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usagi • makeup tutorial • freckle makeup

usagi • makeup tutorial • freckle makeup

you hello everyone its Anza and today I’m back with a super cute makeup look I was inspired by this rabbit hat I got from UV me for this one and I decided to do a makeup look that has lots of freckles a blushed nose and small but thick eyebrows because it reminds me of rabbits also if you’re interested in either the lenses the wig or the head I’ll be listing their links in the description below don’t miss it because they have discount codes that being said let’s start our makeup I’m starting with Kylie Jenner is calm before the storm palette and then we’ll get these two orange shapes for it and I will use the matte one as the base for my makeup and the sparkly one on it to give a shiny effect if you are unable to get your hands on some makeup products because you’re living in Turkey you can check out your cosmetics Instagram page that’s where I got this palette from and she’s one of the pages that is able to bring makeup brands in exchange of a commission since those brands are unable to ship the turkey because of Turkish customs next I’m getting a jumbo eye pencil in pure gold and I’m gonna use it on the inner corners of my eye for the rest of my I said oh I’m gonna go to the naked hit palette and I’m gonna go with these two shades for my eyes first I will use the lighter shade on the other part of my eye and blend it with the previous shade I used earlier I will use the darker shade only on the outer corner of my eye because I want to give it more dimension now I’m getting the chocolate chip palette from Too Faced I’m using this shade I will clean the excess eyeshadow on the outer parts now I’m going for this ultimate price palette from Lynx and getting this red state I’m gonna use it on the under eye area once the under-eye area is completely red I will blend the same color with the outer corner of the top eyeshadow now I’m gonna use the white eyeliner on the inner corner of my eyes to brighten my eyes up using a light brown brow pencil I will give myself small but thick eyebrows I will also use a light eyebrow mascara on my own eyebrows to blend them all together but to fill in the eyebrows I will use the same eye shadows I used from the Naked heat palette now I will get the white eyeliner and following my own eyelid shape I will draw a line under my eyebrows as for my classic eyeliner I will use the strictly vanil eyeliner in the color hazy from NYX Cosmetics I will give it a gradient effect with a darker eyeliner from the same series this time I will only use a black eyeliner as a guide for my eyelashes so it will be really thin right before the false eyelashes I will use a mascara on my own lashes to color them and afterwards I will apply both top and bottom eyelashes using this pink eye shadow I will go over the white eyeliner putting no centralized I’m gonna use color beam blusher from Mesa in an orange shade and now we’re gonna start from my nose and blend it outside for my cheeks I’m gonna go with two products and first one is Nyx’s bright idea stick and pinky dust and I’m gonna use it from the outside of my face to inside and not blend it and on top of it I’m gonna use brush cos lip and cheek tint and then I’ll start blending it with a sponge for the freckles I always use this product called Frick from the run get freaked and it’s really easy to apply you just put a lot of thoughts on your face and using your finger you can do it as if it’s copy paste and spread it around naturally you can add them as much as you please I just decided to exaggerate them because I thought they look cuter that way for the lipliner I’m gonna go for a nude shade and if you do any mistakes it doesn’t matter because you’re gonna blend it with a tint and it’s not gonna appear as if there’s a lip liner now I’m using the same thing from Becca on it and I’m gonna apply quite a lot and then I’m gonna blend it outside with a brush this will give kind of a smudged effect which I really like I think it looks cute now I’m just gonna keep applying the tint and I will blend it again and again until I get the color I want to give the dark gradient effect I’m gonna use the a picking lip die from NYX Cosmetics I will use it only on the center of my lips and blend it with a brush just like I did with the previous tint and I will finish the lip makeup with a volumizing lip gloss for my highlight area I’m gonna go to born to glow palette from NYX and I’m gonna pick this yellow shade I will start by applying it on my cheeks then I’m gonna move to my nose bridge down to my chin and above my lips I won’t apply it on the tip of my nose just yet because I will use another product before that now I’m getting the face gloss from milk cosmetics and I’m gonna start by applying it on the tip of my nose I also apply it a little bit on the nose bridge and on my chin I will also apply it on my top lip directly from the tip and blended up on my lip to give a Vette effect I also decided to add more blush to the side of my nose to give it more dimension I also applied the same highlighter from the born to glow palette on the tip of my nose and face Claus will help to bring it out even more and with this last step our makeup is completed I hope you like this tutorial and if you ever try this makeup please make sure to show it to me from Instagram because I would love to see your take on it as for the freckles product and the non makeup product I used in this video like the lenses the wig or the head I will be listing their links in the description below with their discount codes so if you liked any of these products you can reach them from the description box and lastly thanks again for watching this video and supporting my channel then I’ll be seeing you in my next video bye bye


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