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The PIN UP Girl Makeup Look – Classic Vintage (1980’s) Makeup Tutorial | Glamrs

The PIN UP Girl Makeup Look – Classic Vintage (1980’s) Makeup Tutorial | Glamrs

The Pin Up Girl Look is one of the most iconic makeup looks from the late 80’s This simple retro look will not only accentuate your femininity but also have you looking super polished and put together in a few quick steps so let’s get started Start by filling in the eyebrows using an eyebrow pomade or a powder Brush through them to make sure there are no harsh lines Clean up the edges using your concealer to give the brows more of the lift In any look, make either the lips or the eyes the main focus Dab some concealer and blend it all over the lid using your ring finger to cancel out any discoloration and darkness that is generally seen in most Indian skin tones Set the concealer with a nude eyeshadow to prevent creasing Sweep a light transition colour through the crease using a fluffy blending brush Draw a delicate flick to map the outline for your winged liner by following the direction of the lower lash line You can make your eyeliner as thick or thin as you wish too! Bring the liner all the way to the tear duct area and then fill it in To give a modern twist to the pin up girl look add a thin line of glitter liner along the top of your black wing for a hint of glamour! Curl your lashes and add a heavy coat of mascara No matter what look you are going for a flawless base will automatically make every color stand out! Moisturise your face and add a good amount of lip balm so your lips are prepped in advance Use a primer to blur out large pores in order to give your skin a flawless finish Apply a thin layer of foundation all over the face and don’t forget to blend it down till the neck Apply concealer to your undereye area as well as any blemishes To ensure that your makeup lasts long set your face with a powder For this look, we’re gonna skip blush and just bronze and contour the skin to bring back some warmth and dimension Trace the brush along your temples below the cheekbones and along the jawline so as to form the number 3 framing the face Add a gold toned highlighter to those areas of the face that the sun would naturally hit This will immediately make your skin GLOW! A statement lip is the perfect way to pull your entire look together! The real star of this pin up girl look is of course the bright red lip! Choose a red lip liner to line your lips and fill them in to prevent your lipstick from smudging Finally, apply a warm red matte lip colour preferably a liquid lipstick to fill in the lips and complete the look! I hope you enjoyed this look and please do let me know if have any questions! Until next time, stay tuned and stay glamrs!


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