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UNEDITED Makeup Tutorial

hi guys so I just watched James Charles no edit makeup tutorial and he was like everyone’s been asking me to do this for years and no one in the history of time has ever asked me to do this and so I’m gonna do it so I’m gonna do no edits makeup tutorial because I just want you guys to see the difference between someone who is as talented as James and someone who is me doing a makeup tutorial so Hugh and there is like entire process of what he does to put on makeup and I was like he’s so good but also oh my god it takes so long like that must be exhausting and so I just want to show you what it looks like for a young mom and what makeup in the morning is like for me so normally first of all this is not my typical setup normally I am on my son’s bedroom floor in the morning and chasing him as he grabs different things for my makeup bag and runs away or opens them and ruins them so it’s typically how my morning makeup routine goes but my wonderful husband just took my son on a walk so I get to have a little bit of time and usually during this time I work and so I’m in my office right now at my computer and so this is the other location where I do my makeup I never do my makeup in the bathroom it’s always on the floor with my kid or at my office desk well I have like 30 minutes to work I’ll be like I can work and do my maybe the same time really quickly so I also am eating my breakfast right now which is a bravi oh I’m just looking my best mom life so first of all I wouldn’t say oh no eating when you can’t edit is a horrible idea because now all I can think about was how I’m chewing on camera and if you guys can hear me chewing but this is really good so I kind of don’t care um first of all I want to say I loved James video I loved him he’s always been such a sweet friend to me he’s always been supportive and kind um you know I just really love him I mean it’s a sweetheart and Heinzman MF and uh for many a year there are photos of him somewhere on the internet coming to a Myranda shown that I can’t find but I found one where he’s like wearing around his shirt and he’s really really young but apparently there’s one of him and me together at a Miranda show I can’t find anywhere anyway he’s amazing this definitely had floaties in it because my son drink out of it this morning all right here we go this is what I do for my makeup obviously you can tell don’t wear anything right now I’m still my pajamas this is a nursing tank top so how this works is hopefully I don’t give you a nip slip right now because clearly I’m not doing any edits but this thing snaps and this gets pulled down and then I can just feed my kid without having to take off my shirt or whatever so it’s pretty incredible I’m a big fan of nursing tank tops even though I’m at the end of my nursing journey with my son where he barely ever nurses anymore but I’ve been wearing these for over a year now so I still write in the bed every night all right this is my makeup bag this is it okay now I don’t use too many products because I don’t have time to use too many products because I have a one-year-old but even before I had a one-year-old I had a pretty simple makeup routine I did used to put on a lot of like eyeshadows or attempt to eyeliner thing like things like that there is no time for that garbage anymore I even started recently trying to use primer because I recently talked about how I think primer is useless and a bunch of you all came for me and said like no it actually works and so I started using it and I still don’t think it does anything but anyway yeah let’s get started so I’m not gonna put my screws around my face I only do that if I like really feel I need it like really super dry skin which I do have today but I don’t care I dump out all my stuff whatever surface is near and then home and I drop my eyebrow pencil oh all right so I have this big sponge that is extremely dirty I got on Amazon and I didn’t know it was this big you’re supposed to wet these and sometimes I do but usually I don’t because usually I don’t have time so I’m not gonna do that today I don’t be fake for you guys I’m gonna do it how I do it I’m using NARS sheer glow light 5 which is not my color right now but it’s what I have so I put it on right here what is this part of your hand called literally what’s that part of your hand called like I don’t know it’s just like the spot where my makeup goes I get my little Studio Fix mirror and I dab II dad and I dab it up so this using a Beauty Blender right now it’s kind of pointless cuz it’s dry so this is like really stupid but this is what I do when you usually I’m doing this I’m going Flynn stop Flynn bring that back Flynn come here wait no don’t touch that Flynn come here come here Flynn Flynn stop it Flynn come here thank you good boy that’s usually what I’m saying the whole time and I’m going as fast as I can and usually not even really watching what I’m doing because I have to get to my son so the reason I thought this would be interesting to do is because I watched James oh by the way I still have makeup on from yesterday like I can see mascara clumped in my eyelashes still from yesterday didn’t take it off ok um James is so talented and so great I wanted to show you that some people don’t take an hour to put on makeup dang I got too much um foundation going on my hands I’m gonna have to waste it which is super annoying so I also used to put on like concealer and stuff but I usually don’t have time for that or it’ll be lost and I just kind of have to use whatever products that can find so I usually just pile on foundation this foundation is pretty buildable I am looking for a new foundation but I hate that process because foundation is so freakin expensive and I don’t want to spend $40 when a new foundation and not be sure if it matches my skin and then also not be sure if I’m gonna like it so it’s really frustrating and so I’ve just been using this kind of foundation literally for years and I don’t even like it it’s just like what I know ok so that’s basically good I don’t know I think I’m already doing it more than I usually do so I should stop my eyebrows are atrocious quarantine has not done me well if my eyebrows guys it’s me it is not a good luck ok it’s really weird I will say um James offense it is really weird to film I know you can’t edit anything only because not I don’t have the same problem as James where he’s like I have to say things over and over and over and over and over again until I say them right I don’t do that but I do in my head I added a lot of my videos me and my best friend Cory we heard the two that edit my videos and usually when I’m filming I go oh I know how I want to edit this I want to do a cut here and I want to put this on the screen here so to know that I can’t do that is like frustrating and it makes me start to doubt myself as I’m talking I’m like oh no this is gonna be so boring because I can’t do any of these cuts anyway see I would cut that entire conversation out because that was relentless I have concealer today usually I skip this so I feel like maybe I should skip it but whatever I have it so I found it you know like yes this isn’t the shade light neutral which I’m positive is the wrong shade I’m just going to be putting it I mean I guess people put it under their eyes but I feel like it never makes a difference for me so this is really pointless okay here we go under the eyeballs this is adding a step guys I’m adding a step to my routine for you okay and it didn’t even do anything like why did I even do that was so pointless okay there we go now I put this on most people put pressed powder on after this but this is Studio Fix this is essentially some people consider it like an actual foundation I use this I’ve used it for years if you’ve been watching me long enough gosh the stache is coming back this video is revealing a lot of secrets about me because usually I’m doing this so fast to try to catch my kid or to get back to work but I don’t really paid that close of attention and I’m not really looking in the mirror I’m just kind of like singing make sure I put it in the right spots but right now I’m like seeing that my eyebrows are so terrifying and my little mustache is growing back not there’s nothing wrong with having a moustache facial hair you do you girl have your arm – here have your laettner normal eyes girls having body hair that’s what I want to say because me personally I just I don’t like the feeling of hair I just I don’t and I don’t like hair and so I get rid of it for me personally but I also think it’s beautiful when girls have it so when girls don’t shave their legs or don’t shave their armpits I am so for that because I think it is crazy when girls don’t shave their legs or their armpits and people say you that’s disgusting because you know who doesn’t shave their legs and armpits and no one says a word boys no one thinks it’s disgusting that boys have leg hair and armpit hair why is it disgusting of girls have it the answer is it’s not disgusting period you can have hair if you want your hair girl grow your freaking hair braid your armpit hair I don’t care do whatever you want you’re beautiful with hair and you’re beautiful without hair whatever you choose I’m looking in the viewfinder and seeing that my face does not match the rest of my skin I apologize for that anyway me personally I like to get rid of the hair and so I get rid of it and I can see that during this quarantine she has flourished and I need to deal with that anyway the next part of my routine is eyebrows this takes the longest I love the precisely my brow pencil by benefit I’ve tried so many different products and this is my favorite my eyebrows are a disaster right now so I’m not gonna show you a close what they look like I’ve always had issues with my eyebrows because I have naturally I always had in the past really bushy thick brows like unibrow and tense brows but in the 90s when I was growing up it was cool to pluck them extremely thin and this is a point in the video where I would typically put a picture on the screen of what eyebrows looked like back then but I’m not editing this so go look for yourself you can just Google eyebrows in the 90s and you will see the thinnest thinnest line it’s a lot of girls did that and I didn’t do that but a girl did it to me in high school I will never forget it you remember all those moments where someone like made you feel insecure about something on you and I was hanging out with these kids um I was 16 and I didn’t know much about makeup or fashion obviously it was a hot mess I still AM but I was a theater kid and I had just gotten the lead in the school musical and it was my first lead ever I was 16 I was really excited and the popular kids typically were like the leads and I was not that and so the popular kids finally decided to talk to me and hang out with me after two years almost three years of not speaking to me they were like okay we’ll talk to her now so I went to one of their houses and they’re all they’re hanging on talking I was really uncomfortable and one of these girls came up to me and she was like can I put your eyebrows and I was like sure she’s like cuz they’re really gross like they’re really thick and they need to be face and I was like sure and I was instantly insecure about my eyebrows and then she plucked them you guys to the heavens like they were like they’re probably four individual strands of hair on each brow she made him so thin because that was the style back then and it looked horrible and then you know she did it once and they never did it again obviously why would she continue to pluck my eyebrows so but I didn’t know how to do it and so then I tried to pluck my eyebrows after that trying to like fix what she had done thus became the sperm eyebrow I had spur eyebrows for many many many many years so sometimes those sperm are all screwed back but all that to say when you over pluck your eyebrows they don’t really ever grow back the same and so my eyebrows now are like really thick wiry coarse hair but they grow out really sparse so there’s like holes in my eyebrows and like they just won’t fully grow back it’s really annoying and this like I said takes longest so trying to go as fast as I can also like just you know I was saying like how this is gonna be way faster than James is because I don’t do all the steps he does whatever but it’s also going to be longer than it usually is for me because I’m talking and normally I’m just like trying to get my kid to stop running around but I’m not like talking anyone I’m not thinking really so this I think usually my makeup routine is about five minutes maybe 10 so how where am I oh it’s 14 minutes right now but he’s like the first five minutes of this video is just talking and oh god I just written these for us okay sorry thank you for letting me have a moment of silence to fix that well they don’t match but I don’t care so that’s my brow all right next thing I do is I will do my eyelashes so I used to put on eyeliner used to put some of my eyes I don’t do that anymore because I don’t time so now I just crawl my lashes really quickly and then I put on my gum so I know a lot of girls especially in LA have eyelash extensions I couldn’t never I rubbed my eyes all day long I’m constantly poking on my eyes itch in my eyes touching my eyes like there is no way on earth that I could have I think I would rip them out like there no it so today the mascara I have is 40 silk fiber mascara this is from Amazon I think I did an Amazon video with it it’s fine it’s not the best mascara in the world but it works I need like typically a really strong waterproof mascara because my eyes are leaky yeah um yeah it’s so weird to me that like now I like don’t even put on eyeliner anything like I literally just like throw mascara on and oh shoot just got everywhere um this you I there’s no way I would have like ever filmed something without like eyeliner on at least in the past I don’t even Baba no time for that come on I hate when eyelashes are like you know we’re going to stick together we’re best friends we don’t want to separate and I’m like girl you guys need space like in a a give her some space spread out no one wants you to be clumped you know okay autumn ashes doo-doo-doo wouldn’t get you there I’m almost done okay almost done now I use hoola bronzer to do and I have this brush that I’ve been using for years it’s very dirty I have never cleaned it and I just kind of go like oh I think I’ve seen people put it here I mean I think I’ve seen people put it here and I kind of like you know do this and I’ve seen people put it up here sometimes and I have a large and in charge forehead that I’m extremely insecure about so that’s why I put it up there because I feel like people say that that helps that so that’s that this will be gone within like I’d say 15 minutes because my kids like kiss my cheeks rub my face whatever I don’t see my blush which means my son stole it so I have my blush brush and when this happens I just hope that there’s still some leftover blush on this and I just rub really hard hoping some of the leftover residue blush will show up on my cheeks which luckily it looks like it might be working look at that leftover dirty blush from probably a few days ago still on this blush and now it’s on my cheeks so winning next I do my lips and that’s not um I’m using the pen Tina the shape patina still asilah I don’t have to say this this is a very close color match to my personal lipstick which is Daisy Mae I love this color any lip fitness color it’s like a rusty rosy pinky nude um my lipstick is like oh my kids back for his walk he’s screamin I gotta go okay put it on I like this one cuz it laughs it pretty good amount of time and yes I’m just rubbing it on with my fingers cuz it does come on pretty thick and I like I don’t wanna look like you know dolled up Oh gross I don’t don’t worry clean you don’t and then that’s a pretty drying stuff so I usually put on a chopstick over it this is Burt’s Bees honey so yeah tada and that’s it no highlight no finishing spray that’s me honey this is it I’m gonna go in here better lighting so this is what I look like that’s it it takes about five to ten minutes no edits honey this is me so I want to say thank you to James for the inspiration because I really love James’s video I thought it was really entertaining and I just adore him and so too I was like I want to do that because I want to show how a mom would do an unedited makeup tutorial yeah and honey this is it period look at my wee girl she’s looking flat today I need to do my hair also this quarantine everyone online is yelling at me to not cut bangs and I am so tempted to cut bangs I know they look bad on me I’ve had bangs in the past and they were so freaking ugly on me like I looked disgusting again this is where I’d pop a photo of it on the screen but just Google Colleen ballinger bangs it’s not a good look it looked so freakin terrible on me but I’m getting so insecure about my fault because I have a big forehead but I also have a lot of wrinkles as you can see I am the one human in Los Angeles who does not do Botox I’ve never had a single needle injected into my face of Botox filler obviously you can tell I don’t get facials like I don’t do nothing to my skin at all and I don’t because even though it naturally I like feeling insecure about it um I think I feel insecure about it because Society has taught me to feel insecure about it and I don’t think that’s fair I think girls and men should celebrate wrinkles and just your skin however girls like my skin buff like on my stomach is really stretchy because I had a baby and that’s cool and the wrinkles on my face are because I’m very expressive and I’m getting older and wiser and with age become and with age comes like wisdom and I think that’s cool and should be celebrated as opposed to like everyone going like you that’s disgusting like I think what and I’m not shaming at all people who do Botox and do what those interface I do not care I think everyone should do what they want to do and what makes them feel good that I’ve no issue with it and I don’t I like celebrate anyone who does that but I also celebrate people who don’t and I think that’s my point is that I want to be one of the people who doesn’t because there are a lot of examples of people who inject a lot of things into their face which is awesome and go for it live your life but I want to be someone who’s like hey that’s so cool and that’s beautiful when you do that and it’s also beautiful when you have wrinkles and spots on your skin and imperfections like that’s beautiful too so even though I’m insecure about it it’s something I’m trying to learn to love so that I can show people that you don’t have to have Botox and filler and surgeries to be beautiful both are beautiful it’s all beautiful anything you do for yourself to feel beautiful is beautiful but I think wrinkles should be normalized and not disgusting and the reason I feel that way is because over the years I’ve gotten thousands of comments talking about how disgusting my wrinkles are and how ugly they are and how I need Botox and instead of going like yeah they’re right I need it I want to go like no actually I want to show them they’re like this is beautiful too and maybe they’re saying those things because they feel insecure about those things and someone out there should be telling them like no this is pretty too so anyway I don’t know why I just went on that tangent but anyway so maybe I shouldn’t get bangs as the point of this I just learned a lesson here I want bangs to hide some that I’m just now going off on about how I want to show that it’s beautiful so maybe I just learned a lesson I’m gonna go hang out with my baby all right I love you guys go check out James’s video I’m sure you already have because you’re all definitely subscribed him because he’s like the most famous youtuber on the planet right now so go watch James I love you James I know you’re not watching this but I love you and I’m gonna go alright love you bye


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