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true beauty makeup challange…… (fail )

true beauty makeup challange…… (fail )

hi and welcome back to a new video in  my youtube channel for this video we’re going   to follow a make up tutorail from true beauty drama and weebtoon live soon to make a tutorial i’m following a video   on youtube for a girl i will post her youtube  channel on description box and the link of the   video also in description box you can go and  check it out this video is going to be a whole   mess so just on from you the makeup didn’t sound  good and i’m using drugstore makeup in this video   so keep watching see the result i’m also  doing an ugly in garyang in this video   fun stuff i she did the same thing in her video  and i did the same thing in my video because i   thought this was cool and funny so if you want  to see the end of that please watch the video   also don’t forget to subscribe and turn the  fake notification bell on and see you in   the video let’s go with the video so first thing  i’m going to clean my face because i brought a   lot of plush as she did in her video i cleaned my  face and um we’ll be back in a minute here we back   again starting good clean face i start by putting  this moisturizer called sakura is born a brand   called misu i bought it from band called miso and  it was writing in the box that is made from japan   so first step is moisturizer i was talking in  a video but there was a lot of noise around so   i’m just doing the voice over for the whole video next up i’m using nivea soft and it’s  really good cream and the photo body if you   have a dry skin i used it in my dry like spots  on my face and my area nose area and also in   layers on my chin so so indian in drama has like  a really glowy skin so i just maybe drink dough to   make my face more goody because i have the twice  skin ever and yeah and also if you’re watching   the drama now really actually in the end of the  drama is i just watched the last episode that   they upload it was episode 14 and next week is  going to be to up to be the last episode of this   drama and i’m really excited to watch it but a  lot of people i think hates to hate it but they   said this cringy and stuff um i also think it’s  going to be but it’s a kind of fun to be honest   next i’m using my foundation it’s by l’oreal  it’s shade is ivory rose versus ivory and it’s   not sometimes is sometimes it’s lighter than my my  skin and sometimes it’s my skin color depends on   like winter or summer so yeah i’m using this  like my daily in my daily makeup routine after the foundation i obviously going to do my  concealer using fits me by maybelline uh the shade   i used two five so but under my eyes i didn’t  close my eyes i don’t like potential to my eyes   i did do some eyeshadow and i forget to film it  as you can see it didn’t turn out good on also   the eyeliner might have like really big eyes and  my lids whenever i put makeup it doesn’t show and   the eyeliner whenever i put it it turned out to  be so thick and not good so in a day to day lips   i do use black eyeshadow already a little  black eyeshadow on my eyes so just to give   shape to it because i really don’t have a good  eye shape i think personally and i did put some   brown eyeshadow also under my eyes you can see on  the video i tried to follow her but i didn’t work   i’m using kiku palette i did put eyeliner now and  as you can see it didn’t turn out that good so i   will fix it in the video later but saying didn’t  work using the kiku palette also i’m going to put   some shimmer in my eye corner inside of my eye  corner and now i’m trying so hard to fix it and   clean it and yeah though i’m trying to fix the  eyeliner and actually it turned out okay i think so for the mascara i’m using i didn’t curl  my lashes because i already have long lashes   so i didn’t want them to be really  like curly so i just use the mascara   and it’s also from kiku it’s my best mascara the  only thing that it’s not really stained that mean   when you touch it it can move so whenever i  put this i try to not touch my eyes that much   and for the last step is i’m using the blush it’s  also from kiko it’s a it looks like but it’s not   it’s really a not heavy color and guys which  theme are you um teams your jean i’m not why but   i he looks the same as his character in the  web and so you’re really my favorite one and   yeah now i’m using the plush to  finish the book and also how was your   i mean did you like it drama uh me personally  uh it’s kinda love hate relationship because   i mean it’s a little bit screamy but  not that much people this is so cringy   for me it’s not that cringy i like it  because i love like high school and   dramas and films this kind of things is my  favorite to watch so i really like it to be honest   no one cares about me i’m so lonely oh


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