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The MOD About You Collection Is Here!

The MOD About You Collection Is Here!

hi it’s trixie mattel revealing mod about you oh i forgot something here we go my name is trixie  mattel and if you’re new here i’m a world famous   drag queen with a passion for makeup artistry  and today i am ready to reveal to you my new   blush palette so last year about this time we put  out a product called summer of love let me get it and it had side chick which was like a hot pink  it had girl on girl which is like a breathy little   peach and then we had after school special which  is like an icy pink highlight it came out on black   friday it sold so well we ran out and it’s finally  restocking for black friday so it’s like a full   year anniversary the idea of like a 70s kind  of like a hippie dippy blush palette was so   fun to make that we made mod about you i am  so excited to show this to you guys beautiful   stunning gorgeous focus focus focus so this is  the sleeve right we’re gonna pop this bad boy open   and the back it says chic cheeks for the it girl  and pose and pose is a little bit of a nod to um   to unhhhh where we go and pose and pose and pose  because gay but let’s just open it let’s just open   it ah look at it look at it okay so it’s made  to be really like customizable because we have   a hot deep color a really neutral kind of wearable  breathy color and then a highlight so any personal   style any age any skin tone you can kind of create  an orange blush look that works for you using this   palette so the first color is called go-go  girl and go-go girl is a very hot vibrant deep   tangerine it is so beautiful but it has a very  soft gold fleck to it so cute i actually have some   you can see i’m wearing go-go girl up in my crease  it’s just the orange up there i just can’t stop   looking at my wig in the in the monitor you guys  i love this wig is that okay is it okay to love   your wig in 2020 is it okay to love the wig love  the skin you’re in but love the wig you’re in more   okay go-go girl is a very bold blush i mean this  is a hot orange we’re describing it as a corally   orange blush with just a tint of like a copper  glow like i wouldn’t call this a shimmery blush   but it does have a very slight gold fleck and you  guys when you see it in person you’ll be like oh   yeah it’s there so up next we have as like our  soft wearable um if you’re a nun if you work at a   library this is plush bunny it’s like a hush bunny  plush plush bunny i don’t know what it means but   sometimes i see a color and i’m just so gay that i  speak in tongues and plush bunny is what happened   so plush bunny is like a demure peachy flush color  that you can build up to a little bit of like a   tan mom fantasy if you want but it’s supposed  to be kind of the most wearable shade in the   palette i feel like in american beauty standards  at least people have this fear of looking orange   perhaps because we recently had an orange  terrorist uh as a president but orange is such   a forgiving and wearable color especially on the  cheeks i love orange blushes so finally in this   palette we ended with gleamsicle now gleamsicle is  a very sunny champagne highlighter that is really   meant to like if you were sculpting your cheeks  with these blushes you have the hot orange with   like the medium orange and then at the top of your  cheeks you can round it out with kind of a gold   rounding on like the plane of your face beautiful  we have a couple new glitters launching with this   too so let’s look at the glitters first our first  glitter i’m going to show you guys we have a new   sprinkle called rocket girl new sprinkle who  dis get into it it’s a really light peach orange   that has like a rainbow iridescent so to me it  looks like a goldfish and then we have a brand   new sparkle called fizz listen it makes me think  of orange fanta makes me think of like a tall   orange soda so as usual the sprinkles are more  for nails and cheeks and hair they are not eye   approved but the sparkles are completely eye safe  we’re gonna do some swatching she’s gonna use my   mirror by the way would you guys would you guys  buy a trixie cosmetics mirror i’m not saying we’re   making one i’m just wondering i’m just taking a a  survey okay okay okay okay okay right now i have   no blush on i mean i have my contour on which is  a lot but i’m just gonna start with plush bunny   so you guys can see what like a neutral little  smattering of this looks like do you see that oh now if you guys are new to this channel you  don’t know about the psychological journeys   i go on putting blush on oh look who can  take me who can take me look at the material   do you see how pretty that is like imagine okay i  have crazy makeup on but imagine you clean lashes   clean skin and clean brows and then just like  a flush of orange like uh so demure so sexual   so on the other side i’m going to do some go-go  girl because i want you guys to be able to see the   two colors separately i mean go-go girl’s what i  have on my eyes so it’s it’s a more intense orange oh we are doing drag today oh my god like i know  if i was wearing this in drag i would probably   wear go go girl in like the pocket of my cheek  and then do plush bunny in like the front and like   that’s what i’ll use towards the front of the face  do you know what i mean soften it up a little bit   oh you guys that orange blush got me together i  mean i do have two completely different colors on   the sides of my face right now to make them even  steven there we go there we go you guys i can’t i love blush okay i know that i love i just   i feel so great right now listen in your life get  you a man who loves you the way i love blush okay   it’s time for highlighter so i got some gleamsicle  here and we’re gonna wrap some of the highlighter   right around the top of the cheekbone now this  is a lot of blush on this look but i really   want you guys to see it do you like how i act  like i don’t wear this much blush all the time i kind of round it out do you see that  ah excuse me hello hi are you available   you guys i feel like that [ __ ] with this much  blush on i love it so i’m gonna do a little bit   and take a little bit of gleam set call and  on this side we are gonna really put it on sis oh yes you can’t really see because my  hair is my hair is popping but oh oh you guys i i love this product okay i  love it we’re gonna do a little bit of   rocket girl on my cheeks i’m just gonna use  a little bit of water and i’m gonna press it   oh i’m gonna have a heart attack i’m gonna  have a heart attack i’m gonna have a heart   attack i’m gonna heart attack i’m gonna  have a heart attack i’ve got a heart attack oh and then you know what i would do i would  put on with water and probably set it with some   hairspray because i’m really old school oh look  could you imagine you guys imagine just like a   simple pair of lashes with a little bit of this  orange blush with just like a sheen like that   that is how you go to the club oh my  god i love it i’m going to lose my mind   i’m going to lose my mind i love this so we’re  going to finish the look with a little bit of fizz   on the lip but i’m going to fill in my lip with  an orange pencil a little bit just to like warm   it up so then i’m just going to press some of fizz  which is totally eye and lip safe into my mouth excuse me excuse me everyone can leave   everyone can leave i’ve ended makeup artistry  youtube is closed thank you for coming all right so let’s recap the collection we have  the mod about you blush palette this is 28 and   this goes on sale on black friday this is cruelty  free and vegan we have two new glitter items we   have a new sprinkle rocket girl that’s ten dollars  beautiful that’s what’s on my cheeks and then we   have fizz which is a sparkle which is i in lip  safe which is also 10 and that’s on my lips   and then finally to cap off a  wonderful collection we of course have   a restock of summer of love so you can get both  sides of the story here so cute and then finally   we just had to do it to you we have  a cute as hell little orange trixie   cosmetics beanie isn’t it adorable i love  it i have it here on a beautiful model the beanie is 23.

it is perfect for a construction  site a skate park a day at home on zoom everything   goes on sale on black friday and ships very  soon thereafter thank you guys and i will   see you on the website trixiecosmetics.

com  on black friday and i can’t wait to see you   guys looks with mod about you and all the  glitters your looks always blow my mind i mean listen elephant in the room we are in this  wig it’s a mushroom it’s perfect it’s angelian ah


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