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Trixie Makeup On A Budget

Trixie Makeup On A Budget

whoo-hoo taking my man home after Chipotle sex  in the hello so I know many of you go as me for   Halloween so I thought because I’ve seen a lot of  y’all running around as me for Halloween and it’s   not always the look and I thought for you guys  I would do a look using all products from like   the pharmacy CVS Walgreens wherever you go because  honestly the application is kind of more important   than the price point on the product we all know  that expensive product doesn’t always mean better   and cheap products so this can be really fierce  so let’s do it I’m gonna use this CeraVe p.

m.   moisturizing lotion but I went to the CVS late  last night I just needed a few items honestly   for CVS this could be one thing I’ll try to be  on a diet there’s a food truck outside my house   every day a lot of you guys have seen this before  blue stick against the grain of the eyebrows like   a chemist [ __ ] so you guys see I’m like doing  little circles you do the little circles because   you need to get under the hair [ __ ] no Lots your  tacos actually people probably do they’re just   gonna take a calm I mean don’t look at this film  disco this come as dogs over there and brush the   hair straight up the T is this – Christine you  have to get the disappearing purple the normal   kind does not work so I was going against the  grain and then I brushed them up and now you go   with the direction of the hair no so don’t stress  out a lot being perfect cuz honestly for tricks   makeup we’re about to put on so much makeup half  this isn’t me covered with eyeliner so now that   we’re getting to the final layers of this we can  kind of start to worry about the rest of the face   some of this stuff I’ve tried as most if I’ve  not tried so let’s just hope and believe this we   definitely used on tour this is wet and wild photo  focused face primer in that I’m gonna go back in   and do some more glue now this is really advanced  if you are trying to really treat yourself calm   for Halloween go get the big blue stick – because  the big one kind of the whole area you don’t want   to get too much glue built up around the brow  but you can go in with a makeup wipe or baby   wipe whatever these are Beauty 360 ultra soft  wipes from CBS where I like the final layers   here this is gonna gross well you’ve all seen  me doing on television so what’s the difference   you look the glue because it makes that final  layer really slick so I got to go and impress   I got to set this powder so girl I don’t know  I picked up some stuff and I don’t know if it’s   gonna work but I got a wet and wild photo focus  pressed powder wet and wild don’t let me down it’s   a little powder puff this is your malecon but  you can get them at CBS they’re all literally   the same and we’re just gonna press it because we  have to set the glue and also this little bit of   pigment in the powder helps start to be like your  first coverage now we’re going to start with some   foundation this foundation I’ve actually looking  for this is super stay full coverage it’s too wild   we’re gonna kill you about this this is a total  face sponge from ELF in the meantime I’d like   to ask you guys to subscribe and follow this new  channel we’re gonna start under the eyes because   with my makeup we do the eye shadow before the  rest of the face that’s looking pretty good   alright so we got to do some shadow and I usually  do the shadow while the foundations kind of wet   because it gives us something to stick to I got  this wet and wild paint palette I don’t know if   this know what if you’re some hooker on Halloween  trying to get ready you can open those when you’re   working with cheap shadows like I used to do this  back in the day you put a cream base down and you   can get more impact I’m under painting basically  with cream oh okay I’m kind of taking a fluffier   brush and you see how that’s creating like a  gradient now I’m put shadow down it’s gonna be   a lot better so then under the eye I don’t know  you guys I’m kind of just using these two this   warm brown and this deep brown I use a lot of  warm Browns because I like the way like a warm   reddish-brown kind of warms up my eye area so  then I’m going with the deep color and I’m kind   of a this is happening I think this is happening  right now just work on creating a shape like this   a kind of round that’s going to be like Trixie  Baker I’m just gonna do the other side quick   and we’ll keep going so I did both sides this is  a Knicks ultimate edit petite palette I picked   this because it’s like red browns so I’m gonna  take this little one this little like I don’t   know it’s color doesn’t have a name the color is  called number four great using a big fluffy brush   and like pat pat pat pat pat pat pat so then as we  get to the edge I’m gonna go on with this lighter   one on the end yes I’m gonna take the dark brown  and go on the very pocket of the high right there   oh yeah sorry people I don’t even like her texts  to me don’t text me if you know me don’t text me   if you don’t know me deadly don’t text me so I’m  just gonna go back in here with this and start to   set the bottom oh yeah that’s looking really good  I’m just gonna do this other side quick so now we   got to do the brows I match my eyeshadows to my  brows because who cares I start in the middle I   start to sketch out the shape with your brows you  kind of want a gradient so you want deeper on the   ends and lighter on the inside so I want the best  and the proud deeper and then I’m switching to the   lighter colors to do the inside so we’re not just  filling in like paint-by-number we’re drawing on   hairs so we did one brow and then I’m gonna go in  we’re gonna shape around it using full coverage   concealers I don’t know if they’re gonna work this  is wet and wild photo focus stick foundation in   porcelain let’s see what the T is oh no this  is doing two things a it’s shaping the brow   and B it’s highlighting the brow bone and then I  wipe off my brush and I’ll just sort of marry the   bottom of the concealer to the show and now you  have to sketch around the top of the browser bow I feel like doing this makeup unlike that girl  with the kombucha like no well this foundation is   gross this is gross I wouldn’t buy this don’t buy  this you have something else similar here l’oreal   infallible long wear stick and ivory oh this is  better it’s also more pigmented do you see that   so now we gotta start to shape the rest of the  face with the Maybelline 24-hour super stay this   is a good foundation she agrees I know sis don’t  forget your ears that is like my biggest makeup   pet peeve you cannot forget your ears so I’m gonna  go in with my wet and wild I don’t know god I got   it cause it was five dollars and I was trying  to really show out for you guys but so I kind   of do these section of my face and then down the  middle and then I start to blend it out basically   we’re adding a lighter color to the high plains  of the face the forehead the tops of the cheeks   the middle of your like Cupid’s bow your chin  because we’re feminizing a face you want higher   cheeks rounder forehead fuller lip and that’s kind  of what we’re doing right now I’m just taking my   little ring finger and I’m going around my eye  shadow to light marry it so now I’m gonna go in I   don’t know I got one of these wet and wild sticks  in a deeper shade but I don’t know if I see her   today I’m gonna do L’Oreal infallible this one’s  admittedly a little more expensive some looks   like this oh that’s kind of more the correct shade  for this we’re gonna have to use the web modeled so we do the forehead first and then men  have square jaws so I’m gonna do the jaw   line so for the cheek people mess  it up the most it’s the placement   from your earlobe like the bottom of  your earlobe to the corner of your   mouth you do want like a clean line  I just draw it on with a stick Mary that’s kind of the shape I’m gonna start with and  I will say it’s much easier to do both cheeks at   the same time because it helps you get some  semblance of like symmetry now I’m going to   take this sponge which by this and again we’re  not scrubbing we’re balancing because we have   to create a gradient from the highlight of the  cheek to the low-light of the cheek I’m taking the   infallible stick the wet and wild one is in chest  not the infallible stick is in there no doubt what   are you and I’m going I’m deepening this now I’m  gonna go in with this wet-and-wild this porcelain   is really high it’s not good what we’re using it  so right now we have a brown headband I’m gonna   take my a little sponge bounce about Siddhanta  you better work you look at that this is turning   out drugstore drugstore product CVS is should  you’ve also needed the nose everyone makes fun   of me but I’m gonna use this infallible stick  the light one take a little concealer brush and   you guys are gonna getting obviously that’s a  huge difference you add the contour I know this   seems like a lot but you picked this Halloween  costume not me this is my powder this is airspun   Cody powder you know that powder it’s like orange  as flowers on it and it kind of smells like an old   lady big puff and we are really like get violent  in the nose I really don’t wanna mess that up big powder brush we’re going to go back in with  the put we’re gonna set the highlights of your   face with it I hope this works I really don’t  know I’m also setting under the same places we   highlighted with the cream then a fit me powder  and truffle these are actually pretty good so   I’m gonna go in here index card I like something  kind of warm which is why I use face powder going   on the forehead we’re gonna deepen the contour  remember these little shadows I’m just gonna right   in the pocket by your ear I’m gonna add a little  more depth I think the contouring is basically   done now it’s actually looking pretty pretty good  I’m gonna go in and clean my brows and especially   in the ends I want to clean them so I’m gonna like  hyper white eyeliner I’ve been using this for like   five years this is the NYX gel liner and this is  the whitest longest wearing most perfect eyeliner   had ever used in my life so we’re gonna start to  do some a line worker on the I searched define   under the brow with the white and now all I have  to do is wipe off the brush and bring it down I   also picked up wet and wild liquid catsuit liquid  eyeshadow and white I’m kind of scared to try it   well let’s see what that it’s kind of good I’m not  even mad I like how thick this is cuz it makes me   feel like I’m gonna get a clean line and really  good coverage I’m gonna set this white yeah I’m   gonna finish that by going in with that little  ah little brush from earlier and like redoing   the top here yeah so now I’m gonna do my little  eyelid I’m gonna use this liquid cat suit when   well let’s do it [ __ ] see this liquid is not  wide enough that’s the problem to do two layers   but when you’re drawing this lid on I know this is  probably one of the most daunting things you have   to imagine that later on we’re gonna have a thick  black liner all the way up here if you put the lid   too far down you’re not gonna have a lid once we  draw on the liner now we’re gonna do eyeliner I’m   taking the NYX white look how white it’s amazing  Oh people do this all the time they do a white   line under my eye under their Trixie eye that just  goes straight across and that just makes your eye   look normal but we’re trying to snatch it up so  when you make the white more pointed down in the   middle and less on the outside we’re gonna make  the eye look more like up and out which is like   just it looks cooler so this isn’t perfect but  it’s fine we’re gonna clean it anyway what do you   want to worry about right now is getting it really  white all right there is one item that you can’t   get at the drugstore that I am gonna use because  it’s still really affordable this is marshmallow   for Trixie cosmetics it’s a perfect white glitter  this glitter is so soft so beautiful watch how   white it is oh we’re applying the glitter to  eyeliner that’s currently still setting so it’s   kind of tacky which is why the glitter is like  sticking now because we lost sort of the line   here like look how flerbie that is I’m going in  and kind of like start to fix up that line I just   don’t want to see white cream liner spilling over  to my shadow that’s kind of what I’m trying to fix   when I take some more marshmallow in or is it it I  get that mmm I believe that glitter is the future   quiet well and let it lead the way so good can the  alley on Halloween I’m all talk nothing like that   ever happens to me all my liner brushes are so  dirty whatever we’re using a dirty liner but I   think we’ll think winged liner they think like a  swoop we want isosceles triangle so when you turn   your head it’s like a watch straight out it all in  it’s starting to look more like tricky makeup now   without the eyeliner it really doesn’t look like  much let me go all the way to the middle the point   and then up connect it let’s give us the shape you  want so this is the Maybelline master precision   all day liner I don’t know if it lasts all day I’m  in drag that long I like our eight like you get   what you get so now I’m gonna do the other side  see what I turn my head it looks like straight you   don’t want like curvy you want to look like Shh so  this part we did a lot of liner underneath that’s   still not cleaned up do you see how it’s like  kind of fuzzy right now like I’m taking a liner   you know creating that precision and I probably  should set this with some black eyeshadow and I   bought a black eyeshadow but it’s from one wild I  did it this is called color icon single shadow in   Panther I like to set the liner with black shadow  so I’m kind of going all over here and then right   under the eye to set that liner snake it out okay  this black shadow is happening for me says oh I’m   wrapping the black shadow around to here on this  side this black line not very convincing but   that’s gonna look a lot better how it’s softened a  really good solution to this under eye if you guys   at home if yours isn’t looking as smooth because  you don’t have 12 years of drag experience under   your belt you could take a black glitter or  silver glitter and press it under it and it   will really hide along with mistakes okay since  that black guy thought it was good I’m kind of   a believer I also bought a white shadow I’m gonna  try the white shadow this is called sugar bad I’m   gonna do a little soap in my nose with the white  shimmery oh I don’t like it I don’t like it make   it go away a pretty face powder over it that was  shimmery I take it back I’ll see what kind of work   a complete mood shift I’m quitting drag you know  actually let’s do some lips I guess okay lips I   absolutely know what I’m talking about your lips  I picked out some NYX products NYX NYX really good   lipsticks I’m telling you those NYX lip liners  are no different absolutely no different from   Mac lip liners so I picked up natural and mauve  lip pencils oh yeah it’s like two kind of neutral   colors so I’m gonna go with mauve first this is  Halloween if you’ve never done this before it’s   over drawing you go way around your lips and then  I’m going to create like an ombre by taking the   natural color I’m going inside though if you’ve  never done this before I think the best way to   overdraw lips especially the top start on the end  give yourself like a you want it this big this big   say I’m on it there and then go to your middle  I’d be like how high up do on it uh here and   then all you got to do is connect them this is  a natural love pencil on just doing like a fade   hombre I’ve used one of these before these wet and  wild lip or they called liquid catsuit lipsticks   I don’t know about this you see it touch my lips  in my face just turn like I don’t know we’re not   we’re not using this this gross liquid cat suit hi  shiny lipstick okay I accidentally bought a high   shine lipstick loose don’t do that I’ve used this  before this is wet and wild liquid cat suit matte   lipstick in pink really hard I don’t believe in  this little color at all but I use hold on we’re   gonna go hotter because that’s not working for me  this is NYX in Disco rage hmm hmm hmm you do one   lip like Queen Amidala my look is cheap I got it  at the Queen I’m a dollar store I have been G full   stroke I have been using this lipstick for such a  long time this is kind of like a cousin to Stacey   actually this is a NYX product this is shocking  pink this this is beautiful okay for blush I’m   using kind of a top-secret cosmetic product that  you guys have been seen yet coming from Trixie   cosmetics and it’s beautiful and you’re gonna  die I normally wear so many like peachy Pink’s   this purpley pink is really doing it for me so  I’m just setting the highlights again with this   I was like a finishing touch before we do lashes  all right we have a mascara that I’ve had before   but haven’t you seen in a very long time this is  wet and wild lash renegade I like these little   nylon brushes because the Christmas tree brushes  don’t give me the separation I want I like these   on my long ones because I can really like get in  there we’ve made it to lashes so for lashes you   really can’t use drugstore because they don’t make  big drag queen lashes but what you can do I went   on Amazon and just typed in 301 lashes and this  entire pack of 12 was only like so just skip these   and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take  each single lash you’re gonna put some glue along   the spine and then you layer them on top of each  other like this not directly stacked up because   then you’re just gonna get like a toothbrush of  hair but you want to layer them fanning out so   that you get like a like more of a curl and then I  also use some acid Betty’s like paper lashes those   unicorn lashes and that gives it like a you can  see on the end sort of a spike if you guys want   to see how I stack my lashes I could do a whole  video on it but for today it’s a lot of drama   at the drugstore you can get like duo lash glue  but I use hair bonding glue because I’m a drag   queen and I guess I don’t value my life so long  pro 32nd super hair bond glue I actually don’t   want to look at this bottle because I don’t want  to be reminded that this probably isn’t supposed   to go on your eyes so I’m gonna take it and I go  it along the spine this is after you’ve stacked   them like this is probably I don’t know seven  pairs just like sandwiched I mean you’re gonna   laugh because I wear my lashes in my crease  so watch how fast I can get these suckers on Sassy’s dry I like to kind of like fluff them  up because otherwise you’re gonna get start to   get sleepy eyes for my lashes I’m going to use  our dell demi whispies these are really cheap   a little is not Courtney act wears these  for drag these are her drag lashes these   are her drag lashes this is a man I’m just  gonna glue on the bottom take a little strip I’m gonna add like one little thing if you  bought a bunch of these like you should have   I want to cannibalize some of the spikes from  these to put under my eye so I’m just gonna cut   off like – I’m gonna take one of those little  spikes I just cut off and I’m gonna at it that   makes a big difference not Hawaii this looks  exactly the same as my own makeup what am i   doing what a waste of money I really thought  for a second there meat wasn’t gonna work out   I’m just gonna say this they don’t really make  a flat white eyeshadow at the drugstore not one   that I could find so I am gonna use like one  of my Kryolan white eye shadows don’t call me   a cheater you don’t have to do this see that is  such a difference from this side to this side   oh yeah I bought this I bought this Wet n Wild  mega glow highlighting color German fur he was   the wet and wild spokeswoman for a while then  she did the national anthem in it like that’s   my girl oh yeah no yeah I think that looks good  yeah so let’s put on the full look and see what’s   up hello I’m just painting my hands how are you  so everybody’s like you’re a psychopath why do   you put foundation on your hands Trixie you’re  beautiful but you’re a fascist well you’re half   right you know what let’s go further you bought  that what mild highlight you better use it you   [ __ ] down the finger so look at this and  then look at this would you buy a drink for   this person would you buy a drink for this person  this is the dab who drops his daughter off at the   to me like this looks like two different people  this looks like an ad between a man and a woman   holding hands I love you like so this is  why you paint your hands and look these   stupid little kiss Express nails will debate glam  fantasy ultimate illusion any mama the illusion Hey yeah okay so this is the finished look  I’m not gonna lie at the end of this this   looks kind of exactly exactly like my normal  makeup that I use my normal products but like   maybe the foundation coverage is a little  lighter like on my chin area I can kind of   see my skin more but this just looks the same  now does that mean I’m a great makeup artist   no does that mean that normally my makeup looks  only as good as the cheapest products I could   find maybe happy Halloween this is how you  do Trixie on very cheap makeup remember it’s   the application more than it’s the price  tag so just take your time and practice   and please tag me in pictures if it turns  out good and if it doesn’t don’t tag me bye


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