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Hi greetings to you all and I decided to do another halloween makeup this time and this time I’ll make myself a vampire so I will be the first to use the makeup I have from Douglas I rubbed makeup nicely all over my face and now they’ll start applying a red shadow and I’ll add an orange color now and I’ll try to shade it out next to the lid I will put a black shadow I will do the same for the other eye then I will use red again and I will apply it under the eyes and I’ll add a black shadow as well I will use the purple shadow next with which I will make commas under my eyes to make it look like veins my eyes would be done and now I’m going to take a black color to paint my eyebrows I must not forget lipstick yet I will use red now I’m going to put on my lenses which I ordered from aliexpess you will have a link in the label below where I bought them it was wrapped in such a nice case and there are actually the pliers, the case and the lenses I have tadaaa lenses on now I must not forget the lashes and I’ll use mascara from Rituals that was on the Advent calendar so lashes, eyes ready, I have everything and now we’ll use vampire teeth which I also ordered from Aliexpress so yeah my makeup is done I hope you enjoyed the video if so give me a like or subscription and have a nice day your Erča


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