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Tigger + Schnurrhaar Trick! (in 4min) ► Makeup Tutorial

Tigger + Schnurrhaar Trick! (in 4min) ► Makeup Tutorial

Aloha! ShiSha Rainbow once again. ;D In this tutorial I’ll show you how to transform into Tigger from Winnie Pooh. Alright, hair back and moisturize. In this video I’m using three variations of aqua paint, the ones that come in cake forms.

I also have a tutorial on these. I’m using these three colours. A very bright yellow, a slightly darker yellow and a bright orange colour. I’m starting with the bright yellow. I’m applying the colour with a brush and dab it in afterwards, So it gets a more furry texture.

Next, I’m using the orange colour. Since I want to create a gradient, I’m using a smaller brush for the smaller areas. Now I take the third colour and another brush to merge the colours. To maintain the texture after blending in the colours with my finger, I’m dabbing the brush over these areas again to make it look more like fur again.

To create a transition between the yellow and the orange colour, Repeat the step from before. Apply some of the colour, blend it in with your finger and create some structure with the brush. Repeat till you’re satisfied with the result.

I used the same technique around the eye. If you’re satisfied, do the same on the other half of your face. Which is what I’m gonna do now! This is how it looks like so far. For the lips I’m using grease paint.

A skin coloured one and an orange one. After finishing the lips I’m drawing on a black nose with some eyeliner. Let’s move on to the eyes. First of all, I’m filling my waterline in with black eyeliner.

I kept the eyes rather simple and cat-like And now I’m drawing on some stripes with the same black eyeliner. I’m making sure that the stripes look similar to the ones on my costume, So that there’s some space in between every stripe and they’re fading out.

To make this look pop out more, I’m adding some highlights with white. And of course I’m adding a few shadows with brown. Alright, all we need now are some whiskers! You can buy whiskers for teddy bears separately from an art supplies shop.

I usually used those. I’ve been searching for one and a half hour and couldn’t find them! :C So I thought of an alternative. I’m using fake eyelashes and glue them on my face with eyelash glue. That’s not a very elegant solution but it looks funny anyway! Well, this is a very feminine version of short cat whiskers.

Meow ;3 Instead of some long thick whiskers for wild tigers. But hey, at least we have whiskers that stick out realistically! Alright, I’m jumping into the rest of the costume and paint my neck So that you can see the finished look! Aloha, my sweethearts! That’s how it looks once it’s done.

;D I decided against a wig this time, but you can use one of course. Maybe in an orange colour. I think it’s cute like this. It’s a very simple costume, super comfy! and suited for a small convention When you just want to chill.

Alright, I hope you liked this tutorial with my little improvised whiskers trick. xD I really hope that you subscribe to my channel and we see each other in the next video! Cheerio! 😀


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