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You wanna play with mommy, hey guys welcome to my first Halloween look of 2017, I’m Maryam and today I have 3 looks for lined up for you, the first one will be this very vampy look that you see on my first right now, this is somewhat wearable, still kind of evil, still a little glam and sexy but this perfect for that mom who has to take her kids trick or treating but still has chores to do and groceries to do afterwards or for those of you who are gonna be at work and who have office parties to attend but you still want to look a little bit presentable or what if you simple don’t have enough time or a costume for Halloween but you are still feeling the Halloween spirit, this will be the look for you, if you have a little bit more time or creativity we are gonna take this look and we are gonna amp it up a notch with this dramatic vampire make-up look fit for a costume, I’ve got my collar neck brace corset thing happening, I’ve got my hand jewelry with the nails, I have a little bit more blood thirsty make-up in my eyes.

This is the look that’s perfect for an actual costume but if you are feeling even more creative, if you have got the phangs, if you have got the contacts, if you have got more time up your sleeves I have another option for you.

So I’m gonna take this look and I’m gonna amp it up a notch to this blood thirsty, super sexy but also very hungry make-up look, are you ready for it. Remember to subscribe, comment down below, hit that notification and I hope you enjoy this one (evil laugh).

Starting off with Erborian pink perfect cream, I’m gonna apply this to my pores areas just to smooth out my texture, I still wanna be a sexy vampire, I still wanna be a little bit glam, I don’t wanna have rough skin.

Next I’m gonna reach for some light colored foundation; I have Tarte rainforest of the sea foundation in the shade porcelain and also in fair light sand. Now porcelain is the lighter shade but fair light sand still has a yellow undertone so I want to kind of match my undertone, I wanna still look very realistic and then I’m gonna take this Sigma duo fibre F50 brush and I’m gonna blend out this foundation by stippling ir on.

I’m actually not loving the way that this brush is blending out the foundation so I’m gonna pick up this It Cosmetics brush that I use all the time for my foundation and I’m just gonna swirl it, much better.

Now if you have ever gone to Sephora or a drug store and purchased a foundation that’s much lighter than your skin tone and for some reason forgot to return it this will be a good time to use it. Oh don’t forget to cover your ears as well you don’t want to have a pale face and tan ears that would be weird.

Next I’m gonna take this Morphe concealer in sand and add a little bit of brightness to my under eye and to the usual areas. Oh shoot did I leave a big sponge over there in the kitchen, big black sponge with like a pointy tip? Oh okay, this guy it’s from Elcie Cosmetics it’s wet so it’s like huge now but when it’s dry it’s like half the size.

I’m really liking it because the tip is so, so pointy it can get into any little crevice so I’m just gonna use it to blend out my concealer make myself even more pale, even more highlighted. Face base is done I’m gonna set my under eye and pretty much my entire face I wish I had my Dermablend setting powder but I don’t have it so I’m gonna settle for the Lara Mercier even though it’s got a little bit of a tint, it’s more like ivory tone.

So I’m gonna set the top of my lid, I’m just gonna beat the rest of my face, I’m going to beat it. It will help your Halloween make-up last a lot longer; I’m going to beat it until the powder disappears on my skin.

This technique is a little bit different from baking, I’m actually not going to dust off any powder, I think I’m gonna map out my contour, I’m gonna just use this Pixi contouring stick, it’s okay to use if over the powder, you beat the powder in so much, it’s not even gonna matter, it’s not even gonna shift the powder whatsoever.

Little bit higher on the cheek bone, usually what I like to do is slim my jaw line but in this instance I think I wanna actually accentuate it. Also contour my lips just a little bit and partially the nose, cool.

Gonna use that same brush to just blend it into the skin. Oh that jaw is strong honey, feeling a lit bit more evil already, I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s my strong contour. I’m gonna intensify my contour using this Mehron contouring palette, use this very olive one; it’s almost like a greyish olive.

I’m just gonna use this next brush and add it to the areas that I just contoured with the cream, so essentially I’m just setting them. I’m trying to avoid that tan look so I’m just keeping this contour on the hair line and on the sides of the forehead, I’m not actually bringing it all the way down, I don’t want to look sun kissed no, no.

Then I’m gonna use my use my Benefit ka-brow in shade 6 with the little brush that comes with it, I wanna make my eye brows look dark and evil and very, very sharp. I’m also not gonna make them too much thicker instead I’m gonna emphasize the arch that I already naturally have and I’m gonna keep them on the thin side.

Okay you eyebrow come through, don’t forget to brush it out when you are done, we don’t want it to look too cartoony unless that’s the look you are going for. Next I’m gonna use this Sigma definer brush and my Make-up Forever flash palette and I’m gonna etch underneath the brow and this will serve as the base for my eye shadow.

So the next thing that I’m gonna do is pick up my Laura Lee Los Angeles cat’s pajamas which by the way comes out Friday 13th. Now this is a beautiful palette I have already used this palette so I know itโ€™s amazing and Laura’s worked so hard on it.

I’m gonna pick up this shade called bomb diggity, it’s like a sandy shade and I’m just gonna add it to my transition between my brow bone and my crease, using a Sigma brush diffuse crease #38, I’m also gonna use an E35 brush and just diffuse the edges bam.

Now this is just a gorgeous little palette, I’m so super proud of Laura, she’s been working so hard to bring this palette to you guys, super proud of her and Tyler, and they killed it. So, now I’m applying this shade called cookie, there is like no fall out with the palette but the colors are very, very pigmented so you guys are gonna love it for that feature.

Then I’m gonna diffuse the edges some more with that E35 brush, just make it nice and soft. Probably gonna be the only soft thing on this face by the time I’m done with this make-up because I want harsh lines and harsh edges girl, but super soft blending.

And I still wanna give you a tutorial that you could use even if you are not celebrating Halloween, even if you just wanna wear a vampy look. So now I’m gonna pick up this shade redonkulus just a beautiful black with some sparkle and I’m gonna add it just a little bit lower.

I’m gonna take just a little bit of this black cream, add it to the centre of my lid and spread it over that black crease. And then I’m take that same shade and pack it on with an E32 brush from Sigma.

Just completely cover up that lid, and once you have done all the packing on of the shadow, then just keep that blending brush handy and blend out any harsh edges. So the next thing that I’m gonna do is work on the lower lash line, I’m gonna apply the colors in the same order, first bomb diggity, then kookie, then odd ball.

Gonna use a clean E45 blending brush, I want this part to look almost sickly so I’m applying it much lower than I normally would with the smoky eye basically covering my entire lower lid and getting into this under eye area.

Then I’m gonna take this Victoria Beckam and Estee Lauder pencil liner, I’m gonna take the black side and line my water line. Also gonna tight line the top water line between the lashes very, very important and then I’m gonna set that with odd ball.

So now I’m gonna take my Grandiose liner by Lancรดme, this is my favorite liner, this is the one that I use in pretty much every single video. I haven’t found anything that’s better just yet, gonna create this inner corner wing, cat eye I’m not really sure what it is I’m just gonna extend this inner corner portion right here.

So now I’m gonna apply some mascara again Victoria Beckham and Estee Lauder, really nice mascara and then I’m gonna apply my lashes. For the lashes I’m gonna wear these Luv Lashes by KimJLuv in the style Dallas, they are very big and beautiful, super glam.

So now I’m gonna use my Duo adhesive, I went back to this one after many years of neglecting it and I gotta say it’s still the best. This is a nice dramatic lash, yes KimJLuv these are fabulous. So the eyes are essentially done for this very, very vampy look, gonna do the lips.

Gonna use this Tartiest black lip liner, I like keeping the cupid’s bow extra pointy, it makes me feel just a little bit more evil for some reason. So then I’m gonna apply Arriba by ilussarhii and Colorpop and then I’m gonna take this black liquid lip from Lime Crime called black velvet and just blend out the transition between the black and the red.

Though this look is a little bit more than I was going for, for the vampy portion screams vampire just a little bit, the eye brows, the inner corner cat eye, the lips it’s working but like I said, I’m gonna amp it up a notch so I am gonna add some more to this look.

I’m also gonna add some accessories this is actually for those of you who have a costume and are looking for more of a vampire look, so the next thing that I’m going to do is take this Smash Box palette, this one is the bold eye palette, I’m gonna pick up this purple shade right here on this Tarte brush and I’m gonna start working it into my contour area.

I just wanna add a little bit more color and more purple-ness to this look. take this same shadow and add it to the temples, I want it to look a little bit more blood thirsty than before and also just a little bit more costume, more creative, the more shadow you add to an area the more it recedes.

So this is what I’m trying to do here, trying to recede this temple area, blend it into my hairline as well, this looks a little bruised. I’m gonna take the same color but on the opposite side of this Tarte brush and I’m gonna add it to my under eye, don’t worry about making it precise, it should actually be very smudgy, very sort of messy around the eye just pops some on to the top of my eye.

Now I’m really gonna ruin that smoky eye. Gonna take a little bit of this red shadow and connect it to the purple, don’t be afraid to use your fingers to blend this is a good time to do so. You just wanna blend it into your skin, make it look as bruised and as crazy as possible.

Also gonna take some on my fingers, just gonna rub them together and I’m gonna apply it to the corners of my mouth, so we are sorta staining the skin, this is a vampire look and you wanna look like you didn’t clean off the blood too well.

Just keep blending with your fingers, keep blending into your skin giving it that sick bruised tired I have been up all night vampy blood thirsty look. Now this is probably not something you could wear to the office unless you work at a really cool job and props to you and props to your boss.

You could also use the same bruising darkening technique for a number of other looks not just a vampire look but also for the mummy, also for anything dead, anything deathly. At this point you could add some blood or contacts or fangs but I’m gonna add that for the next stage for now I’m gonna take this red gel liner from Inglot basically just painting this water line and the lashes with the red.

We are also gonna add a little bit of red to the centre of my lower lid, since this make-up look is for an actual vampire Halloween costume for a party, I’m gonna use a little bit of this IGK hair strobing glitter spray which I have been wearing a lot lately and everyone been loving it (spray) woow you see that glitter (spray).

Hopefully Lee won’t kill me that I applied it here in his filming room but dang that look nice. Now I’m gonna add my one costumey element for this video which is this super cool neck corset thing, I should have put the glitter spray after, but girl is this not pretty.

And wait, wait I have got one more element, I got these at Abracadabra yesterday, this costume store in New York City I feel like it’s just making me extra evil, hello kitty come here my baby, do you wanna play with mommy, do you wanna play with mommy.

This look is pretty scary but I’m gonna amp it up a notch so what I’m gonna do is add some cool veins to this sexy under eye, purple liquid liner from POP Beauty, gonna keep it really, really fine start out with 3 and then I’m gonna start branching them out if you will.

For super fine line it helps to wipe off the excess from the brush on a paper towel, I actually have a vein here so I’m gonna emphasize that baby. I’m gonna go back with that Inglot gel liner and the little Mac brush and I’m gonna add some red veins right on top of the purple ones.

Alright so at this point I’m looking pretty spooky, now I’m gonna go put on my contacts, I’m gonna go put on my sexy fangs and then I’m gonna come back and I’m gonna put on some blood. Contacts are on, fangs are on I actually had to re do my lipstick because the fangs completely ruined it, also I can’t see out of this eye I honestly don’t understand how people wear contacts it is the hardest thing ever, I feel like there was some blood shed tears during the process of me putting on these contacts.

So now I’m gonna amplify this look some more, I’ve got some cinema secret blood over here so I’m gonna start by applying just a little bit of blood, just the corners of my mouth, I’m thinking a nice drip of the q-tip right here and I’m gonna spread the rest across.

So that looks pretty wicked at this point, gonna smear a little bit of blood right here yes like that, I’m super creep out and a little bit shook looking at myself right now. Huuuh I’m getting hungry for dinner, do you wanna play with mommy, yes.

Do you wanna go trick or treating bad, why are you so docile now baby, it’s not bedtime. Alright you guys with that said I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I hope you liked this look and I’m gonna wrap up this video because bowie over here my little make shift bat is about to fall asleep on me, so I love you guys let me know which look is your favorite have a happy Halloween, muahhhhh!, now you wake up, do you wanna play with mommy, come on.

…and she’s out bye guys I love you.


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