Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. So today I’m gonna be doing a bronze makeup tutorial I cannot believe I went the whole summer without doing a bronze makeup tutorial You guys already know I love bronze We all love bronze looks you know So I wanted to spice it up a little bit with a really fun inner corner highlight and I was really really inspired by This makeup look that makeup by RL did on Shay Mitchell I just fell in love with this eye makeup and the lip color and everything.

It’s a bronze eye. He did more of like a wash of bronze over the lids and then almost I would say like a yellowy lime colored inner corner highlight with obviously a very dramatic wing I was really inspired by this look, but I kind of wanted to add my own twist to the look as well So this is what I came up with.

So if you are excited for this video then just keep watching don’t forget to subscribe before we hop in and So I’m gonna start off with this new product I’m testing it out right now so it’s the bare minerals complexion rescue defense this is a Radiant protective veil what? I think it’s cool about it is that it’s actually supposed to protect your skin from all forms of UV radiation even like blue lights So that is basically what comes out of like laptop cell phones stuff like that stuff that I’m on all the time So wouldn’t that be crazy if you actually got skin damage from your cell phone, it’s not that crazy because it happens so I just thought this was cool to kind of Protect your skin even further but on top of that when I have been using it and testing it out It actually makes such a great base for my makeup.

So it’s kind of like the primer to my primer That’s how I’ve been using it and it makes my skin look so much smoother than it Does in real life? We are protected now So I’m gonna go in with my primer and I’m gonna be using the Catrice cosmetics light correcting serum primer in the shade sunlight So this tutorial I really want to be super glowy super bronzy.

It’s gonna be a whole vibe. This is my first Bronze makeup tutorial of the year like I didn’t do one over the summer, which is crazy This primer, even though it goes on very light it actually leaves your face super tacky So that is good because then foundation and concealer and everything, you’re gonna put on top will actually stick down to it But it gives you almost like I would say like a metallic glow we’re gonna do brows really quickly I’ve been doing the easiest brow routine you guys I’ve honestly only been filling in like this bottom section and then brushing everything up and I just find that that Creates the prettiest full but natural looking brows for me.

So I’ve really really been liking doing this and today I’m using the Lancome brow define pencil and dark brown. I do find that this technique has been working better with pencils. Generally speaking So next up I’m gonna be trying out the new benefit brow contour Pro and I’m just gonna try out the definer you can see I already started but I do think this was a pretty cool concept because in this pencil you get a darker shade a lighter shade a Highlighter and a definer and it’s pretty cool because it’s like the Pens that we have and we were kids You know that kind of you could get different colors.

Yeah use that to really define the brow bone I’m just gonna blend that out with a little toothbrush brush You always want to Go in with brow as well. So this is actually my favorite one the 24-hour brow setter from benefit.

I love the wand It’s very thin and the bristles are really easy to like lock onto your hairs and just brush them up But it doesn’t add fibers or thickness. That’s something that I don’t really like in my brow gels.

Alright, so next up I’m gonna use the iconic London prep set and glow this is another product. Actually that I’ve been testing out I feel like I have a lot of new products or products I have been testing out in this tutorial just because I’ve been trying a lot of new products lately so this is one of them like I said, and I’m gonna use this actually to prep the skin underneath the foundation it leaves you with a really nice like Radiant glow and I feel like it does definitely make a difference in the finished look because you have that glow underneath as your base It really takes a while to dry though My skin is like terrible these days.

Actually it was getting a lot better But you know what the problem was I picked at it and somebody once told me that when you pick at your skin bacteria actually Transfers through like your veins and will go to other parts of your face causing more breakouts So don’t pick at your skin kids.

But anyways for a foundation, we need full coverage because of these breakouts going on right now So I’m gonna use the Mac Studio Fix fluid SPF 15. This is such a edgy foundation for me It’s kind of like one of those foundations that I always turn to and I know that it’s gonna work So I’m just gonna go in and apply that with my Sigma 3d HD mask kabuki This was nice because it actually has a really big surface area on it It can apply the foundation quickly And then I’ll usually go back in with a blender and just kind of do the finishing touches and make sure it looks super Flawless with my blender make sure it’s bounced into the skin nicely This is actually a really good way to get extra extra coverage If you are having breakouts or if you have discoloration that you want to cover because you’re doing it in thin layers So it’s never gonna look cakey each layer is going to lay on top of the previous layer very thin and flat So we are going to let the foundation sit a little bit and I know that the coloring looks slightly off But don’t worry once we’re done.

It’s gonna look good to go. And I do feel like this foundation Does oxidize a little bit in the sense of it? Somehow like whenever I apply it I know that it looks a little crazy and then it tends like neutralized out So don’t come for me don’t at me for this discoloration right now So I’m gonna go ahead and prime my eyelids with the Mac soft ochre Paint Pot and I’m just going to make a thin layer and you just want to set that down with a face powder so this has been one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes lately, especially for bronze looks you can see why warm Toasty bronze really really pretty palette great formulas too.

So this is from melt cosmetics and it’s the 27 palette. So I Today don’t want it to be to warm I don’t think I’m gonna start off with the shade naked sleep And first off it is on the warm side, but it’s a little bit more neutral I would say so I’m gonna start off with that in the crease on a Sigma diffuse crease 838 this is like my perfect transition shade it is so So pretty if you just like to do like warm tones or bronze looks in general.

It’s such a nice palette mmm, so in the picture Shay’s makeup is a Little bit more just like a wash of bronze. I’m gonna do my own little twist and do Slightly more of a defined look, but definitely still this vibe because I really really liked that makeup Look, it was so pretty when I saw it like, you know when you have to do a double-take, you’re like scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and then you’re like Whoa, hold up next up I’m going to take this shade right here that’s called thick and place that into the crease on a slightly smaller brush So this is the Sigma blending e 25 you can see it has a really really thin precise shape to the bristles So this is gonna give us that precision That we need to get a defined crease going is actually one of my favorite brushes To use for this step because it just gets the crease going really really nicely and then you can go in and blend it out Afterwards if you need it to be slightly more diffused but just packing on that color is really important because it’s easier to diffuse it out afterwards rather than Have to continue to work and work and work to get it on there.

Then I’m taking that E38 that we used before I’m just kind of pressing the pigment up to diffuse that line then you actually also want to take a deep brown on the exact same brush and I’m using the soft glam palette for this step the Cypress umber shade right here But you could use any deep Brown that you have on hand, honestly because you’re just gonna do the exact same thing and deepen up this outer corner and Use the point of the brush to again create that almost cut crease shape I’m telling you this brush is bomb since we’ve already kind of diffused the other color up.

It starts to create a beautiful Gradient and it’s super easy to do I think I am go in with a little bit of that soft ochre Paint Pot and Just define the bottom section a little bit more actually didn’t know like exactly where I was gonna take this look I just knew that I wanted it to be inspired by the work that makeup by arielle did sir? We’re going a little bit of a different direction.

So I’m taking soft ochre on a flat brush This is the concealer f75 from Sigma and I’m just gonna create a more defined crease I know this is really bad to do but sometimes I need to flatten out my eyelid And boom You got a fine crease going on now.

I want to go in with a really Pigmented and buttery gold shade and again, you can use anything that you have on hand for me This is what I’m going to be using. It’s one of my favorite gold to use So it’s from dose of colors and it’s their block party eyeshadow and it’s in the shade heart of gold these have an amazing amazing formula like they feel so nice on the skin and they almost have like Reflex and then that make them even more You know They make them have a little more umph to them than like your typical gold shadow it almost I would say is like a mix Between a cream and a metallic shadow, so it’s a really really really nice formula So I’m gonna take that on the same brush, but I’m gonna spray it with my settings break Oh, I can’t wait for this you guys I’m just gonna go alright It’s getting real nice and bronzed up here.

I’m gonna go in and curl my lashes And then also add on some mascara this looks so pretty with the background This is the L’Oreal voluminous lash paradise You don’t want to do this after you’ve already? applied your lashes Because then it will get on the lashes and then your lashes won’t last as long like I’m able to use my lashes so many Times and make them so worth the money I don’t usually get mascara on them and I take really good care of them.

Like I always put them back into the box So that they maintain their shape then I’m just gonna go ahead and apply some lashes now and these are House of lashes iconic already prepped them with so that I’ll just be ready to go because you do have to wait until it gets tacky so that you can put your lashes on with ease and then for the underlining area I’m gonna use the Sigma Beauty long where I let our pencil there’s actually my favorite to use for this step because it Is a twist up one so you don’t have to like worry about sharpening it which I find is really important for this Underneath part just because if it’s not sharp and you get that wood chip in your eye, it is not fun Bronze and kind of smoky actually, that’s where it’s going.

Okay, so we are kind of done with the upper eye area I’m going to move back to the face finish that off and then So I’m gonna go in and brighten up my under-eye area with the Becca cosmetics under eye brightener You just want to do a thin layer right where those divots are if you have those like I do this Has still been my favorite brightening product just because it’s a little thicker than most of the others that I’ve tried so it really does kind of like fill in that area and almost Work to flatten things out wall color correcting.

Okay. So for concealer, I’m using the NARS a natural radiant creamy concealer My all-time faves, I’m just gonna go down the row face you guys no concealer by now Then I’m gonna go in and set the under eyes with my Lancome long time.

No shine loose setting and mattifying powder And I’m actually going to apply it with the little puff I went to a Masterclass with Laura Mercier and makeup by Mario and he did this actually he was baking with a puff So we’re gonna try it out today.

It looked really pretty when he did it and I have never Done this before because I always usually use a sponge so this will be interesting to see if this works for me. Definitely So I used that matte setting powder underneath the eyes But for the rest of the face m├írio actually used a new product from Laura Mercier So this is the translucent loose setting powder glow so it actually has some radiance in it so I’m actually gonna try it out again in this video and Use the same method a little puff here and this one he was kind of like rolling into the cheeks Or actually the face in general so he did not recommend using it underneath the eye So that’s why I went in with something.

That was mat under there Oh See what I was saying it neutralizes out we are good we’re duty So we’re gonna add some bronze add some warmth back into the face This is from Oprah cosmetics, and it’s called the on the glow palette So I’m gonna take this guy up here, which is their americano a bronzer That’s the shade name and I’m gonna use that to warm up the face I love the effect of that Laura Mercier powder because it already gave us like this almost like all-over sheen to the skin even though It’s set.

I’m just gonna add on some Contour to the nose using my face powder from Mac This is the Studio Fix in NC 43 the best way to add contour to your nose because it just looks so natural We are actually gonna add on a little bit more glow because I want to feel like a bronze goddess after this look Okay, that’s what I’m going for.

So I am gonna be using the gold deposit mineralized skinfinish This is actually a highlighter but it’s a very light higher because it is a mineral product We’re gonna take that on a super fluffy brush.

You want to use a brush that has this kind of Bristle movement to it. Just super fluffy super flexible this is the Mac one 3 7 s and I’m gonna lightly dust over the product and then go in and dust over the areas that we put our bronzer down and this is gonna give us again that beautiful all-over glow We already started with the Laura Mercier product But we are just really taking it up a notch in this tutorial once we were looking bronzed and beautiful I’m actually gonna go in with my actual highlighter So this is the beaming part that we’re gonna place right on the tip of the cheekbone and then blend it backwards So I’m gonna try out this one.

This is from the j.lo and Inglot collection, and it’s called it living the highlight Oh, this looks like it’s going to be so pretty I’m honestly so excited right now because we already have that base down of all those shear highlights this we can just really deposit right on to the high points of the face and then I like to kind of wipe off my brush because we already have Those sheer ones down and then kind of blend backwards cuz we do not want like a stripe of highlight We just want to blind someone right from the cheekbone.

You can even take that fluffy brush and kind of whisk over it So that it all blends together really nicely too. You don’t want too much because this is a very very Blinding highlight, but I’m gonna take just a little bit to match the other high points of the face but again You really want to wipe off your brush and just use whatever’s left because you don’t want to add too much to that area actually The chin on the other hand you guys know, I love a good chin highlight.

So we’re gonna go down there and Just the tiniest bit right in the middle of the nose and then use your finger to Blend it up and down. I don’t like to apply too much Glittery highlight or shimmery highlight even to the nose because I don’t want it to look like I have just like a line of Shimmer or highlight or whatever you want to call it you guys I almost forgot the most exciting part of this whole tutorial and the reason why That picture inspired me so much is because of this inner corner highlight I died when I saw that honestly, it’s so so beautiful.

I think I’m gonna go with green I am feeling it. I want something bright to just kind of tie it together, obviously You don’t have to do this step You could totally just use a normal inner corner highlight or even like the highlight that you used on your cheek bone But I just want to switch it up.

Okay, I’m gonna clean off my brush First just so that this is a really good cleanser, by the way, I put it into like I’ll just a travel size But it’s the cinema secrets instant brush cleaner I believe it’s called.

I’ll link it down below for you guys with all the other products because it’s a really good one if you are on sets or if you’re a working makeup artist to just be able to clean off your Brushes super quick or if you just like to play with a lot of different colors And you don’t want the colors to mix together really really good product because look how clean it is now Okay, let’s dig into my little bag of I’m debating between these three pigments.

I definitely want a green tone this one is old gold and then I have chartreuse and Golden olive maybe I’ll mix together these two because I want it to be like neon green The only thing about pigments is that I’m so clumsy that I always spill Everything out and it’s not fun to clean up, but I love mac pigments Honestly again, I like to take it and mix the product on the back of my hand Just so I know what I’m getting into so I don’t mess up what I’ve done so far.

This can be really pretty you guys Okay, I’m gonna go for it a little bit of chartreuse Gold Pack those together to create unique shade You definitely want to go in and clean your brush off again if you do what I just did and Try to create your own shade.

If I ever come out with a palette mark my words there will be a beautiful neon green Yes, honey. It’s coming together I’m just gonna take a different brush and kind of blend this out a little bit better really like this green shade, actually a Little bit more.

There you go. We got that green on there I’m really really liking how this is turning out so so pretty but I go to the grocery store like this Yes, when I go to the post office like this. Yes when I go to the gas station like this Yes, would I go into the movie theater like this? Yes, because no one will even see you in the movie theatre sometimes I go to the movie theater like Most of the time actually I go to the movie theater literally no makeup sweatpants hair in a bun.

No one go See you you’re good. It’s just turn into another Hawk video. I’m gonna go in and just Smoke out this bottom lashline a little bit and I’m using a scone smoky brush. You just want to connect it I think I am gonna add just a slight bit of liner I’m gonna use this one roach from urban decay.

It’s a nice bronzy liner. So I’m gonna use that just to line the boom I’m going to add on a little bit of warm soul blush so you can see that all of the face products that I’ve been using have this sort of Sheen to them that is going to Give us a continuous all-over glow.

I’m gonna use this to blend out that highlighter just a little bit more as well It’s super subtle, especially for my skin tone If you are a little bit more fair, then this will actually show up more but for me for my skin tone It’s just very very subtle moving on to the lips for lip liner, I’m using my teeny-weeny back lip pencil in stripped down This is my favorite lip pencil as you can tell it’s really really nice for any nude Honestly, you know, I love those brown nudes.

So this is like the perfect Brown lip liner then for my lipstick I’m gonna be using the makeup Shayla and color pop collaboration quickie lipstick It’s a really really nice nude has a bit more of a peachy undertone, but it pairs so nicely with stripped down, honestly I’m gonna use it to like blend out the lip liner, too And then we have to add a gloss on to really get that glow going So this is another product from the j.

lo and Inglot collection. It’s the gloss in Goldy lips I’m so pretty and last step Urban Decay all nighter I’ve been Stuff Really does make your makeup last all day long. It’s like insane Are you guys so this is our finished look, hopefully you guys like this tutorial I had a lot of fun with it, even though it is a bronze Look, I feel like you can still get kind of creative with bronze looks and honestly I live for this inner corner highlight So make sure to give this video a thumbs up If you liked it comment down below if you have any requests or maybe even other celebrity inspired looks anything You guys want to see comment down below and make sure to hit that subscribe button If you do want to be subscribed to my videos and I will see you in my next one Oh we’re rolling In francesc Mancha, I think this is the best I’ve ever looked So Wow, I’m good, I’m good You


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