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Valentine’s Day Blush Heart Makeup Tutorial

Valentine’s Day Blush Heart Makeup Tutorial

either I’m back with Valentine’s Day makeup I’m wearing a fairy devil blue from you nixel before everything I will grow small hurts with my Irish blue and white until it’s completely dried next the same routine my makeup base by foundation my concealer and I set everything I first apply a shimmery light pink around my eyes and underline next with some peachy pink I will add some color on the x-term side of my eye and blend everything finally with the vibrant red I will apply a small amount of coral to add more shadows first liner I first use a pencil because it’s easier to use and I will next fit everything with liquid liner I’m drawing a big wing connected to my underline in order to make you trippy ice next I’m using this very useful pencil from India girls the first step is to draw a prawn line under my eyes then the second step is to use the shimmery rose gold on my underline I forgot to fill my waterline with a black pencil so here it is and now I’m curling my lashes before applying my mascara onion my top lashes whoops I need the reader touch up here anyways now it’s time for eyelashes and that’s also the worst part of all my makeups I’m struggling with it each time so if you have a good advice to help me let me know in the comments to make my eyes look bigger I’m applying my lower lashes not too close of my waterline finally with some brown I am adding shadows under my lower fake lashes now I’m doing my eyebrows and for my lips I first exfoliate them with my cute lip scrub then I must try them and before playing Cola I cover the redness of my lips with a bit of foundation I apply some red onions in a path of my lips and smooth it with my fingers then I apply some light pink gloss all over my lips and add some red grass on me on the inner part again for the blush I first use a light pink on the top of my cheeks then I use a darker pink Angie Hertz area and finally with a vibrant pink and a freshly blush I’m reckoning the control of G Hertz like this then I add some highlighter now it’s time to remove the hurts yay and now I’m adding some glitter everywhere and I forgot to let those one dry finally I add some naked highlighter on my nose and cupid bow and it’s done thank you so much for watching don’t forget to Like comment and share bye do you


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