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Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial | Barbie Vlogs | @Barbie

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial | Barbie Vlogs | @Barbie

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first vlog of 2020. I can’t believe it, I’m so excited. This is my favourite time of year. Valentine’s Day! Well, I like a lot of holidays, right Chelsea? Yep. Hot Sauce Day, Static Electricity Day.

.. Hey Stace. Origami Day, Popcorn Day. So, all of the holidays. But today I thought it would be really fun if we did two super simple makeup tutorials for Valentine’s Day, because Halloween isn’t the only day you get to express yourself.

Stacie: Uh-oh. [crashing] Yikes. Hey Stace, you okay? Stacie: Uh, you might want to come here quick. Chelsea: Stace? What happened? Oh boy. Okay, so while they deal with that… Skipper! What? I am doing a makeup tutorial vlog.

Oh, what’s up peeps? For Valentine’s Day. Oh, Valentine’s Day. Yeah. Are you in? You want to be my model? Oh, sure. So this first look is called Tiny Hearts, and I’m going to demo it on Skipper. And then I will post all the instructions at the end of the vlog so you can follow it at home.

All you need for this look is a black eye pencil and a pink or red lip pencil. And then, I’m going to start with the pink pencil, and I’m going to make little circles like that. [phone ringing] Ken: Hey Barbie! Hi Ken.

Did my phone just accidentally call… you, or… [laughs] Hey Ken. We’re doing some Valentine’s Day stuff over here. So why don’t you come over and we will do the makeup tutorial on you? Because that’s what we’re doing.

We’re doing makeup tutorial. Hey. It’s not so bad. Ken: What’s not so bad? Stacie, indoor basketball. We’re doing a makeup tutorial. Do you want to see it? Ooh, yeah. Okay, great. Come around. Ken, I’ll call you back.

Barbie: I use the pink lip pencil to make three circles. Then I connect the circles like this, and fill in here and here to make the heart come together. Then I outline the heart with the black eyeliner, like this.

I love it! Time for the second look, which I like to call Queen of Hearts. Now actually Chelsea will be doing this look on me, but I’m going to get the ball rolling with a little bit of makeup as a base.

So I am going to be putting blush on my cheeks first. Seeing the blush is really important. You can use any colour pink that you like, I used the deeper colour. Next, mascara. So I’ll put a little mascara on, just to make the eyes stand out like that.

Okay, Chelsea. Now for the lips. First I’m applying light pink lip colour all over the lip. After you apply the pink lip colour, you take a red lip pencil to make this look really pop. You just outline the top lip here and here.

Ah! And down to the bottom lip. Chelsea: Next, take bright red lip gloss and just fill in the outline, and… Ta-da! Wow Chelsea, this is great. Oh, that is so cool. Okay, me next. I want to be a Queen of Hearts too.

Yeah, me three. Thank you so much for joining us on the first vlog of 2020. So if you liked this vlog and all the other ones that we’ve done, make sure to subscribe to my channel. And then click around and discover some new videos.

All right, you guys ready? All: Mm-hmm. Okay. Happy… All: Valentine’s Day! All: P.A.C.E! Ken: P.A.C.E. Ken! You’re still on the phone. [laughs]


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