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Trixie Learns “How to Wear Makeup in A God Honoring Way”

Trixie Learns “How to Wear Makeup in A God Honoring Way”

okay okay okay oh did i move that i’m okay i literally poked myself in the eye  with the microphone we’re off to a great start hi my name is trixie mattel and welcome back  to my youtube channel if you’re new here i’m   a world-famous drag queen who acts a fool on the  internet i am as of two days ago a new york times   bestselling author and you can check out trixie  and katya’s guide to modern womanhood anywhere   books are sold it’s a great year in 2020 to  support a local bookstore many small bookstores   are carrying it so today we are going to be  looking at a video that for some reason pops up   on my like recommended all the time and every time  it pops up i’m like i gotta do a video with that   and today is that day the title of this caught  me because it’s called how to wear makeup in a   god honoring way it’s from a channel called girl  defined it’s women having a candid discussion   about negotiating i guess i’m gonna hope cosmetics  and like looks but also being faithful and modest   and i’m interested i want to know about it because  i work in drag where we don’t really work in   the realm of modesty there are many religious  god-loving drag queens asia for sure i’ve seen   her like prayer backstage we’re very accepting  of all walks of life and drag i’ve played with   musicians who love jesus and love god i have  super fans who love being part of religion and   if church is a way for you to find community  and do good things for people love it but let’s   be honest now that i do a video like this a drag  queen saying reacting to makeup in a god-honoring   way i’m really asking for it because i’m very  lucky on this channel to trend pretty often and   usually the straights will find me in the comments  would be like what god what kind of you know   whatever whatever they do the people with the neck  beards who live in their basements in iowa anyway   all right let’s see what these [ __ ] had to say  now i’m a drag queen we’re saying [ __ ] as a   term of endearment how to wear makeup in a  god honoring way hey guys it’s kristen and   bethany here with girl defined ministries  and it’s okay right off the bat i just here   making my way downtown mock i mean if it’s if  it’s white to me it’s white how to wear makeup   in a god honoring way thinking back to when we  first started wearing makeup and really just   experiencing with makeup we get like a literally  a comedy show just watching our old videos and   looking at our pictures i would like to see  that comedy show i’m sure you look back on   some of your pictures when you’re younger and  think oh wow what was i doing but i remember a   psychological i never looked back this phase that  we call the raccoon face where we thought that   more eyeliner was better like more eyeliner is  better why don’t you just look me in the eye and   tell me to go for myself your dad came over and  he was like being super sweet and like y’all are   such beautiful young women but just like kind of  a thought like maybe if you wore less eyeliner it   would maybe enhance your natural features even  more and we were kind of their dad read them   how bad was the makeup that the christian dad had  to be like you know maybe you should pull back i   love that that was a very humbling experience  because yes because it was like more talking   you guys the lighting in this video if you believe  in god are you being blasted with like kino lights   it looks like they just are entering heaven or  a walk-in freezer i mean in the summer a walk-in   freezer is heaven okay okay and then we started  asking like what does god think about makeup what   are other like what do other wise godly women say  about me i am interested what would it be like to   be extremely faithful and then be sort of battling  with sort of like vanity and like how much makeup   is is not i mean i’m interested that being said  i’m probably going to drag these horrors by the   end of this we’re going to open up our makeup  bags and just give you some of our favorites   we’re going to get to see some favorite products  would you guys gag if they pulled out like a   trixie cosmetics glitter i’m very black and white  and i want to know what’s right what’s wrong just   tell me what to do and i’ll follow it like okay  having sex before marriage that is a black and   white answer let me say something controversial  yet brave which we’ve really come to do on this   channel if you’re saving the sex for marriage  this sex is not gonna be lit okay we have to   use that to as wisdom to kind of guide us and to  kind of make decisions using what the bible says   i mean the bible doesn’t happen back with the maps  like a guy from makeup i would love if the bible   had a youtube channel and it was scott barnes  being like we’re gonna get you snatched honey   i wish that would be nice like the perfect  totally makeup they’re just cracking themselves up   girls oh first [ __ ] paws that dark sided  nail polish girl i don’t know what the bible   says about makeup but i don’t think they  said dark side of nail polish just saying   i’m going to tell you so the verse that we’ve  really looked at and that we’re going to look   at today really quickly first timothy 2 9 through  10 and this is something i’m sure you’ve all heard   but just listen up course i’ve heard it’s really  interesting it says likewise also that women   should adorn themselves in respectable apparel  with modesty and self-control not with braided   hair and gold or pearls or not with braided hair  these [ __ ] have two braids in their hair make it   make sense what’s not clicking what’s not clicking  there is the thing where people take what they   want from the bible and then they stick to the  rules in some areas and then interpret in others   if you’re gonna wear braids you can let gay  people get married [ __ ] that’s referring   to a lot of the ungodly men women of the day  really the temple prostitutes would often dress   in these kind of ways christian women should dress  and act and look away that represents holiness   okay this is actually getting me heated because  i just feel like i’m i just want women to be   able to do whatever they want i want them to  dress however they want i want them to not have   anybody or anyone or any page tell them how much  makeup or pearls they can wear like come on girl   we believe and we’ve come to the conclusion that  there are ways that we can enjoy makeup in a fun   god-honoring way that’s are you gonna tell us who  is putting on concealer to honor god dump the bag   sis do this for a really long time we know a lot  of you have asked for makeup tutorials and maybe   we’ll get to that someday stay tuned for the next  video 12 sweat proof mascaras for wearing to hell   so because i get such dark circles i use this  stuff it’s going to be hard to see but it’s by mac   it’s select cover-up concealer you guys mac select  cover up is a medium coverage natural finish   concealer this stuff is strong it’s not it’s a  medium coverage scissors clinique foundation and   so it’s clinique beyonce girl we knew that was i  don’t want to profile people but like some people   you know what products are coming they went to the  woman in the lab coat at the nordstroms we don’t   have a lot of color in our faces and so something  oh my god you guys okay something i have is not a   lot of color in my face i love to use is bronzer  bronzer has revolutionized my life i mean we love   listen all walks of life we love bronzo this  is too faced it’s the chocolate so they have   too faced chocolate soleil that bronzer smells  like chocolate which i find odd and something   i get asked on the regular on all of our social  media sites is about mascara what mascara do i   use guys i can’t imagine rolling into the ulta and  being like what kind of lash primer would god use   i don’t know covergirl lashed last volume  okay this must be an older video because   covergirl lash blast was really hot in like  the late 2000s you guys remember like 2009   10 like everybody was using lash blast lash  glass has like a big vinyl brush it’s like   a football with tons of little teeth so you get  a lot of separation so this next product i use   is something that a lot of you won’t have to use  because you may have eyebrows that actually show   i mean they’re kind of invisible okay i love that  she’s filling in her brows but somebody she has   full brows she has blonde hair she should get  a tinted i think the lord would be fine if you   did a little bit of vegetable dye in them brows if  you’re blonde and you’ve never gotten your lashes   or brows tinted it would change your life and i  take this and i literally just do a little bit on   each of my eyebrow elements to kind of fill them  in and highlight them and actually and it kind of   frames you like distance oh that read she said i  fill them in the other one you’re just making them   existed at all you football [ __ ] the revlon  matte balm lipstick so these i’ve never used   that so if you’re a lipstick person like i am  i’m much more lipstick person i think than you   if your lips are guilty not much of a lipstick  person just remember in scripture we don’t really   see a black and white stance on this so we each  just need to pray individually if you pray to god   about your makeup i hate you god should i wear  covergirl cheekers to church or am i the devil   well what did we learn we learned  that just like in many other areas   people believe in god tend to take what they want  from it and make it mean whatever if you’re out   there and you’re a young woman who believes in any  form of higher power i hope you spend your very   limited time on this planet wearing exactly as  much makeup as you want all the time if you’d like   to read more makeup tips you can check them out  and trixie and katya’s guide to modern womanhood   all right i’m gonna go adjust my makeup to make  sure it’s being worn in a god-honoring way bye


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