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Vlog| GRWM for Women’s day 🌸

Vlog| GRWM for Women’s day 🌸

Hello everyone today’s March 8th and what we are going to do today, in short, nothing because everything here is still closed we have no restaurants, cafes and hotels that are even open, so we can either stay at home or just go out in the city there are couple of things i want to share with you firstly I want a little make up and yes since you have seen me even then, too, there was no particular problem but for the last two months my face and my skin have improved I dyed my hair if you notice the last time I did in November, when we were in turkey and since then I had dark roots, there was my own color so it grew and it wasn’t nice, too yellow here, too dark there and now the yellow areas are gone I did not darken them but we used a special shampoo to remove all the yellowness now just such a beige color and the same in the roots at first I apply mascara on not curled eyelashes I’m one of those who smudge mascara all over the eyelid now I’m trying not to do this, but usually that’s it As it happens, I apply mascara before I start the main part of the makeup, to the foundation, to the shadows , I smeared three layers of mascara, they are long, even and not curled, they now look curled, but in a minute they will go down, so now I will show what I am doing just the last layer on this eye and I’ll show it’s time to curl I’m just trying to get to the roots, I press a couple of times now I will apply again see the difference between the eyes even the shadows are not needed I usually put the eyeshadow just on this part to express the lift of the eyelids now we can proceed to the skin I will use a BB cream is by Nars as foundation, as many times shown on instagram I use it almost finished, new one on the way to me is from Becca will go over with the sponge as a concealer I use from Nars as well the leftovers go on the eyelids and the sides of nose will use powder Maybelline fit me I like not to use the powder at all because I don’t want to lose this shine and glow from the cream, but if you don’t do this, then under the eyes after a while, after half an hour, all sorts of cracking begin to appear, so on, so you have to do it a little between the eyebrows and show a little cheekbones before my cheekbones were more pronounced and since I started this new treatment for acne like I have already said this is a hormonal treatment, so from these pills I gained a couple of kilograms, which makes me very sad because this topic has a very deep psychological root let’s say this is one of the reasons why in recent months I have rarely been seen trying to somehow overcome this somehow and not turn it into a global problem, in the end, I do not exceed my normal weight and not fat in the end, but after I tried very hard a couple of years ago to lose weight and I lost weight, my lowest weight was in the summer of 2019, I weighed 54 kilograms and when I I look at these photos, I think, God, how did I then think that I would like lose another 2-3 kilograms now I weigh 5 kg more lately I eat desserts that I make for my husband, and the leftovers from baking then I will also devour this had not happened even during the quarantine when we were in total lockdown I did not prepare anything for orders, I did not take any and even at that time when I was preparing sometimes at home for my husband and parents, for example, I just ate a piece I want to return to normal life as quickly as possible so that we can go and travel and make some plans every time we travel somewhere, especially to Turkey to Antalya for the summer holidays, I would not say active rest but as all day at the sea we play about three or four hours a day volleyball if you don’t know I’m a former volleyball player the main reason why I love just spending the summer in antalya is because all hotels have volleyball courts on the sea, as if all day in movement and no thinking especially about food if even I eat there, then only mainly fruits salads and I always come back with minus 2 kilograms from there by now we havent been there for a very long time and I missed it a lot I will use dark brown shadows near the lash line because I don’t want to use an eyeliner and I apply mascara on the lower eyelashes now I will go along the upper inner part I don’t know what it is called under the eyelashes so let’s say that there is no gap left Between the eyelashes with the eyebrows I don’t really do anything I use the gel from the benefit 24 hour brow setter instantly and immediately grab onto completely forgot about the nose contour one of the favorite parts of the makeup if you ask my favorite parts this is mascara first of all and the second is the contouring of the nose you see how it visually became more narrow and sometimes I emphasise here so that it seems more lifted I do not like to leave it this way now I will blend but I define these lines well so that after shading the form is still noticeable and I go through with the lightest shade with a clean brush i start blending I want to fill with a little lighter colour, then I’ll clean along the outer part to make it more accurate I can’t say that this especially helps the makeup to remain under the mask, but better than without I want to do something with my hair I don’t want to straighten it, it has just left the dyeing process, but maybe I’ll do a pony-tail and come back, and now my hair is also finally, and the nails are ready, too I did not want to straighten so as not to burn them, so I decided to put them in sausages like this I’ll dress to make a video, I decided to shoot a video for Instagram in a festive spirit , I will have a pink outfit, but I’m not sure that I will stay in this outfit if we eventually go out for a walk because it got colder here again and it seems to me to go out in a skirt and a long coat and so on, is not my mood right now so I’ll just shoot a video and then change and here is my full look I hope you like it as well as I do especially how the flowers match this outfit I really like how my face looks under the sun I just received a package from kiko this is a new spring collection and I want to unpack with you outside such a terrible wind I I hope I can hear here we have a blush eyeshadow palette I’m very interested in the tones these two shades are my favourite I always use them in my makeup and this great shade to use instead of an eyeliner this is gorgeous this is a mascara one side gives the volume and the other side twists and lengthens perfect, should it nail polish this lip gloss I really like lip products from kiko lipsticks, lipliners, gloss here is a highlighter, I remembered in my childhood my mother also had such blush, it seems to me I was 5-6 years old something I used to take a pearl to play with it serum and I want to unpack something else with you exactly my present I was so eager to open it this perfume J’adore can not wait to try how I missed this fragrance last time i had it was so many years ago I was a child i was gifted a small version and since then all the time I wanted to buy it again my hands could not reach him For the past three years I have been using narciso rodriguez poudree I just adore this smell, I thought it was time to move on to something new, this is a tester also a tester, eye cream, but I didn’t know about that here are mascara and primer for eyelashes is something interesting I have never tried before excellent never used mascara from dior it seems it will give more volume than length let’s see and here two more testers too j’adore other versions this one is absolute and here are two other options anti-wrinkle cream that’s all and the most important thing I have a box, I just love such boxes where to put it, should think about it, decided to go out into the city, here is my outfit, we don’t look the same today, oh, I forgot that I was shooting in Russian, we go to the center just for a walk and I’ll show you our shopping streets, we arrived in the city in the center it is starting to darken now my beautiful lipstick will get ruined I will probably check Zara and show you around this by the way the only high-rise hotel in Brussels the only one we just returned home eight o’clock the day has come to an end I hope you enjoyed this mini vlog let me know your opinion about this video or what you want to see I always ask this because I really want the video to be in your circle of interests and not only in mine I always take into account your comments your messages I know everyone is interested in the topic about the skin it will definitely be I just really waited to be sure so far I have always shared or even told myself that treatments helped everything was gorgeous, then suddenly somehow everything was going back to the beginning so I wanted to be sure that this is not one of them that will not be the same ending as before, thank God until now everything is well under the light you can see that the texture of the skin is very good no sorts of bumps or uneven texture there were a lot even before the start of treatment I had small dots besides large acne there were small dots all over my face, his has not been back for a long time so wait for this video, it will soon be, I think it will be in two parts because there are a lot of things I want and need to tell you so that you do not make mistakes or so that you know where to start and where not to start so that the process does not take you as many years as it took me been treating acne for the fourth year already, all in all, do not forget to put thumbs up and subscribe, see you!


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