Home Makeup Tutorials Using 10 Products – Indian BRIDAL MAKEUP Tutorial In HINDI | Anaysa

Using 10 Products – Indian BRIDAL MAKEUP Tutorial In HINDI | Anaysa

Using 10 Products – Indian BRIDAL MAKEUP Tutorial In HINDI | Anaysa

first of all i’m applying Jeju Aloe Fresh soothing gel on my face after applying this wait for 5 mins make small dots of maybellline foundation on your face do not forget to apply foundation on neck area around your ear and also on your ear I’m blending this foundation with the help of beauty blender but u can blend this foundation with the help of your finger as well Blend the foundation by tapping your fingers blend the foundation properly around ear area just because your foundation looks even take the foundation on your beauty blender and apply it on your under eye area and eye lid apply same on your second eye if you have dark circles then u can apply second layer of foundation apply the foundation on around your lips area just because your lipstick look perfect on your lips apply this foundation around your nose area because we get lot of sweat on our nose leave this foundation for 2 min after 2 min you can see sweat appears on my face for making my makeup sweat proof now i’m catching my oil by beauty blender I’m applying compact powder on my T zone area because my skin is combination oily.

you can apply this compact on all over your face and left over compact i’m applying on my neck area because this is bridal makeup look and i want to make it sweat proof and do not forget the compact powder on your neck area while applying blush tap the access product and again tap it on your hand and wash off slowly just like shown in the video after applying blush u can see a pink line of the blush for removing this blend this with the beauty blender by taping on this line for this your blush merge it in your cheeks and it looks like naturally pink for eye makeup i’m applying tape outer corner just like shown in the video now i’m applying peach color with the big brush apply this back and forward method now i’m applying red colour eyeshadow on my outer corner apply this eyeshadow on my crease area do not apply on this area when we open our eye there is a line we have to apply this eyeshadow on this line firstly tap 2-3 times and then blend with the fluffy brush blend pink line properly take compact powder and apply it on below your eye brows now taking this shade and applying it on my eyelid by press and slide method now i’m applying dark colour eyeshadow on my outer corner it will make my look more beautiful now i’m blending this dark colour eyeshadow with big brush Now i’m applying colorbar liquid eyeliner because it is matte finish for kajal i’m using faces eye pencil because it is z black now with the help of two fingers i’m applying highlighter on my cheeks bones by tapping bridge of my nose and forhead I’m using Stay Quirky lipstick because it is long lasting and its colour transfer in one swipe and lastly i’m using Mascara How i’m looking today let me know by the commenting below if you want to see this kind of makeup by different different colours then do like and share my video and do not forget to follow me on instagram as well if you didnt subscribe my channel please subscribe to my channel and do not forget to press the bell icon by this u have a notification on your phone of uploading my new video Me anishka meet u in my next video till then take care and bye bye


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