Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel! So I’ve been so been so busy lately, doing so many different shoots, and so many different projects, that I have barely had anytime to get a creative look done So today I really wanted to sit down and through something together that was cool and conceptual.

it is officially February which means this month is Valentine’s Day um, I am not excited it is my least favorite holiday because I’ve been single for 17 years now and let’s be real its gonna be 18 years in just a few days since unfortunately I will not be spending this special day with anybody special and I’ll be spending the day at home I thought I would do a more non wearable look so today I created a super fun glittery, pink inspired Valentines day look with hearts .

.. it’s cute I don’t know what else to say if you guys like to see how I created this look just make sure you keep on watching to begin today I’m going to prime my face using benefit professional primer as always if by some miracle we do end up getting a Valentine’s day kiss we’re going to get a whole lot of sweaty and a whole lot of excited so the last thing we wanna do is sweat all of our makeup off haha for foundation today I’m going to use my holy grail my makeup forever ultra HD foundation stick in the shade Y315 a few of you guys commented on my last video asking why I didn’t preprime my nose like usual and it is still my favorite trick but I lost my MAC concealer that I always use for it and I’v been way too lazy to buy a new one .

.. so yeah as always I’m going to use my taste shape tape concealer to conceal and highlight my face I’m speeding through the base part today pretty fast you guys have seen me do this same exact routine literally 50 million times ya’ll know I don’t really like to switch up my products and this eye look is super intricate so I wanna make sure all the focus is how to achieve this Valentine’s day look for bronze and contour today I’m going to use my favorite combination the Kat Von D shade and light palette the Morphe R7 brush and the M435 and then I’m just going to bake my face quickly using the Coty airspun powder and a powder puff so why my face is baking in the oven at 350 degrees I’m going to leave this on for about 5 to 10 minutes and while that bakes I would normally go ahead and do my brows but today i want to show you guys this game that I’ve been loving lately I’ve been absolutely addicted to playing best fiends lately I’m sure you guys have heard of it because a ton of Youtubers have talked about it so major shoutout to best fiends for sponsoring this video when they originally reached out I was like ehh no thank you then I actually downloaded the app and started playing and then I was like ooh you know what yes thank you this is so fun and not even gonna lie I’ve been playing it nonstop best fiends is a free adventure puzzle game where you connect objects of the same color to defeat the slugs if you guys follow me on snapchat you hear me talk all the time about like escape rooms and wanting to escape from prison one day and all this weird type of stuff I know I’m weird but I like thinking and using strategy so this game is literally so much fun for me since it is February and this is a Valentine’s day tutorial this would be perfect to mention this entire month up until February 26th it will be Valentine’s day themed characters and all types of puzzles that you can solve and there’s going to be a special prize on valentines day as well so make sure you play then I’m currently on level 34 but I just started playing a few days ago so I think I’m doing pretty well so far and if you want to check it out the link will be in the description below to download for free like I said I’ve literally been playing nonstop so let’s see if you guys can beat my level comment down below how far you are and good luck sisters I may have gotten a little bit distracted but at least I beat the level but now the bake is all done I’m going to wipe it off so we can move on with the rest of the face to start my brows today I’m going to use my benefit precisely my brow pencil in the shade number 6 I’ve been doing my brows like a lot more light and fluffy lately with the pencil as opposed to my usual Anastaia dip brow and honestly I’m kind of like loving it so maybe we’re saying goodbye to the James Charles brick of an eyebrow RIP she will maybe be missed (background – thank god!) *laughing* with this new style of brow that I’ve been loving lately as I said I like to kind of fill them in as least as possible and just shape them and then I’ll use the gel to kind of brush the hair upwards and then fill in any gaps that I have just to make them look really light fluffy and like natural I’m then just setting my eyelid in place using my Morphe E45 brush and some more taste shape tape concealer and then just going over it with my translucent powder to start off my eyes today I’m going to be using my very very damaged Violet Voss holy grail eyeshadow palette I’m first going to start off with my M441 dipping in to wine and dine and putting that in my crease as a transition color I’m just putting the in my crease in circular motions and when I get to the outer corner I’m also going to pull this eyeshadow out and up in like a outward V wingy .

…. shape …. next I’m going to grab an M433 and the same shade wine and dine and deepen up my crease and outer V I’m also dragging whatever the excess product is on this brush onto the lower lash line because we’re going to have a lot of stuff going on down here and then taking that M441 with no product on it and just blending those edges I’m next going to grab the shade teddy bear on the same brush and deepen up that outer corner next I’m going to take my 35B and my M562 and dip that into that black shade to define the very very outer part I’m going to be super gentle and light with this to be sure it doesn’t get too dark and messy this look is taking a whole lot of blending and for some reason my eyeshadow is not being cooperative today I mean are we really surprised will there ever be a video with James Charles where something doesn’t go wrong honestly probably not clearly it’s not this one to do a half cut crease today I’m going to use my M170-0 and this foiled pink shade on my lid I forgot my glitter glue at home, classic James, so I just used my eyelash glue and some craft store glitter, both things that are typically not safe and just did this half out crease I would not recommend that strategy I would definitely recommend using regular glue and cosmetics grade glitter but when you’re me sometimes things don’t always work out for the lower lash line I’m going back in with my M441 and the same shade wine and dine from the Violet Voss palette and I’m going to start to blow out that bottom shadow I’m also making sure to connect that pink up to the lower lash line next I’m going to grab teddy bear on the M433 and deepen up that outer corner and then with a 562 and the black from the 35B I’m going to just hug the lash line for the lower lash line I’m going to be gluing all sorts of differnt styles of glitter I’m going to use this really pink fine glitter this pink glitter that’s a little bit more chunky and then these pink heart sequins oh my god this is pretty *burp* I just went ahead and lined my upper and lower water line using my NYX jumbo eye pencil in black bean to make the lashes blend together then I’m just going to grab my M213 and the black shade from the 35B and just make sure there’s no skin showing between the water line and the lash line alright guys and that is one eye all complete, of course obviously minus the lashes I’m going to do the other one off camera quickly and save some time then we can finish up with the rest of the face alright there we got that is the finished eye look for lashes today I’m gonna pop on the Lilly lashes in the style Janice okay so I just filmed a video with Tana Mojo and I just found out that apparently I’m like the only person in human history that puts on mascara then lashes so today I just did lashes then I’m going to put on mascara to blend them together and that was the easiest an eyelash has ever gone onto my eye and now I am very very angry that I did not know this sooner the amount of times that I have been putting on a lash and I’ve literally spent like 20 minutes gluing it down a million times oh wow I feel betrayed I feel lied to I feel left out like I read all of my comments and literally not a single one of you has ever commented saying “oh James you should try to put on your eyelash first and then do mascara after because it’ll make your life a million times easier instead of spending seventeen years putting them on” for once you sisters have let me down in life for highlighter today I’m going to start off with my Anastasia moon child palette in the shade pink heart using my Morphe M501 remember you can use code JAMES for 10% off all Morphe products and then I’m going to layer over top using my star crushed minerals highlighter in rosy future and you can use code JAMES for 50% off all their products I’m also going to use the same highlighter to highlight the tip of my nose for lips today I’m going to be using the Ofra liquid lipstick in the shade laguna beach never mind .

.. okay I take it back okay let’s try this again I’m going to use the Morphe liquid lipstick in the shade suspect now I don’t like this one either one last time I’m going to use santa ana from Ofra hopefully this color will be it honestly whatever at this point I’m going to give up I still hate this lip so I’m going to layer the shade angeles on top at this point I don’t know where we’re going with this honestly I’m just like giving up but I think this is the best we’re probably gonna get today *pop* we’re done I just put on those two liquid lipsticks then I added that highlighter on top from star crushed minerals and a little bit of glitter nobody’s going to wear this look anyways so might as well just go all out and be extra and I’m going to set this in place with my all nighter setting spray because after all tis I do not want this to come off I think Urban Decay is sending me a message that they want this to come off because I just ran out of setting spray *laughing* oh god alright guys and this is the completed Valentine’s day glam I really really hope you enjoyed this video I’ll see you guys before Valentine’s day with the next video but I wish you the best of luck with finding somebody for the day because lord know I will not have anybody if you guys did enjoy this video don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and subscribe if you have not already I post videos every single week and I would love to have you join the family aka the sisterhood if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey you can follow my instagram and twitter they are both just jamescharles (@jamescharles) and my snapchat for more behind the scenes types stuff is jamescharles with an extra s after charles (@jamescharless) alright guys thank you so much for watching much love and see you next time bye


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