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Tibetan Chapati/Tibetan bread/bhaley recipe

Tibetan Chapati/Tibetan bread/bhaley recipe

Hi guys Tashi Delek everyone and welcome back to my channel In today’s recipe, I am going to teach you How to make a thick and soft bread And this bread is so delicious so I decided to show you how to make it I use to eat it some time and it is so delicious It may take time but it tastes delicious Before starting the video I have a request for those who are new to my channel and if you don’t subscribe to my channel then click the subscribe button And also don’t forget to share Actually, I want to upload continuously but it can’t be work alone without your support Support as much as you guys can cuz I am bringing the delicious recipe and I will also bring the delicious recipe further too At first, 1 tsp of yeast And add 1 cup of lukewarm water Adding hot water will kill the yeast and adding cold water will not rise the yeast Mixed it well Together 1 tsp of Sugar in here I am adding the sugar to activate the yeast fast It helps to rise fast so Keep it aside Here I have taken 1 kg of flour and also I am adding 1 tsp of salt for taste First mixed well And this is the 200 g of curd and add some lukewarm water and mix it which make it fluffy Mix it like this The taste of curd shows taste so tastily and make bread delicious Secondly, it will help the rise of the flour and the yeast too It’s your choice to add it or not It is not necessary but if you add then it makes tasty Before adding the yeast mixed well and add it The dough should be fluffy not like a normal dough at here add some oil on the hand Cuz the dough is so fluffy Apply some flour and knead the dough without applying oil it sticks onhand because it’s so fluffy Knead the dough like this for 5 or 6 min Don’t need to knead it for too many time Now I am done with kneading the dough and applied some oil As it’s cold weather, it’s hard to rise up the dough so, I am covering it with a shawl So, leave it a minimum of 3 hours but the longer we kept, it gives a good taste It is raised up but not that much Nowadays it’s cold here so it’s hard to rise it up Let’s spread some flour over here Now again we need oil here Otherwise, it’s too fluffy For this time we aren’t going to knead it, we need to make it softly Otherwise, the risen one will also sleep again we need to make it thick This bread is a taster in thick See the bubble we need to release the air out otherwise the bread air will come while it is puffing For this bread, you can make it by hand also We don’t even need a roller but if you want you can use it Actually, it’s not so necessary to use it while putting the bread on the pan it’s become shapeless so, we need to make the shape After that cover lid over it and cook it on low flame because it is thick bread If we cook it in high flame it will burn outside but inside it is not cooked totally so through this, we need to cook and cooking style is same as normal bread(Roti) if there is a bubble over it then we need to flip it up See there is a slight bubble on it but in-camera, it’s not visible clearly let me show you guys more clearly Here bubble on it now these time we need to flip it up we need to cook in the same way for another side The lid is not so compulsory but covering it will make it easier to cook All step are the same as the normal bread(Roti) but it’s thicker so we need to cook it on low flame if not then it will burn outside and inside it will be uncooked We are done with bread so, after that, we need to apply butter to it While applying butter we can apply butter on one side also See I will show you how soft it is For vegetables, I have been making so many vegetables till now so, you can make what you like every vegetable are delicious with bread(Roti) If you like this video you know what to do So, like and leave a comment below whether it is good or not And see inside the bread is like this It looks tasty right Its taste is like the bread of MT(Majnu ka Tila) but their one’s taste is like Lil dry actually here is a dog and he is asking for it ok That’s all for today and if you feel it’s useful then don’t forget to share with your friends and family members if it is useful yo you then it might useful to them too and secondly, it will also useful to me hehe That’s all for today and see you in the next video Sit and good job ok catch sit and do sit properly ahh so cute sit properly and say my viewer bye bye


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