gives the appearance of larger eyes I’m using a dark brown gel liner INGLOT in 90 creating a new bottom line slightly further down And then I’ll be applying bottom lashes to it later on So before I do my lashes I’m just gonna quickly do my eyebrows She has kind of quite a roundish face She has kind of a qui.

.. I lost the ability to speak, just like Ariel What I was trying to say was that she has quite a rounded shape Apply some concealer to sharpen the shape Now I’m just gonna curl my lashes out on the outer corner just to help the fake eyelashes lift a little bit extra I’m gonna use this one, obviously it’s mermaid themed as well So when you just want to do the outer corners you just look sideways The lashes I’ll be using are INGLOT 95N And to apply to my actual lashes I’m going to use this Too Faced better than sex waterproof mascara I thought their waterproof one looked a bit more under the sea because it’s got lots of water drops on it which is really cool Under my eyes I’m going to use these lashes which are really cheap, it’s only like two dollars and you get lots of different under lashes and I’m gonna use these ones And now the real glamour begins! One of Ariel’s signature features are her ultra white teeth so I’m going to use Mehron White tooth paint to get the effect And now for some contouring I’m gonna mix Bobbi Brown foundation stick in alabaster with TV stick in white ‘Sacre bleu’ as Chef Louis says, which actually isn’t a swear word in French FIY For the contouring I’m using the smallest oval brush for precision So The Little Mermaid has a bit of a jaw that goes in more than mine so I’m just using contouring to try to achieve that She has quite a small nose so I’m gonna give myself a bit of a button nose It looks really cute anyway.

It’s Mac eyebrow pencil in ‘lingering’ A bit of highlighter on the tip Now I’ll be using this perfect looking peachy pink blusher by Tarte cosmetics Last but not least, Ariels signature red lips! I’m using Mac lip liner in ‘red’ Thanks so much for watching! I really hope you enjoyed it it was so much fun to make Make sure that you look at my Instagram to see some behind the scenes stuff And as I said the Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie so comment below with an emoji that represents your favorite Disney movie and I’m gonna try and guess which one it represents Make sure that you subscribe if you haven’t already by pressing the subscribe button so you can see all my future videos and in that case I will see you next time


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