i just it’s your favourite¬† girl Sharonade and Mo Ti De period you know the vibes already painted¬† i don’t see that people and i have¬†¬† and i have with me you know you know me you know¬†¬† today we’re going to be doing a little friendship¬† dilemma for you guys you guys sent me your¬†¬† questions on yolo thank you guys for everybody¬† that has been engaging with me you guys are¬†¬† actually the best we’re just going to ask you into¬† this video i don’t want to bore you guys because¬†¬† it doesn’t look like we’re going to be¬† careful somebody actually texted me their own¬†¬† person should we go with that one first¬† yeah okay so what she said was okay okay maybe is it real okay anyways in this no¬† this one is actually serious actually like this¬†¬† one is in particular series so it says anyway so¬† basically this girl asked me if you could call me¬†¬† and i was like yeah no that’s fine thinking¬† that she just wanted to say hi because we¬†¬† haven’t spoken in time bear in mind nothing bad¬† has happened between me and her and she starts¬†¬† going on about how she thinks we shouldn’t be¬† friends anymore at all i was just kind of like¬†¬† well this is out of nowhere because nothing bad¬† has happened as in she as in she traveled and¬†¬† i’ve been texting her to see if she was okay and¬† all camp just for a while oh and i’ve been texting¬†¬† her for a while just to see if she was calm so i¬† was put off guard when she said she didn’t want to¬†¬† be friends i then asked why she basically thinks¬† we just fight way too much than the average friend¬†¬† does i was thinking how wait all friends fight¬† that’s how relationships are like no relationship¬†¬† is the same you can’t compare hours to¬† another i was thinking like fine cool if¬†¬† that’s what you want no problem but then¬† she kept going on us saying that she was¬†¬† she was actually just friends with me because¬† of people that we hung out with because¬†¬† i think she’s saying that maybe because¬† they had a similar friendship group yeah¬†¬† and then this took me completely off guard because¬† i was thinking this is the sort of rubbish you¬†¬† see in movies basically saying that she was¬† actually friends with me because other people¬†¬† she she would come to my house eat my food¬† take pigs all that nonsense and this is just¬†¬† [ __ ] because i was also inviting the people¬† she liked so what do you think i literally¬†¬† moved on but i’m gonna be civil if i see her¬† it’s a high thing i don’t think i can say bye¬†¬† i can see it because of the lies i mean this¬† person had been friends for a year she said i’m¬†¬† not friends with a certain person anymore she¬† doesn’t really see why her and i should be¬†¬† friends that’s first of all that’s so childish¬† okay this is what i think it is and i think like so that’s basically between two people i¬† think there’s a third person yeah but that’s what¬†¬† she said she said that because she’s not friends¬† with someone else again she’s still the girl and¬†¬† i said that and her loyalty is her loyalty is¬† probably towards the other person so what should¬†¬† she do what should she do what she’s doing right¬† now is perfectly fine she should be added adult¬†¬† about it or not childish and be civil and just be¬† a better you honestly but don’t be a mug don’t be¬†¬† a mom don’t exactly don’t go back don’t be a mug¬† like it’s then ones where when let’s say maybe you¬†¬† start a business or from something and they’re¬† doing well and she’s coming back with hey still¬†¬† be that civil but don’t be more yeah don’t be know¬† your awards know your word and adwords an attacks¬†¬† via the taxes next question i don’t like that¬† my friend has my man on social media she met him¬†¬† through me and i don’t see a need for them to be¬† in contact just show them how to shut your mouth¬†¬† just close your mouth stinks what’s the meaning¬† of that i don’t like being my friend has my¬†¬† own switching reaction i hear that though i hear¬† that what why are you having my man on socials¬†¬† what’s wrong with that why no but what like¬† what do you guys possibly have to honestly¬†¬† do i don’t like girls are scary¬† yeah exactly unless it’s about¬†¬† me like what imagine someone coming to texas now¬† like my friends and stuff but what did she how yeah but at the same time the same way she never¬† spoke to before we were boyfriend and girlfriend¬†¬† is the same but she should still keep that’s him¬† and yeah not speak to him there’s a little bit of¬†¬† a problem if let’s say she added him after he’s¬† all going up yeah i just blasted it because i¬†¬† was like from like girls i only like girls she’s¬† so scary so she was just like how should i tell¬†¬† her just tell her that no it’s not even a teller¬† thing it’s literally just your man should be loyal¬†¬† so if your man feels like i don’t even¬† think it’s a okay if your man feels like oh¬†¬† there’s a bit of like she’s too friendly then you¬† can tell her but she just has the man on snapchat¬†¬† that’s it like she’s not doing anything like¬† because she could just be not doing anything¬†¬† i’m saying so then this calm¬† but maybe she’s texting him¬†¬† or trying to be a bit too friendly and [ __¬† ] then there’s a little bit of a problem you¬†¬† know but i hate but sometimes girls be also you¬† wanting them their friends to have that man to¬†¬† know what they’re doing we didn’t ask you don’t¬† there’s no need for you should you say okay so my¬†¬† friend group is slightly toxic but we all love one¬† another too much to ever leave should we continue¬†¬† how we are have a sit down about underlying¬† issues there’s nothing wrong with being toxic¬†¬† my dear toxicity or toxicity which one is it i¬† don’t know you need that when you is now i don’t¬†¬† think there’s anything wrong with that as long as¬† you know that as long as you know that there’s a¬†¬† level yeah to it and as long as you know that this¬† is your type of banner but even the toxicity yeah but even at that year i feel like especially¬† in a group yeah it’s so kind of it’s¬†¬† is it hard to not have a toxic group and my¬† group is toxic ah there’s no way everybody yeah¬†¬† but i feel like even in the toxicity i’m like¬† there’s always like one or two main culprits¬†¬† i tried to distance myself from a friend¬† should i have a conversation with her or¬†¬† just slowly disconnect instead we die again i¬† try i’m trying to distance myself from a pause¬†¬† so you’re trying to to see yourself why do¬† you want to talk to hiki what’s the point like¬†¬† do you know like i feel like at the same time¬† some people i don’t know the other why are you¬†¬† she wants i feel like she wants to she’s trying to¬† distance herself but she wants to explain to the¬†¬† friend why she’s kind of distancing herself¬† out and not kind of leave her in the corner¬†¬† and yeah communication is key i believe so you¬† feel like she should tell her why she’s why she’s¬†¬† wants to distance herself yeah like be real with¬† her like that’s the one thing in the friendship or¬†¬† any any type of relationship just be real tell her¬† the truth it’s gonna hurt someone’s feelings but¬†¬† at least you told her the truth at least you can¬† say i lied to you and i told you my best friend is¬†¬† best friends with my ex is this okay i personally¬† feel like it’s not right because i’m a bit¬†¬† confused at this point this is definitely a girl¬† yeah and it’s so scary i think i think just like¬†¬† not caught her off but like distance yourself from¬† her but that’s her best friend his best friends¬†¬† were her ex that’s not your best friend i’m so¬† sorry i’m so sad like but the thing is no but¬†¬† the thing is that there are actually girls like¬† that and that it really kind of irritates me so i¬†¬† you see the thing is like if you’re fat and¬† my friend i’m so sorry you’re fighting me too¬†¬† do you know what i’m saying no no too it didn’t¬† know another friend of your numbers enough¬†¬† yes yes a friend of enough is a serious all nah¬† yeah i mean that’s a sticky one still like because¬†¬† generally they could actually be actual friends¬† of that you know i mean that the best friend on¬†¬† the x but no deep like you’re not my friend just¬† my friend like you’re actually my best friend¬†¬† like it’s it’s it comes to loyalty like he moves¬† loyalty that’s how i think loyalty and honesty¬†¬† is what i’m big on and it’s like sometimes¬† you really do have to choose one like like¬†¬† you really do have to choose yeah the fact¬† that she didn’t choose it says a lot like¬†¬† more time like but it’s not she¬† didn’t say that she didn’t choose¬†¬† her well she did because that’s your action you¬† have nothing to do with anymore but it’s like if¬†¬† they’re to be honest if they’re genuinely just¬† friends i think okay it’s a bit weird though¬†¬† but like they could be doing something on¬† the lord hmm my best friend chills with¬†¬† people that [ __ ] me over so bad but told me i¬† was silly when i expressed how i feel what do i¬†¬† that’s not your best friend this this world best¬† friend is say coming to yeezys she doesn’t read¬†¬† that’s not your best friend sorry i’m sorry what¬† that i don’t know what else to say that whoa so¬†¬† my best friend chills with people chills with the¬† people i [ __ ] everybody that [ __ ] me over so¬†¬† bad but told me i was silly when i expressed how¬† i feel what do i do that is not your best friend right let’s see who are best friends right and¬† i told you uh like that [ __ ] did me dirty like¬†¬† that he didn’t do it like can you¬† explain to him and you now told me that and silly for telling you for expressing¬† my feelings to you so i can’t tell you anything¬†¬† and that is that i should be i can’t tell¬† you anything then it’s just i feel like it¬†¬† depends on the situation part one first of all¬† i love your channel thank you thank you me that¬†¬† should we make a couple of channels do you guys¬† want to cook this channel uncle jungkook 10 000¬†¬† comment down below as well if you’re on a coffee¬† channel yeah i’ve been friends with one of my¬†¬† friends ever since we were so young and we grew up¬† i made up individual new friends sometimes i feel¬†¬† like we are as close anymore because of her new¬† friend i don’t know how to talk to her about it¬†¬† it happens it’s life it’s life it’s life i woke¬† up to you but there’s still always things that you¬†¬† guys will share that she might not necessarily¬† share with her new friends you know i’m saying¬†¬† and like at the same time as well like people keep¬† thinking because you’re being friends like this is¬†¬† just the reha the harsh reality like just because¬† you’ve been friends with someone for all their¬†¬† life does not mean you’re kidding to their needs¬† as a friend do you know what i’m saying so like¬†¬† now they probably stepped outside of that they¬† probably found new friends that probably can’t¬†¬† it’s there more than you do you know i’m saying¬† it is life that doesn’t make you any less of her¬†¬† friend yeah you know i’m saying it’s just that now¬† they have other people that probably cater to them¬†¬† better and you know what it kind of happened¬† to me though like because his demons were like¬†¬† and it’s demolition if you’re really¬† if you are really and truly friendly¬†¬† or like if your friendship was really strong¬† like you would still find something that¬†¬† is finding common guys will still make you keep¬† in touch maybe not every day that i used to be but¬†¬† at least still keep in touch now that also means¬† that and you can work on yourselves or maybe god¬†¬† is giving you time to work in yourself maybe¬† it’s not always about friends friends friends¬†¬† and friends but you still got love for the¬† person in that book maybe it’s just time¬†¬† it’s a new chapter in your life¬† you’ve got to work on yourself¬†¬† and still be like absolutely clue what i¬† was like it’s not going to support them¬†¬† exactly you don’t you don’t have to talk to your¬† friends every day 24 7 like it’s really it’s not¬†¬† that bad speaking of my friend speaking¬† of her friends speaking of my bloody sis¬†¬† oh hi youtube hi filming the thailand these birds are the same feathers [ __ ]¬† together because i don’t believe in that¬†¬† statement personally english english english¬† so like you know the way they’re like oh if you¬†¬† um if all five of your friends are¬† who like look in the mirror here who’s¬†¬† your favorite friends are doctors¬† you’re most likely going to be so¬†¬† successful do you think birds of the¬† same father work together yes eventually okay i’m so too worried about it because i do hear¬† it like but i feel like that’s why it’s important¬†¬† to have friends different friends for different¬† reasons you feel like that statement of birds of¬†¬† the same feathers does want to get deflogged¬† together in a certain extent but at the same¬†¬† time i feel like i could also just be an enabling¬† friend that’s true as well because i’m deeply like¬†¬† for example that i love like i would say friends¬† but a lot of people are hanging around with they¬†¬† do different things you know that’s not really¬† going to steal they need but i don’t do that i¬†¬† don’t condone myself without that and maybe it’s¬† because that’s how i was raised and [ __ ] but¬†¬† it’s like maybe not maybe it’s not really a bridge¬† of the season in flock i don’t know what to say¬†¬† but maybe as well is maybe i just can’t see it¬† yeah maybe i need that outside perspective and¬†¬† i feel like at the same time see like there¬† is probably something that they would do that¬†¬† would influence you yeah exactly because everyone¬† likes to claim that oh they’re not impressionable¬†¬† you’re impressionable like every little thing your¬† friends does do or does does influence you quite a¬†¬† bit no it does it does it does like did you shape¬† who you are it’s so like it’s like if your friend¬†¬† if you’re friends with five five trappers five¬† people that sell drugs and your friends are like¬†¬† five brainiacs you’re not gonna be the same person¬† no matter what no matter even if you’re a brainiac¬†¬† and with the trappers and you’re troubled with¬† the brain you’re not going to be the same person¬†¬† i’m sorry no matter what at all and people¬† don’t like to hear that hashtag do not at all¬†¬† you might not do exactly what they do but there¬† will be an influence that they will influence¬†¬† you on something do you believe in best friends i¬† don’t like using the word lucy because of my past¬†¬† friendships so i use the word close friend it’s¬† that bad you have to normalize the word of christ¬†¬† you’ve got to normalize it because not¬† everybody who everybody is your friend and¬†¬† sorry dear acquaintances is the right word i don’t¬† got friends i’ve got brothers and acquaintances¬†¬† you should know who you are already sorry exactly¬† get to know if you don’t know if you don’t know¬†¬† even if you don’t know you’re not one of them¬† yeah i mean that you should call it yeah i’m¬†¬† calling someone best friends you know i i find it¬† hard to call people best friends as well it’s only¬†¬† recently i’m trying to kind of listen up i don’t¬† really like calling people best friends it’s like¬†¬† uh because i feel like well for me it’s¬† kind of like the moment i call your best¬†¬† friend i have so much expectations for you¬† and i don’t want to expect anything from¬†¬† you i want anything you do to for me to still¬† kind of be a shock do you know what i’m saying¬†¬† so i don’t think it’s rude how come some of the¬† close friend but obviously on the other side i¬†¬† kind of see how it may sound as well that it’s¬† like oh ra is it like do you know what i’m saying¬†¬† i feel like you guys you need to talk about it i¬† won’t capture you like communication is the key¬†¬† in anything i wouldn’t even that that’s not even a¬† conversation i’d even yeah but that’s because it’s¬†¬† impressive you know nah it’s not even a pricing¬† like i just wouldn’t come back i wouldn’t have¬†¬† a conversation with my guys and be like are you¬† my best friend i feel like okay okay i think it’s¬†¬† a currency thing yeah i think like even the word¬† best friend i don’t even use that honestly that’s¬†¬† my guy or my bro like that’s your best friend and¬† his best friend please tell me i’m not terrible¬†¬† i’ve developed feelings for my guy best friend¬† what do i do probably that’s really true he¬†¬† goes suck his dick more time more time more time¬† like unless he has a girl we don’t condone him some of my friends only talk to me when they need¬†¬† something should i distance¬† myself in fact they didn’t i’m very stupid really that’s a question again¬† okay true i should this isn’t a dilemma but you¬†¬† see your friend aliyah did you meet from¬† college did you guys know twitter before¬†¬† and we knew each other before college um but we¬† only properly properly became friends in college¬†¬† if you guys want a story on how we met¬† because we know we that’s a good idea¬†¬† we know you guys be loving i do well we’ll do a¬† video on how we met and like everything because¬†¬† like guys it’s crazy me and my friend since we¬† are growing each other but she’s still hanging¬†¬† out to the friendship i don’t want to how do i¬† tell her like i feel like you need to actually¬†¬† speak and be like okay like i feel like my time¬† is done with this communication period thank you¬†¬† just communicate like communicate how you actually¬† feel like i’m telling you it’s never adapting like¬†¬† go tell her and be like yo babe let me not lie to¬† you this is how i feel i feel like this in this¬†¬† system that this is the reason i feel like¬† this i’m like you never know what an honest¬†¬† communication and honest like conversation can¬† really do for you guys in a friendship like it can¬†¬† really like strengthen me i feel like friendship¬† is so slept on yeah i might just do one more after¬†¬† this one and then end it my friend is in a toxic¬† relationship and i don’t know how to tell her¬†¬† there’s nothing wrong with me in a toxic¬† relationship what a toxic relationship um i mean like what do you mean you don’t¬† know how to tell that we can’t tell you¬†¬† but i understand i understand because i won’t¬† lie yet when it comes to boys girls are crazy¬†¬† those are great i feel like even if my best friend¬† was in a toxic relationship how would i open my¬†¬† mouth to be like yo babe like i’d have to but like¬† before i summon up that courage girls are crazy if¬†¬† then one day just be like bro yeah like that’s yo¬† like i’ll be like yeah it’s gonna be easier to see¬†¬† that guy yeah but like girls you have to kind¬† of like marinate the tea i just feel that you¬†¬† know what that means guys are just more honest¬† it’s not to blame no that’s what it means you¬†¬† females are fake we’re not fake you’re faking this¬† big fake wake up everything if you like up for¬†¬† me yes everything’s just fake no i just feel like¬† we consider the other person’s feelings more guys¬†¬† just talk out of their ass like no we talk out¬† of our mouth with treats no out of your ass no¬†¬† you don’t even ask if you’re saying i don’t know¬† how to tell i’m marine marinating because i can’t¬†¬† just come and be like yeah bro your boyfriend’s¬† this is your friend’s name listen listen if my¬†¬† body like bro um i’m breaking up with her she’s¬† moving reckless i’m like your relationship is¬†¬† toxic you know yeah but the way you say it yeah¬† girls are gonna marinate it’s gonna hit my come on¬†¬† my friend called me ugly dumb and lazy¬† not as a joke in front of a lot of people¬†¬† she she she what are you¬† trying to say oh yeah continue¬†¬† she apologized and said she wasn’t in a good¬† mood now i don’t know if i can trust her you can’t you can’t trust that what are you just¬† doing an emotion you know you get the treats¬†¬† when you get the treat when somebody¬† is angry no i hate okay i hear that¬†¬† but you see the thing is yeah i’m too much of¬† i actually have to see from both sides like¬†¬† you know i’m saying the other side of it is that¬† yeah you just come and see the first thing that¬†¬† comes in your mouth no no the other side of it¬† is like so are you trying to say it’s only when¬†¬† i’m angry that you see my true colors what about¬† all the other like i’m happy 98 of the time but¬†¬† the two percent that i’m not that’s where you¬† see my true colors does that really make sense¬†¬† you start you start to see when the person is¬† angry let’s say my friend is angry now right okay¬†¬† now let me see let me see from example let’s see¬† what you got i showed my friend a youtube video¬†¬† and he was like yeah that’s a calm video isn’t¬† that or what and you keep on telling him what¬†¬† you think of my videos this isn’t that he’s like¬† yeah.

com.com.com and now he now gets angry and¬†¬† he’s like yeah your [ __ ] youtuber yo your videos¬† are [ __ ] this isn’t that what does that mean¬†¬† but i feel like it could also be like a a place¬† that they know that if they hit you here that’s¬†¬† what it’s going to hurt the most they might not¬† necessarily mean it that’s what i’m trying to¬†¬† say but that doesn’t also like excuse what they¬† do you know what i’m saying yeah okay my friend¬†¬† is such an unserious candidate i love her to [ __¬† ] and i’ve tried my best to encourage her and to¬†¬† push her to be the best you can be i’m getting fed¬† up and annoyed seeing her in her stagnant position¬†¬† what should i do there’s nothing wrong with that¬† no so basically she’s just not doing anything¬†¬† it depends like because i can¬† have a friend similar to that that¬†¬† i try to encourage the person to like to go out¬† and different things because this person has this¬†¬† talent and this this and that the person just¬† wants to do it like maybe she has a lot of¬†¬† priorities i feel like i understand¬† them like because i’d be that friend¬†¬† i’m like oh yeah yeah push this bushes but at the¬† same time i’mma lie to you yeah you really can’t¬†¬† force somebody to do anything like there’s¬† a saying that you can take the horse to the¬†¬† well but you can’t force it to drink you know¬† so like if you’re doing all these things like¬†¬† oh yeah go do this do that and they really¬† don’t want just leave them be and i know¬†¬† just paint your hair because if you’re actually¬† generally a good friend you do want to see your¬†¬† friends up there you do want to see your¬† friends with them but if they don’t want¬†¬† to win you can’t force them to want to win just¬† leave them be and at the same time as well like¬†¬† they might appear physically there with you¬† but they could be mentally not there as well¬†¬† and them not doing anything could also be a way¬† of coping so also try and see like what is up with¬†¬† them and just try and talk to them or like you’re¬† more like how are you and like because we all say¬†¬† how are you and we expect fine but like sit down¬† i’m like how are you really i want to know like¬†¬† what’s going through your head just trying to¬† understand from their point of view because¬†¬† to you might look like they’re not doing¬† anything but their mind just like running like¬†¬† crazy miles an hour gina i’m saying so you do¬† need to kind of understand and then maybe the¬†¬† only way they can keep saying is literally¬† by not doing anything because i know when¬†¬† i’m like really not like i would just stay in¬† my bed like there’s no talking to me leave me¬†¬† alone do you know because that’s how i call i¬† could buy pudding by doing a lot of work really¬†¬† like i i work work work work quick and i crash¬† that’s it when i do leave me alone but yeah like¬†¬† like um and sharon said like you can’t¬† force someone to do something because like¬†¬† time there’s going to be times where it’s going¬† to be tough and if this president need doing it¬†¬† because you say she should do she’s going to¬† quit she will be easy for her to be very easy¬†¬† easy for her to quit so it’s just that it’s not¬† adapting but obviously continue to encourage and¬†¬† encourage and encourage opinion pray about it if¬† you believe in my god and the one and only god¬†¬† but if not like i’ll be let him be keep it¬† stepping period should others anyway i think¬†¬† that’s everything that’s been the end of sharing¬† other videos you’re privileged to be in our video¬†¬† once again and thank you guys for stopping by¬† yeah and guys yeah just let us know what you think¬†¬† about some of these dilemmas down the question in¬† the description i mean in the comment section down¬†¬† below like maybe there’s some advice that you¬† guys could give as well that could really help¬†¬† make sure you like share comment and¬† subscribe head over to faji’s channel¬†¬† subscribe and subscribe subscribe and if you¬† guys want to get if you want a couple’s channel¬†¬† english channel down below and you’ll think¬† about it think about it because you guys¬†¬† can just say you won’t wanna never engage you¬† know i’m saying so you have to start proving it¬†¬† with our channels our individual channels like¬† subscribe to fact you subscribe to me tell your¬†¬† friends about butt of us because let me tell¬† you something 20 21 weeks taking over period¬†¬† so thank you guys so much for stopping¬† by and i’ll see you guys in my next vlog


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