Hello everybody today we’re doing another makeup video and this look was inspired by nikkietutorials who was inspired by Eric Sita and Nicole Tate was inspired by Trevor Jay Barrett and has sponsored by audible And I just realized that every time I get a sponsor for some reason I always think to myself Yeah, Taylor now is your time to shine with your makeup creativity skills You can really show those brands that you’re worth the money and I come up with these elaborate makeup ideas That I think I can handle and then I really regret it halfway through the video but here we go again and last time you guys really loved the makeup so Let’s try again with something.

I know basically nothing about and see what happens Because of all those inspiring people I mentioned and the recent trend of reverse makeup whether it be flipped upside down Inwardly reversed or just the procedure of putting on makeup reversed It’s been sort of trending for a while and a lot of people are doing it.

So I took all that and I thought What if I do this completely new idea About 75% original idea and I do an upside down reverse makeup whole face look Wow, I know what you’re thinking. We love an original content Queen, but then I thought I better double-check that on YouTube and But I’m gonna do it anyways because I bought a whole bunch of special-effects makeup and by that I mean I sent not only to find a bunch of special-effects makeup I got everything for her from the makeup store and It’s not like normal makeup.

It’s some special makeup artist makeup With like special makeup thing. I Totally don’t know what’s going to happen. But yeah, and here it is. So we’re gonna go for it therefore this video was inspired by nikkietutorials who was inspired by air Sita and Nicoya Tate was inspired by an Trevor J Baron also inspired by online kind and sponsored by audible Alright now we just gotta figure out what all of this is spirit gum Amazon Bay, I know what that is.

I Figured that This kit would be a good idea because it has a little bit of everything inside So it must have everything I need to make some sort of look Okay, so I think spirit gum is what makes things stick and then I can apply the wax on top and it will be stuff Okay know Simple and I need to remove my makeup from this morning since so many of you guys think I look so different without makeup I will be shape-shifting twice in this video So I’m starting with a completely clean face I didn’t apply any moisturizer on it because I’m worried that if I just apply it things are gonna slip off I’m gonna Begin by applying a glue stick to my eyebrows This is the first time I’ve ever done this Oh, some hair has already came out Is a good thing So I’ve done my fair share of eyebrow looks but I just use hair wax to get them into shape and I’ve actually never done any kind of special effects makeup, but I am definitely interested in it I really like watching it But I’ve never tried so this is a good thing because if I can succeed in doing this look If I can do it Then you can do it and if you can do it then this could be something good for you to try for a Halloween Costume idea.

I need to do my eyebrows in the shape more often. Look how thick they look right now Step 2 apply some translucent powder pull into the eyebrow. I Don’t think it’s book still look like a skub TV paint stick.

Oh It’s working guys this stick has good coverage apparently not only thinks I’m this color of skin So excited to see if it works Actually, I was always into art. I don’t know if I shared this with you before I think I have but My childhood had a lot of art into it.

I was I went to a lot of art classes I was really into sketching and and sculpting my mom actually has some Sculptures in our house. I’ll show you guys next Michael moment if they’re still there, but I made this really cute old lady I’ve always been obsessed with old people.

I like throwing them and sculpting them so I feel like this is a mixture of Painting and sculpting which I haven’t done for a long time because I gave it up when I was about This is gonna be fun, this is about this distance, so about here that’s where it’s gonna start So now I’m gonna take some white paint and just draw a highlight under the I’m going to use this dark purple color.

It’s gonna be my new eyelid upper eyelid. That’s my lower Smoke it downwards because that will be upwards I’m gonna add some of my Jill Stuart diamond snow glitter to the inside corners of my eyes I’m going to deepen the crease here just by adding a bit of dark brown It’s gonna be okay it needs to flake up here go down there I’m just gonna line my waterline with black and my Upper waterline with the beige like I normally would do on the bottom.

I Can never get my eyeliner to match But I remember a way when you couldn’t Get the exact shape of something if you’re trying to draw like a copy of someone’s art my art teacher make used to make this do it upside down so that you Don’t look at the object in knowing what it is and draw from your memory.

You you literally just copy it now We’re going to stick on some lashes And lastly a bit of mascara I’m just gonna focus on the outer lashes for the What will be the bottom lash line? We’re gonna use this nose and scar wax To build me a new nose spirit gum Okay, so scope things not really my forte Anymore, I guess you could just buy a prosthetic nose and stick it on that would save you a lot of time I’m just gonna add some black eyeshadow to make All right So I’ve been working for a while on this off-camera And I don’t know if you can tell I probably don’t even need to zoom in but it’s pretty oh It’s pretty lumpy, I don’t know how people get it straight nothing, like letting your creative juices run wild only to find out that Here you are Four hours into it and it’s not really going as planned, but you know what? I’m having fun doing it So when you go to follow this amazing tutorial and recreate this look I suggest you put something relaxing on in the background.

So you don’t stress yourself out trying to get it perfect Perhaps some music maybe even an audio book if I may suggest and that is where our sponsor comes in today’s sponsor is audible audible has an unmatched number of Audiobooks available that you can listen to on multiple devices such as iPhone tablet laptop Android Whichever you choose and you can listen to it at your own pace Also if you cancel your membership You can still keep the books that you bought the book.

I’m listening to right now is called Eleanor. Elephan is completely fine Where is she? I love this book because I really love the main character Eleanor. She’s funny. She’s weird she loves frozen pizza and she likes to avoid most human contact and She says thirty-year-old that sort of that has this life she’s gotten used to with the same sort of routine and she thinks that it’s completely fine until she meets this stranger and he sort of repairs her damaged heart and Yeah, but you read from there or listen in this case and actually Reese Witherspoon is making this book into Movie if you want to listen to that or any other audio book for free and get a free 30-day trial then please go to audible.

com slash Tailor our or text tailor our to the number 500 500 thus audible.com slash Tailor our or text tailor arts the number 500 500. All right. Let’s continue with lips So I think you’re the lips. I’m just gonna draw them on instead of trying to sculpt them Because it’s getting dark and I don’t have any proper studio lights besides wandering light with us on that way.

I’m using the color rosy from Kylie Jenner cosmetics and I’m gonna draw on My lips actually looking at this makes me think. How cool would it be if? The obviously features are different shapes and sizes and colors.

That’s what makes us each unique But what if it could go on our faces at different angles how interesting would it be? a little bit of dark brown I show Have some clear gloss Oh my god guys, I’ve done it somehow I’ve done it Whoa This is crazy.

Okay Now we’re gonna do one day And get over how cool this looks I Would actually go outside with it but right now it’s mid-autumn festival and a lot of Families are walking around as a family with their kids and stuff and I don’t want to terrify everyone But this would be so cool for a Halloween party Just walking around that upside-down Hey Perfect timing Hello It’s me Alright, I hope you enjoyed this video.

I had a lot of fun making it if you have any tips please be nice, but just tell me nicely how I should actually Do special effects makeup? I feel like I missed so many steps or I don’t know. But anyways, I had a lot of fun I’m really bad at reading Instructions.

I like to figure things out on my own I think you guys a lot of you know that with my DIYs a lot of you’re like Why don’t we follow a template and cut it out properly? But I just like to do it the way I want to and I like to figure things out of my own I’m like that for everything so Somehow it kind of worked.

I think I didn’t do too too bad a big Thank you to audible for sponsoring this video again, and I will see you guys in my next video You


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