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The Nubian Glow MakeUp Tutorial | Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Look | Chev B.

The Nubian Glow MakeUp Tutorial | Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Look | Chev B.

welcome beautiful people i am Chev b if you’re  new to this channel welcome wah gwan make sure   you are subscribed down below as you guys can see  i’m about to give you guys a full beat i’m giving   you guys this nubian queen bantu knots golden  goddess type of vibe you feel me are you guys on   the way that i am on right now so in this video  i’ll be using the juvia’s place the nubian go   palette i just got this palette so i played around  with it a little bit and giving you guys a whole   lot of golden goddess so i did a bantu knot video  and i just wanted something that would give me   goddess glow something that would just have my  bantu knots popping more than they already are   popping you feel me so um i’m going to give you  guys full details every single product that i use   technique all of that i am not a makeup guru a  beauty guru another guru type of guru nothingness   i’m going to be sharing this tutorial with  you because you guys have been wanting me to   do makeup tutorials without further rambling  let’s get into the video all right beautiful   people so we’ll be starting off with the brows  you already know we got no brows so we have to   draw them in and i’ll be using the anastasia  beverly hills dip brow in the shade ebony   to pencil in those thin brows so i’ll be going at  the top and the bottom and then filling that out then to make the ombre effect i will be using  the benefit precisely my brow pencil just to   you know shade in the very tippity front of the  brow so i’m not like doing it heavy-handed i’m   just doing it lightly so it has that natural ombre  effect and then i’ll be using the 24-hour setter   to keep my brows in place as much as i have  a little bit of eyebrows the hairs tend to   like get out of shape so that’s to just keep it  in one place then i’ll be using the too faced   born this way concealer in the shade  maple to clean up under my brows now to clean up the very top of the brows i’ll  be using the lager the l.

a girl girl but the l.a   girl pro concealer in the shade toast to clean  up the very top with the same brush that i use   under the bottom so i just wipe it on like  a napkin or on a makeup wipe just to clean   it off and then i go on top now it is time  for some skin girl now to prep my face i’ll   be using the milk pro hydrating primer to prime  the skin and this is like the ultimate favorite   primer ever okay girl so i’ll just be working that  into the skin getting it all nice and fluffed up once that’s done i’ll be using the nars luminous  is it a little nars i think it’s a luminous um   foundation now you gotta shake that real good  girl you gotta shake it up so you get the best   consistency from this foundation so the shade that  i use is the medium dark five and i just worked   that into my skin by using this makeup brush that  i got from amazon to just work it into my skin now once i’m done with that it’s time to  highlight into highlight i’m going back   in with the too faced born this  way concealer in the shade maple   and obviously we’re doing the usual you know under  the eye the bridge of the nose the chin and then   the forehead and i also did my cupid’s bow is that  what it’s called i think it’s called a cupid’s bow   might be wrong but i think i  think that’s what it’s called girl   and i’ll be using a damp um beauty sponge this  sponge i got from um i got this at walmart yes   i got this orange sponge from walmart and  it’s damp and i’m just going to work in the   concealer so you know we get that nice blended  consistency yes girl got that into the skin now this juvia’s place foundation stick i just  got this um they don’t have a juvia’s place um   retailer in toronto that i know of so i couldn’t  actually order the shade to find the shade that   i needed so i ordered this shade it was too light  for the contour that i want so i’m just going to   go in with my too faced born this way concealer  in the shade cocoa to create my contour because   you know girl we got to get them cheeks them  cheekbones popping okay and that nose together   now what i’m going to do is i’m going to go back  in with um too faced born this way concealer but   i’m going in with the lighter shade and the  shade is butterscotch just to get a little bit   more highlight under the eyes and just blend  that out and also on the bridge of the nose girl have you ever done your makeup and  your nose start running like that is nasty   i got snack coming out of my nose my nose be  running messing up the makeup finish like girl   then i’ll be using laura mercier setting powder  or rather translucent powder in the shade honey   and i’ve been using this um interchangeably  with my sasha buttercup setting powder   i don’t know what’s the difference between  using the two i don’t know if i like   i think i like the look the finished look that  the translucent powder gives me a little bit   more like i like it a little better so um yeah  this is what we’ll be using and then i put that   on top of the forehead and you already know  i did the cut and all that good stuff now   onto the eyeshadow i’ll be using the juvia’s  place the nubian glow i just received this   palette in the mail um my first time trying it i  bought it on black friday girl i live in canada   it takes forever to get certain packages from the  us especially when you’re trying to like support   black businesses the shipping is something else  okay it took me at least a month to get this so um   i use the orange shade first and then i’m going in  with that yellow shade and like try to blend them together now i’ll be using this gold shade but to get the  gold really pop in i’ll be using my nyx glitter   primer since it’s a glitter shadow just to make  sure that it is really up and popping so i’m   just going to dab a little bit of the primer  on the eyelids and then i’m just going to be   like tapping the gold shimmer shadow on top of the  primer just to get it poppin like do you see how   bright that is so get you some nyx glitter primer  it doesn’t like hold big glitter but when it’s   like a glitter shadow it is phenomenal now this  orange glitter i got from amazon i’ll leave the   link for this um eyeliner for you guys so i’m just  gonna go on the top just to give it a nice clean   cut like almost like a crease like type transition  i don’t even know the proper terminology but i   think this is called a cut crease like am  i right or am i wrong i think that’s what   it is so i’m just going to go out a little bit  more with the liner just to give it that like   fly away type of transition i don’t know what  you call that then i’m gonna leave that to   dry now i’m gonna be using this eyelash that i got  from also a black business um i’ll be leaving the   link down below so i’m not even sure what the name  of the actual lashes call right now one while i’m   doing this voiceover but i’ll guarantee it will  be in the description box down below for you guys   then i’m gonna be using um this white brush just  to brush away the flyaways you know we’re looking   a little bit chalky and a little bit ashy but  we’ll be getting that all together in a second so   don’t even worry about all that and i’ll be using  this finishing powder from nyx and this is in   the shade mahogany just to give me like a bronzed  out type look so i’m using this as a bronzer just   to add back some warmth into my face and i’ll be  using this luminous setting powder setting powder   i mean setting spray from morphe and then for the  lips i’ll be using this lip pencil slash eyeliner   from my local beauty supply store it’s almost  like a dark brown color and i’m going to use   this to line my juicy ass lips you see how we’re  trying to get the lips looking all juicy and nice   now never mind my peach fuzz of my mustache okay  toronto is in a lockdown my lady that usually   does my waxing and ish they’re closed down until  january 26th so you’re gonna leave my peach fuzz   alone okay like we’re going through some tough  times right now now i’m gonna be using my huda   beauty um matte lipstick and this is in the shade  anniversary and then i just dab that on and then   i’m going to be using my dollar store lip gloss to  put over that just to give me that nice juicy look now i’m just going to go in with the nyx  um what’s this shade i don’t remember what   this shade is called but i’m gonna leave  it in the description box for you guys   then to complete my look you know give me  a nice finish i’ll be using laura mercier   setting powder or not setting powder i keep  on saying that translucent powder in the shade   medium to give me my final and completed  look then i’m i’ll be using this um   mac cosmetic highlighter in the shade oh  darling just to give us the finished glow   and there you have it girl yes the entire full  face now that wasn’t so bad and that didn’t take   as long as i thought it would now this is my  final look thank you guys so much for watching   and hanging out with me today let me know what  you guys think of this look down below i did the   bantu knot tutorial it is already on my channel  so if you want to see that you can check it out   every single item that i use i’ll be putting  in the description box down below follow me on   instagram snapchat and twitter chev make sure  you’re subscribed to the channel let me know if   you want to see more makeup tutorials i’m trying  to get into the hang of it and i’ll see you guys   in my next video gwan big up unnu self bye guys you


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