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Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial – Feminine & Glowing | Jaclyn Hill

Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial – Feminine & Glowing | Jaclyn Hill

hey guys so today I’m going to be doing a makeup tutorial for a Valentine’s Day hey I am super excited to be doing this makeup tutorial because this is very different for me and my channel like you know I’m always looking for an excuse to do like on bang and smokey eye or something super dramatic but that’s just my style if we all have our thing and that’s definitely a my vibe but today I wanted to do something a little bit more subtle very feminine but very glam ultra girly so I am super excited about this look I did not think I was going to love it as much as I do I feel like I want to live in this look right now I am crazy about it so I have had this in mind for quite some time ever since this Tarte lip palette came out by Tarte cosmetics I ordered it on Sephora as soon as it got to my house I immediately knew that look I wanted to do but I was like what are wait so Valentine’s Day because I feel like it’s just very appropriate and idealistic for Valentine’s Day such a girly feminine holiday and of course you guys can you know do a smokey eye and a bangin red lip or like hot pink like very sexy but I want to do something a little bit more of a laid-back kind of casual sexy let me just say sometimes I get a little uncomfortable using the word sexy on camera moving on I hope that you guys enjoy this look it is craziness for me because I left my lower lashline blank and you know I always smoke out my lower lashline and I always put mascara on my lower lashes so not doing that stuff I felt kind of naked at first but I’m definitely getting used to it but I did that because I wanted to give the eyes a squinty a more girly effect which I think just it’s just so pretty this look would look good on so many people you’ve dork course objected to your own needs your own face you can take steps away you can add steps you do you so I hope you enjoy let me know what your plans are for Valentine’s Day down below if you have any in the comment section I would love to know what you guys are up to John and I we have decided just to hang out by ourselves at home we’re going to cook dinner together and we’ll probably end up eating a box of chocolates past on the couch watching a movie because that’s just how we do things around here we’re always looking for an excuse just to sit around and do nothing and just hang out because we’re both definitely homebodies we don’t go out and do like events a lot we just like spending time alone so that is what we will be doing so let me know what you guys are doing for Valentine’s Day and I hope you enjoy this video I love you and I’ll see you soon bye guys so I’m going to be using the tartlet palette to create today’s a look and the first shade I’m going to be using is supermom if this really nice matte vanilla color and I’m going to be taking a fluffy brush and putting it all over my entire lid my eyes have already been primed but I’m going to pack this color on all the way from lid up to brow because we’re going to be using all matte shadows today this will help everything blend out and not stick to our base then I’m going to go in with force of nature this is a really great beige transition shade I am using an M 502 brush from morphe and I am taking this and predominantly putting it in the upper crease area going up towards the brow then I’m going to go in with the shade force of nature and put that right over top basically we’re going to start off light and we’re going to go one shade darker darker and darker to create a really nice three-dimensional kind of soft cut crease so I am going back in with the same brush as before I’m just packing that right over top and windshield wiper motions then I will go in with a shade best friend which is a really pretty cool tone kind of Mavi purple shade and now I exchanged out the M 5:02 for the m5o 3 by morphe I am loving these new brushes that they came out with I think they’re amazing so as you can see I’m putting that a little bit tighter and denser in that crease I’m not going as intensely above the crease with this but I will continue to go back and blend everything out because I don’t want anything harsh I want this to be nice and soft then I’m gonna go in with bombshell which is a very dark true cool tone purple color and using any angled brush I’m going to just really put that tightly only in the outer corner of my eye just to really carve out that crease you can use any angle brush you want and pretty sure this is a brow brush but you do you and then of course I will go back and blend it out because I don’t want this look to be too harsh then I’m gonna go in with my favorite color from this palette which is the shade Caregiver I love this as an all matte palette overall but I love the shade specifically because it’s such a pretty very ultra pigmented matte kind of babydoll pink shade I think it’s so feminine and so flattering so I’m using a 55 brush from Sigma which is ideal to pack a color like this on all over the lid I am taking this all the way to the outer corner and then I will go in with a pencil brush and I barely have any products on this just a little bit of the shape best friend I’m going to slightly carve out that crease one more time then I’m going to do my eyeliner I am using a Maybelline blackest black gel liner and I’m going to carve out a winged liner and then fill that in you do not have to do a wing this is what I’m comfortable with you could do no liner you could just do a little thin liner but I chose to do a wing because that’s just me I’m going to go back in with the shade supermom and just put this on the brow bone I didn’t want to do a shimmery brow bone highlight because we have an all matte eye I kind of wanted to stick with that matte look and just do a natural highlight I’m gonna be using a blinking Butte lashes which are my new love Oz and this is in the number six I love these lashes look at look just look just look so feminine so pretty just dainty and beautiful I thought it was perfect for this look so I will list those down below and then I’m going to prep my face using these using the Smashbox primer or water drench myself because I can never get enough and then I’m going to take a little bit of mac fix+ and i’m going to spray my brush i am using the sigma f80 flat top kabuki because it’s one of my faves and then I am using the Make Up For Ever HD foundation in shade one two three the reason I spray some fix+ on my brush is because it kind of helps to share out the foundation and moisturize my skin as I’m applying it so it makes it so that I don’t get cake face because I can definitely be heavy-handed with my foundation so if you wet your brush first even if you wet it with just a little bit of water I don’t make it so that your face does not get overboard cakey and you can keep your foundation more on the sheer side same with the Beauty Blender that I’m using right now I’m using Mac Pro Longwear concealer and I am just tapping out with a damp Beauty Blender and using a damp Beauty Blender will do the same thing and make your concealer not too heavy then I’m going to go in with the Chanel bronzer and I am using a sigma f80 six I believe to apply this I did not want to contour my cheeks I just wanted to bronze my cheeks because again I didn’t want this look to be too over-the-top or too intense so I am just going in with a cream bronzer putting this kind of all over the cheek area all over the temple area and I will leave the under eye area at the chin the nose and the center of the forehead untouched everything else I’m just dabbing with bronzer just to give a really nice kind of healthy sunkissed glow as opposed to like a structured contour you know what I’m saying it’s just a little bit more feminine then I was going to set my under eyes because they will crease if I do not set them so I have to set my under eye no matter what I’m going to be filling in my brows using the Anastasia brow Wiz in the shade taupe and I’m filling in my brows differently today than normal which I’m think I’m gonna start doing it like this from now on I’m only filling in the lower part of my brow and I’m not touching the top of them and they look much more natural this way then I’m going to be going in with the hourglass ambient lighting powder in the shade a luminous light and I’m going to put this bad boy all over those cheekbones this is my favorite highlighter if you are looking for a highlight that’s going to look natural there’s no glitter it honestly just looks like you are glowing from within I recommend it to all brides I think it’s beautiful there is a palette with three different shades I highly recommend that it is just gorgeous especially if you’re trying to go for a look like this then I’m going in with makeup geek blush in the shade head-over-heels this is kind of a shimmery icy babydoll pink and I’m going to put that all over the cheek area just to give a really nice feminine and pale cheek I’m going to take a little bit of natural beauty shadow and on a pencil brush just put out tiniest tiniest amount underneath my eye area because I just felt like I looked too blank and too squinty I just wanted a little bit of a shadow you’ll see it really didn’t make that big of a difference though and then I’m going to go into my inner corners with supermom again and then you could even take some highlighter and put it in there but I want to make my eyes look a little bit brighter then I’m going to finish off this look using colour-pop lippie stick in the shade bound which is one of my favorites favorite colors right now it’s such a pretty baby doll pink and I’m going to set everything with Urban Decay chill makeup setting spray and then I took a look at myself and I was like oh wait a second I want a little bit more pink on these lips so I used OCC Digital acai believe it’s called it because this is a super babydoll pink which I love and I tap that on the center of the lid and just blend it out and once I did that my look was done so I hope that you guys enjoy happy Valentine’s Day to you I love you guys so much and I’ll see you soon oh I need to chill myself let me just say the word chill has a whole new meeting once you get into the urban decay chill makeup setting spray because sometimes like you need to chill and like grind


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