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Traditional DIWALI Makeup Tutorial (Hindi) – Indian Festival Look for Beginners | Shruti Arjun Anand

Traditional DIWALI Makeup Tutorial (Hindi) – Indian Festival Look for Beginners | Shruti Arjun Anand

Diwali being a festival of lights & love and you shower all this light of love on me Happy Diwali to you all today i’ve come up with special get ready with me so today I am gonna share with you not only the makeup but also the hairstyle & outfit too for diwali and yeah also gonna share special tricks too hit LIKE to this video lets target 30,000 LIKES this time yeah want to keep our makeup long lasting so you must apply primer for making our makeup long lasting if you have oily skin so must try this primer this is a gel based and makes your skin smooth so that when our foundation will glide so easily on our skin my hands are gliding so well while applying this cause this product is having smooth texture now its turn to apply foundation Most of us do makeup only on special occasion so here I am using the foundation which is infused with hyaluronic acid I am gonna apply the foundation using this beauty blender so first dip this beauty sponge in water for about 2 mins and then squeeze it well like this so as to remove the excess water so always try to use this type of sponge you can go only with foundation if you don’t have under eye dark circles or you don’t have hyper pigmentation problem but if you have that issues so you can use concealer so that you can make your face to look even tone to apply this you need to take it on your hand and then pick it with sponge and apply try to avoid too much applying foundation consistency almost look like that of curd what if you place it on table.

. it will spread here and there same goes with our foundation or concealer if we not gonna to seal them which leads to cakeyness to our foundation or it got settled on the lines which looks not good so to avoid this we need to seal our foundation & concealer with a compact powder if you want to try these products so you can checkout the product links in the description box apply this powder if you’ve oily skin apply it only on the T-zone area if you’ve dry or combination skin also we do little contour with a powder so I am using this the best part its of matte finish and the shade is so perfect if your skin tone is just like me so you must use this bronzer I’ve always told in my tutorials whether you apply bronzer or blush need to blend it with a sponge it will takes only 10 seconds but this makes your look so professional and foundation looks flawless now we’ll apply this blush to make our cheeks cutie pink first deposit the blush on your cheeks using a brush and blend it in a circular motion only this will give your the flawless effect now for further diffusing of our blush tap this with a sponge wherever the blush edges are there and done with this blush if you are searching for an affordable highlighter so you can try this I’ve mixed two shades this will give the good effect i am gonna start eye makeup by filling my eyebrows first no need to apply it if you already have that thick and shaped eyebrows i am using here eyeshadow of transition shade if you want you can take warm shade I’ve taken this pink shade as I’ve carried a pink saree but need to take care to choose a light shade even your compact powder too works well and the second is a bit dark shade so that it can defined our crease area so that our looks bigger so I am using a maroon coloured eyeshadow so first distribute the product in a tapping motion from outer to inner corner of your crease area and then blend it well again pick this light coloured shade on a big brush and blend this maroon coloured eyeshadow upward only need to blend that dark coloured edge now I’ll tell you that special trick you need to take a flat shader brush and sprinkle either water or rose water over it to make it little wet then pick any dark coloured eyeshadow apply it all over the eyelid again blend this dark coloured eyeshadow upward now pick gold coloured eyeshadow on your finger tip and blend it all over the lid with press and slide method as shown in the video our makeup doesn’t complete without kajal pencil and liquid liner so apply kajal and then create a winged liner we eat sweets on diwali and what if our lipsticks fades away while eating so to avoid this apply lip liner you can use lipliner of any shade which get matched to your outfit as I’ve worn this awesome pink outfit so I am applying pink lip liner we not only line the lips with this lip liner but also for filling the lips now apply any of your favourite lipstick over it here I am using this Mascara If you want a good effect with this mascara so first wiggle the brush like this and then move it upward this coats your lashes well and we’ll get that good effect to make your face more beautiful you can fix false lashes to set all the makeup layers well don’t forget to apply setting spray be aware of those fake products so if you want to buy these products which I’ve shown in the video so I’ve given the links in the description box so do check out the product links from there If you’ve liked my this classic makeup look hit LIKE to this video also SHARE this video with your family members so will see you in my next video also follow me on Instagram to enjoy behind the scenes


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