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Tutorial: Hunter Schafer Models 3 Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks

Tutorial: Hunter Schafer Models 3 Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks

– Hi, my name is Nina Park and I’m a makeup artist. – I’m Hunter, I’m here at Cosmo today, and we’re playin’ with eyes. (synthesizer music) (lively music) – The first look that we’re doing is more focused on the inner and outer corner as well as a little below the eye.

We’re gonna use really soft, muted colors. So I’m using a creamy, green, but instead of going straight in I really want it to be a light wash. So I’m gonna work it in with this brush to make sure I have the right opacity.

I’m using a smaller taper brush to really focus on this inner corner and have control as to how much and how much space I wanna put the green on. (lively music) – I don’t wear makeup. Part of why I don’t wear makeup is ’cause I’m lazy.

I think being a model for a year kind of got me used to just walking around with nothing on my face ’cause that’s the industry standard. – I’m just using the same brush and whatever’s left on my brush.

I’m just going to drag it along the bottom lash line. – I don’t really have a skin care routine aside from moisturizing. Usually, I just shower my makeup off when I get home and then put a little moisturizer on and go to bed.

(lively music) The “Euphoria” makeup looks are different for every character. And for Jules in particular I think it’s about expressing a particular mood. – And then I’m just going to pop kind of like a metallic shimmer just in the corner to open it up.

(upbeat disco music) I’m using a brush that a little tapered to really focus on the area and then kind of circling it around to diffuse it. (upbeat disco music) I feel like you need to rock this look.

It’s really cute. – Thank you. – [Nina] Oh, you’re welcome. – Well, we can wear her out today. – What’s her name? – Huh? – What’s her name? What’s this look’s name? – Oh, wait, I haven’t seen her. Oo.

Gartrush. (upbeat disco music) – I’m just going in with a mid-tone. Just to put a little bit on the crease but keeping the center area open to really get the inner and outer accentuated. (upbeat disco music) – That was pretty quick, too.

– One down. – Woo! (thumping bass music) – We’re gonna do a watercolory, washes, just bright colors, muted colors together. So, I have this teal paint that I’m really going to move around to get the sheerest amount.

And just straight on the lid. (lighthearted music) I’m using my fingers to really warm up the product so it comes off as a nice wash to the eye. (lighthearted music) – The time it takes to create the look really depends on which look it is.

In episode six there’s gold flakes all over her face and so that look took, I wanna say, like almost an hour and a half. They were like picking out the individual sizes of each flake to make sure it lined up right, you know? You haven’t seen my favorite look that Jules wears yet.

– I’m basically just kinda creating the canvas of creating washes and emphasizing on the teal in the middle with the orange and now I’m gonna go in with some pink and create a underwash on the bottom here.

I’m using more pointy or taper brushes to really get in and get an exact placement of each color. (lighthearted music) There’s no real formula to placements so you can really add and put it in wherever you want.

(lighthearted music) I’ve always loved cream because it’s easier to work with and blend in with your fingers or a brush. And I think it just looks the most… I think it’s the most flattering than powdery shadows all over.

(lighthearted music) – I think it’s pretty cool. It’s like watercolors. – Just to intensify the teal in the center I’m gonna go in with a teal eye shadow that’s matte. (lighthearted music) This is great, too, because it shows different variations of the teal.

I’m gonna go in with some orange. Just kinda pop it in. I’m just kinda goin’ for it. I think that all these kind of tones work together so it’s really however you’re feeling. I know that I wanna create like a high blush here so that’s why I dragged the pink out.

But everything else you can have fun with it. I think for the blush, I’m gonna go in with a tapered blending eyeshadow brush. ‘Cause I really wanna, have you face this way, really wanna taper it down and drop it on the high points of the cheeks.

(lighthearted music) What I like about this look is it’s really buildable so you can really get the intensity that you want or keep it super soft. It’s like “Rainbow Fish”. – Love that book! – Me, too! Last thing, I’m just gonna go in with a nice illuminator, highlighter that’s kinda greasier.

Close. And I’m just gonna pop that right in the inner corner. (upbeat music) – It’s fun. – It’s fun. (synthesizer music) – Okay, for our last look we’re gonna do a lavender eye. Just do it all over the lid, make it super shiny and glossy? What do you think? – I think yes.

I admire Kelsey Lu’s makeup. She has fun with it and I think it reminds me a lot of what we do with Jules. – [Nina] So, I’m just using the lavender. I mixed three colors to get the perfect lavender hue.

And then I’m just kind of putting it straight in the center. And then we’re gonna buff out the edges with a clean buffy brush. (lighthearted music) And just with a pencil brush smudging it along the bottom lash line.

(lighthearted music) (lively music) And I’m just gonna go with clear gloss. It’s got a texture like honey so the way that it sits on the eye is just glazed. It’s basically like a lip gloss but you could use it on your eyes, cheeks, and lips.

For putting gloss on the brush I use is a tapered synthetic brush. And I like it because it fits right into the hollows of the crease. And I’m just tapping it on. I’m just gonna add a little bit to the inner corner.

I wish glossy lids were life-proof, you know? – Life-proof in that the gloss wouldn’t leave? – Yeah, it would just stay on for more than, like, 10 minutes. – Same thing with lip gloss. (lively music) (thumping bass music) Thanks for watching.

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