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the wolf of wall street | margot robbie as naomi TRANSFORMATION makeup tutorial

the wolf of wall street | margot robbie as naomi TRANSFORMATION makeup tutorial

oh no no daddy doesn’t even get to touch mommy for a very very very long time hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video and recreating Margot Robbie’s look in the wolf of Wall Street and this is more of a transformation because I got a wig on I feel like a Barbie right now, I do a lot of contouring but of course you do not have to try to change the shape of your face to recreate this look – you can use the eye makeup the lip combo as a great everyday glam makeup look and I love some of these products that I’m showing you guys that I haven’t shown on my channel, so what I’m wearing on my lips is a Posie balm by benefit love it and I hope you guys enjoy! thumbs up if you do and subscribe if you’re new to my channel if you love beauty videos and let’s just get started! So here I am back with my natural hair color and first step is on bare skin I’m taking a highlighting base this product is a compact highlighter from Lancome their new Olympia’s Wonderland collection and you can apply it on your cheekbones after foundation I’m just using a bit all over for a really pretty sheen but another option is Becca backlight priming filter for a glowy base.

That’s what I normally use but I wanted to show you this cool product because I do love it on bare skin and it has little sparkles and the cutest packaging! Next up I’m taking a YSL balm to smooth over my broken pores, I do have a couple of those through the center of my face so this is just giving a smoother texture time for foundation this is benefit hello flawless oxygen Wow in the shade honey.

This is obviously too dark for my skin and warmer for my skin tone but I’m bringing in that golden tone so that the wig looks a lot more natural on, so here’s just what it will look like to give you an idea, with pinky undertones the skin and the wig just didn’t quite look right together and I do love this foundation it lasted through the whole day without creasing lasted through the heat along with of course the rest of the makeup I’m applying once I brought this liquid foundation down my neck I am brightening up the skin with my L’Oreal Lumi highlighting pen first on my chin and then tiny bit on my jawline I’m really brightening up underneath my eyes and right in that inner corner of the eye there because that’s where I’m darkest as well and typically I don’t do a highlight all the way through the center of my face and up the cheekbones because it’s just a lot of product! I do have a bit of Darkness still under my eyes so I’m using a tiny amount of benefit brightening concealer only in the areas I need it and then blending outwards with patting motions here I’m trying out the new Urban Decay Naked Skin shapeshifter and I thought this was perfect for today’s look because we will be doing some cream contouring as you can see in this palette there’s a mirror that divides the powder and cream products and I’m taking the darkest cream contour and I’m starting to shape out my cheekbones.

Now my face is a lot more round so to give in a sunken cheekbone look I’m taking the darkest shade and the golden shade and mixing them together and then creating a soft contour through the center of the cheek once this is blended it’s time for the nose contour which really transforms the look on my face.

So I like to take that dark cream shade on an eyeshadow applicator and sharpen up the cartilage at the bottom of my nose and then I’m slimming down the nose bridge creating a diamond-like shape with the dark shadows and connecting to a rounded tip.

Once this is applied it’s really just going back and forth with a clean end and then your finger as well to blend in the shades and I also do a little line through the center of the nose, again this looks random but in the end I am mimicking her bone structure I was getting really hot in my room and worried that my makeup would start to slip up because it’s really hot in here so I’m just powdering with my Revlon Photoready powder and I’m going to continue with my contours by warming up the skin with my hourglass ambient bronzer and I love this stuff it has the perfect amount of sheen to it again touching up the nose contour with the same bronzer and the highlight is really gonna bring this together.

One of my favorite liquid highlighters that looks gorgeous on the skin is the YSL glow shot of use this and a bunch of tutorials now and I’m using the golden one through the cheekbones and even through the center of my face also on the chin and then for the nose I am going with a stronger highlight I’m using the balm mary-lou manizer this is a new favorite of mine and in following the inside of the outline of the contour we’ve done and then adding a touch more of this highlight to the cheekbone so this is quite a bit more makeup than Margot would wear on the skin but because we do have different bone structure I’m overcompensating with the highlight to bring those features forward because she has much more of a defined face! Now for blush I picked out a couple different ones from benefit and I’m starting with sugar bomb through the contour and the bronzer and then I’m brightening up the cheek area with the dandelion brightening powder you want the shade at pretty strong and higher up onto the cheekbones and more benefit products I am using the goof proof brow pencil which I used in pretty much every tutorial but instead of shade three I’m using shade one for blonde hair and I actually really really like how this looked so this might be my everyday brow from now on and then for her shape hers are quite full the tail is a little bit less long than mine but I love my brow so I’m not going to change them much and then I am lightening them up with a 3d brow tones from benefit this gives gold reflects through the hairs and also makes them a lot more lifelike so again I really really like this product – my brows were still looking dark so I added the candlelight glow powder from Too Faced through the front of the brows to soften them up on the lids I’ve used the Urban Decay primer potion and I haven’t been using primer for a long time but I wanted to beat the heat so I prepped them and I’m also prepping my lips with a plumping gloss this one is by soap & Glory and this will just help plump and moisturize the lips before we get to them the first shade i’m using is poodle from the natural love a Too Faced palette sorry if you like when i use a bit more of a variety of palettes but this one does have the perfect shades for this look so I had to use again, it is one of my all-time favorite palettes! Next I’m using this pinky shade through the center of the crease fading upwards we are bringing in a taupe now through the outer V and onto the lid and then slightly into a wing.

With this shadow mix I also added a tiny amount to the inner corner of the eye to help give some dimension I saw a touch of deep blue so I went in with this urban decay pencil liner and I applied it to the back of my hand and then went in with a little brush and I’m starting to smoke out that lash line these shadows look gorgeous on their own especially with the gloss I have on, super pretty, but I am going to continue to deepen it up with my favorite liner.

This one is the bodyshop kajal liner in black onto my lower lash line and also in the inner corner there I’m going to apply liner up on top again so I’m painting this Kajal liner on the back of my hand like I did with the urban decay liner and then with a small brush just lining the lash line for a soft smokey look.

I’ve highlighted my brow bone with Heaven which is a pretty matte neutral shade and then I’m also blending downwards to make sure the original shadows are blend and make sure nothing’s too harsh. Curl your lashes and apply a touch of mascara I’m using lash paradise by L’Oreal and I love this one, I’m just going for some volume here and not a ton of length because we don’t want to have the focus on the lashes, we’re going more with the smokiness in the shadows.

Bring in more of a richer purple to the bottom lash line or right near the inner tear-duct and this is really gonna make the eye color pop. For lips I have a couple options here, if you’re someone who always likes to line your lips then I’d go in with L’Oreal lipliner in 110 matte sit and these are so creamy I really like this line or if you want to do an all-in-one product I’d recommend that they’re real double the lip in lusty rose by benefit and then you’re just good to go, if you use this one product it’s very similar but I wanted a sharper lip line and one of my favorite new everyday products is the Posie bomb by benefit this just has a really pretty pink shade that is similar to Margot’s and this is perfect if you like a really a hassle-free option.

Back in with the lipliner I’m just accentuating at the bottom lip a bit more because in Margot’s bottom lip is super pouty and that’s the look! Now let’s just go blonde. I will have a link below for this wig shop I get them off Etsy.

com and I’m just going to apply a bit of heat to it, I’m not a wig expert so if I don’t even know if you’re supposed to do this but I’m just braiding my hair into a tight side braid and then pinning it like a milkmaid braid applying it the cap and then just putting on my wig I did go in and actually add some lowlights through the top to make it look like her hair in the movie and I did trim my bangs shorter so I was experimenting a bit and to top off the look I have this dress from misguided it’s a bit brighter of a pink than hers and hers was also a sweater material but I found one that was off the shoulder and tight fitted so I thought it was a close fit and then I added some gold diamond earrings well.

.. faux diamond – they’re from Claire’s lol and I hope you guys like this complete look! Hope you guys enjoy today’s video and if you did make sure you hit that thumbs up button and subscribe for more beauty videos if you love Margot Robbie I did do a Harley Quint look, I didn’t have blonde hair in it I just used my brown hair and it’s more inspired but I really liked how that one turned out, it’s so check that one out if you want to see it and thanks for all the love on my Riverdale hairstyles video I had a lot of fun making that and I’m glad you guys liked it! If you have any other requests for me let me know in the comments and be sure you’re following me on instagram for updates I’m always posting on my story and doing live streams and I’ll see you in my next video! I am sorry Minnie Harley!


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