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Voodoo doll Halloween makeup tutorial

Voodoo doll Halloween makeup tutorial

Start with making the stitched up mouth neck and eyes Pre-do this to avoid sticking yourself with the needle For safety we’re going to do this first Tape, thread, needle, paper/tissue, and latex Place the tape on the table with 1cm gap.

Use triple layers Cover with latex Put the paper or tissue over the tape Add another layer of latex Try to get up about half of the piece Take a new piece of tape and put half under the edge and half over it And cover with latex Time to do the stitches All you need is a thread of your choice, and a needle If you pull the thread tight you will get this cool edge I’m just tying a little knot at the end Now the neck and mouth piece are done We’re going to cover it in paint on my face Just put it somewhere safe Next is the eyes Start with two squares, cover it in with tape Do the latex and the paper again Time to cut the edges.

No.. Exes I mean. To see out through this, cut the opening Time for needle and thread again Moving on to fake needles We roll up clay with some red greasepaint Make some red balls And then you attach them to the back of the swabs You have fake needles Break out your latex Apply it on our neck Attach the first stitched up part Add more latex around the edges Make sure you get a lot Apply the paper/tissue again The mic broke down, so we get voiceover now Tape over the nose Making smooth lines all over our face Go over it with latex Head on to the black colour Any black colour you got, we used grease colour More latex to attach stitch part number two Check out FXWITHEM on instagram, she does some crazy cool stuff Cover with latex again Add more tape More paper/tissues More latex and paper Now the eyes Shape them to fit you Attach them with latex More latex and paper along the edges For the same texture all over the face The word doll in Swedish is Docka Here comes a whole sentence: Macs is back doing the voice overs Macs är tillbaks och gör voiceovers The paintjob You need brown base Go over the head, leave a little in the middle Darker edges around the face, all the way out into the hair Go on with a lighter shade of brown Paint this how you want We wanted an old, vintage, rough look Fill in some extra black, the darker the better Using black again feather the edge around the mouth Fluff it up a little Same thing with the crosses over our eyes Darken around the edges and smudge it out Fade out the attached head to normal skin tone Bruise it up a bit using purple Go straight for the blood, any amount will do We want a messier chest Put paper in your bra to get rid of some mess This looks finished Use eye shadow along the hairline to get it really dark Cut small holes in the latex to insert the fake needles Trouble making them stick? Put a little cotton on the end and a lot of latex Paint that over again when it’s attached Look at that Fix the hair and you are done You have your Voodoo doll And it’s AWESOME If you liked the Voodoo doll, you might like these: Don’t forget to subscribe 0:53:53.

000,1193:02:47.295 Cut off the tops of 3 swabs then paint them silver


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