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Uraraka Makeup Tutorial! | Shiro

Uraraka Makeup Tutorial! | Shiro

First video! Hi everyone! So I’m Shiro and I’m going to show you how I do my Uraraka makeup First of all it’s important for me to say that I am NOT an expert I am just learning how to use makeup from friends and makeup videos So as you can see I began hiding my eybrows – I do this by using Stick Glue, Powder and Concealer! I don’t have eyebrows! Then I draw the eyebrows with a brown eyeshadow.

I like to add a red a shadow under my eyes. To make any illusion that my eyes would look bigger I used a eyeshadow darker than my skin color. And of course we should not forget the eyeliner! Then I added fake eyelashes.

I don’t really like to use makeup on my lips so I just used lipstick. For the blushing I used a red eye shadow. That’s it! Now you can wear the rest of the cosplay! I made the tie as you can see below.

I ordered the cosplay from eBay. And that’s it, that’s how I made the makeup for Uraraka! If you have any questions, please ask! WAIT! No no no no! I hope you didn’t panic, so yes I’m going to show you how to make a makeup for Villan Uraraka, so let’s start! It’s really simple I’m actually continuing my previous makeup! I mix a purple with black eyeshadow and put the makeup around the eyes And again the wig Only this time I am a bit of upset it and That’s it.

That’s how I make the makeup Don’t forget after you finish -to restore the wig! If you liked the video like it and follow our channel, thank you for watching


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