Home Makeup Tutorials trying out qibest cosmetics ♡ affordable makeup but looks high-end! ✨💰

trying out qibest cosmetics ♡ affordable makeup but looks high-end! ✨💰

trying out qibest cosmetics ♡ affordable makeup but looks high-end! ✨💰

hi guys it’s aji so for today’s video i’m going to  show you guys how i achieved this look using key   best cosmetics cuba’s cosmetics actually sent  me a lot a lot of items to try out and review   so yeah this is going to be a two-part video the  first part is this one me trying out a lot of   their items and the second part is going to be me  swatching their patron saint lip velvet lipsticks   so yeah i think the patron saint video is  going to be the first one to get uploaded   so if you’re watching this video go watch  that one next and yeah if you want to see   how i played with keepass cosmetics makeup and  how i achieve this look then just keep watching we have a small guest here hindisha welcome  okay we don’t like her in the group but she’s staying so he best did not send me any brow  product let me go and put on some brows and then   we’ll test this out we’re going  to kill it all right now um but we’re dealing with it um i’m  using the national concealer later but   i’m going to try out this um ki best eyebrow  cream and this is in the shade zero to chocolate   when you open it up melancholy  inside so let’s test it out on this eyebrow so i guess it works let’s do the other brow toyencha um i don’t it’s okay it  performs okay however ask someone like it’s not full um i don’t  really see this benefiting me at all   i wouldn’t really go out of my way to buy it i’m  happy that i got it in pr so young i’m going to   conceal my brows off cam using this ki best  concealer and can i just say that no notice   at least for their regular products  it’s like you frosted this off-white cap   foil metallic now branding i like it um but before  that they also sent me their repair lip cream   so vanilla lip balm you can also use it as a  lip primer oh my candisha oh my god i’m going   to leave it on my lips and then proceed to um  clean up my brows using this key best concealer   so again that is the brow concealed and um prep  next we are going to move on with the foundation   foundation the long foundation actually  i think both of these are mattes it’s hard to get out to get it out of the box i haven’t tried either of these on my face but   based on the swatches that i did  napan synchronous full coverage though   so yeah and i got mine in the shade zero  four nude i think on the longer shade this   long foundation is aligned at all just to  show you guys the foundation is really thick   by itself and it didn’t swatch yeah i think i think it will be okay for my face it  looks really yellow on camera pero um in real   life it is coming off a little more pinkish  orangish but we’ll have to see it on my face oh it’s pulling a little bit more pale or neutral   so we’re just so far i can already  tell now oh it does dry matte it’s   at least a sami map as of now hindi  gopas are going to be beginning   but yeah in terms of coverage i would say it’s  a very medium it’s a good medium on the coverage   scale i was pretty sure that zero four would match  me though so i think be careful with picking what   color you want so i got my face i’m liking the  coverage so far and um as for this side like   mattifying the holder is not really transferring  bad on my finger either um i want to build this up so yeah that’s how my face is looking  like it’s definitely buildable   but i’m still seeing the pigments on my skin so yeah um that’s how the skin is looking like  before we apply concealer i think i want to apply   a contour first ki best sent me  this shadow contour stick although   patna mancha i don’t know why they would  call it a stick but this is how it looks like   i got this in zero to wheat color i’m going  to use this brush to apply the cream contour i’m using my eye magic blending  sponge to blend this out yeah it’s it’s okay naman it’s easy to blend   it looks muddy on camera but that’s  just maybe my blending skills   it does add a little bit of color  to the face i really like you like i feel like if you’re better at  applying cream contours than me you   can probably make this a no makeup makeup item um please ignore for now let’s apply the concealer   i really like the concealer i  think i’m gonna know color yeah   if they had this shade in a foundation  i would really really buy it i think you have to work a little a little quicker   if you want to use this as a concealer because  as you can see you know measurement blend sent me two of their cream blushes soy ancilla on this side this is the zero six  songbird and this is zero three telling glue   you know what let’s go dark i’m  going for the zero six songbird   the color is very sheer it adds  color naman to the face though so   major sheer long cigaring formulation yeah i like it i like how the foundation is  setting and how the other complexion   products are working with it i’m going  to finish up the rest of my contour   especially on my nose and i’ll be right  back so yeah now that everything’s done   and contoured i’m going to set my face  using this translucent um setting powder first of all cute packaging i’m adorable long so there um my complexion part is  done next we shall move on to the eyes   key best actually sent me three of their  eyeshadow palettes i think it didn’t fit on planet   lionel eyeshadow thing from planet so i got  venus i got jupiter and i got mars um i’ve   been playing with mars for a few days now  so i think this is the one i’m going to use   i’m probably going to speed through it if you want  to see a review on the key best eyeshadow palettes   leave a comment down below or give this video a  like so i know so at a mars palette super cute   clear to see through long i already removed   mirror this is how the palette looks like  super cute purple brown and gold toned   use shade 2 all over the lids, up to the brow bone.

shade 4 on the lids. shade 9 on the inner and outer v of the eyes shade 3 on the center of the lids. glitter shade 8 on top of the shimmer shade 3. intensify inner and outer corner using shade 13 so again um i’ve already done the under  eye part as well as the eyeliner on   intensify shade number 9 on the inner and outer corner.

this is how it looks like it’s very black very  pigmented um in terms of pigment or application so   this is a yes for me i am now going to do the  rest of my face because in sahana hunter palettes   or anything like that and to avoid this video  dragging on so long i’m going to do the rest   of my face off cam and come back hi so yeah i’m  back i noticed that the foundation was sitting   very good on top of my face um nothing’s caking or  transferring or anything of course i can still see   some of the dark spots but that can’t be helped  yeah so anyway um before we move on to the last   step let me remove this repair the one i put on  a while ago do i think it works yeah um i had to   reapply it once though because it my lips  started feeling dry and so i had to reapply   it again but overall yeah it’s good it’s kind  of like a lip balm for the lipstick i’m going   to use this ki best lip gloss i think this  is one of their like um best selling products   i got mine in zero eight better off i think  this is e brownish color i usually go for like   brown it’s a little hmm it’s a little  orange um that’s how it’s looking like so that’s the color um i don’t know how it’s  looking like on cam because in real life it’s   very orange with a tinge of red maybe a little  brown but that’s that’s really all i’m getting   um let me fix my hair um touch up a few things  on my face and i’ll be back for my thoughts so this is the final face very cute um because  of the lipstick it kind of pulled a little more   orange the whole look is like gravitating  towards the color orange rather than purple   but yeah um overall i think you best as a brand  is like doing really good when i told my best   friend i was going to do a video about key best  she was like what she’s never heard of the brand   and i personally have never either before um  until i started like going through shopping and   finding out brands i’m kind of mad that i slept on  the brand because they have really good products   personally the foundation i wouldn’t repurchase  some of their stuff are kind of redundant i found   a lot of my holy grail items in different brands  however for what i would repurchase and what i   would highly highly recommend to you guys is  their cream contour their concealer and their   eyeshadow palettes i like most of their complexion  products i’ve personally never been so impressed   with a brand’s entire kind of category pero  you categorical similar for the face like   foundation dried matte although it wasn’t  really high coverage it gave me enough coverage   to the point that i can fix it with concealer  so i like their oil control foundation their   blushes were very sheer but buildable their  eyeshadow palettes are very very pigmented   also the color scheme of each palette as well  as the packaging is very nice but yeah there’s   not really an item that i disliked from the  things that they sent me but yeah overall i   did like the brand i did like how it looks  on my face i personally think this look   pulled through so that’s it thank you guys so  much for watching if you like this video make   sure to give it a thumbs up and if you’re like me  make sure to follow me on all of my social medias   and if you want to see more content like this then  make sure you’re subscribed to my channel comment   down below what item you liked from this video  and i’ll see you guys in my next video bye you


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