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WALKING INTO YOUR MAN’S BEDROOM ♥ Makeup Tutorial | Androgyny Palette

WALKING INTO YOUR MAN’S BEDROOM ♥ Makeup Tutorial | Androgyny Palette

What’s up everybody, welcome back to my channel. Hi girl. Hey. Nicole is back for Part 2. Oh my God, I mean, I was just really thankful that you were down to come over and do a soft, easy J-Lo recreation.

Yeah, just really simple. You can wear this anywhere. This is an everyday look. If you’re just going to Walmart, picking up the kids or drop to your knees, this is a perfect moment for that. Okay, but on the real, I brought Nicole back again because we are diving into the Androgyny Palette once again.

And I was like, okay, we’ve got the red smoky eye down. Everyone fucking lived, died, I gave birth, and I got so many requests to like utilize the greens and the blues. Right. And I was like, okay, Nicole does the sickest cut creases, come over please.

And I was like, uh-huh. And just turn me up, turn me up. So, what would you call this look? I would call this look, I know it’s giving me very, like, Poison Ivy vibes and we used a lot of the color, Poison and Military Green.

She also mixed three of my liquid lip colors and did something crazy which you’ll have to watch later on in the video. But, I’m living for this. -I love it. I’m glad you like it. -I fucking love it.

I am so excited for everyone to just dive into this and play with it. -I’m like, hi. -It’s fun to play with. I had so much fun playing with it. Yes. I mean, the blues are just, ah. They’re beautiful.

Thank you. I just wanted something like a little different. Now, a lot of people are like, “Okay Jeffree, so this was like your version of a neutral palette?” Yeah, the top row’s neutral, baby, and then this the Jeffree version of neutral, which is very alien and, you know, high fashion.

Yeah. It is very high fashion. I feel like, I mean, every brand has a neutral palette. Let’s give the kids something different. Yeah, awesome. Fun to play around with. And they’re matte so I feel like you can mix them with a lot of your neutral colors and just, like, spice up your natural make-up.

Spice it up please. Spice it up! Spice it. Agreed. Alright, well, if you guys want to see this crazy, beautiful transformation, then keep on watching. Alright, we’re going to go in with the Guerlain Pure Gold Primer.

I’m running a little low but it is one of my go-to’s of 2016 so we’re going to bring her right back on this face. Alright, now for foundation. We’re going to go in with the La Prairie Skin Caviar which I reviewed this crazy-ass shit on my channel last year.

It works amazing and it has skin care benefits and SPF in there so if you want to take this look to the beach, you can. Next we’re going to go in with the Tarte shape tape. It’s the best, it’s light.

It’s easy. Full coverage but still really light. Get some magic in there. Okay, next we’re going to use the Chanel Natural Finish Powder. I’m going to use this under the eyes and anywhere that we did highlights so here, under the eyes, in the center of the face.

Have you ever used this before? No, we didn’t use this last time. -No, last time was Le Mer. -No, I’ve never used this before. -Oh, this one’s really good too. -I’ve never used it. I wonder what you’ll prefer.

Alright, now to put all over the face we’re going to go in with the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Compact, courtesy of my gouged pan with my nail. Your nail. Always, right? No problems. Next to add some bronze we’re going to use the Tarteist Contour Palette.

I’m going to use this one right here. Three and four. -Three and four? -But mostly three. Smell it. Mmm chocolatey. Yeah, it’s like a chocolate vanilla. It’s yummy, huh? That’s good. I’m like, I wanna eat it.

We go over to Safe Word, which is my new favorite contour color. Yes. (Inaudible) fan brush. For the brows today we’re going to go with a little bit darker and use the auburn from Anastasia, the Dip Brow.

Come on, Dip Brow. I want to do something a little bit darker just to pop all these dark colors that we’re going to do on the eyes. And now that my hair’s a darker pink I’ve been using the auburn a lot more and I’m kind of living for it.

Great, well I can’t wait to see how it looks. I’m going to take a little bit more shape tape just to carve out these brows, even them out. Give them snatch to fill. I’m just going to take a little bit of this China White from the Beauty Killer Palette.

Do a little setting. A little setting under my brow bone. We’re going to prime Jeffree’s eyes with the Paint Pot from Mac and Painterly. Come on, Painterly. So, I’m going to actually carve out this cut crease with Poison and blend out with Military.

But before I do that, just like in our red smoky eye video, I like to carve out with creams. So, I’m going to take Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dirty Money and Crocodile Tears, mix them all together to kind of get something like Poison and then you’re going to see me carve that out first and then we’ll pack on the shadows on top of that.

The first thing I’m going to do is use Frosting all over the lid. I’m going to use a little bit of Fix Plus to wet it and just pack it on with my finger. So, these are the three I’m going to mix together to try to make a color that’s kind of similar to Poison in the palette so it can cut the crease first with this.

Come on, cocktail. Make a little blue cocktail. Let me take some Poison. Be careful. Let me just take a little Poison. And we’ll press this right on top of that. I’m going to go ahead and take some Military on this tiny little Cozzette brush that I’ve just fell in love with today, it just happened.

And take a little bit of this and just go right on top of the Poison. Cool. Alright, next we’re going to use this. This is a… What is this? Give me this back. I’m letting Nicole use all these new things today.

So, this is the Ardency Punker Liquid Liner. I like it. I love this one. You give it a little shake and it really stays wet. A lot of these applicators, like they get dry, from other brands and I’m like, girl.

So, you’re going to use this one and then you’re going to go in with what? A gel to fill it in but I’m going to use the Micra as like my outline. Okay cool, and the gel we’re going to use today is the Tarte Black Clay Pot Liner which has definitely been used and abused.

I love this one. It is just pitch black and it stays on all day. Okay, I’m ready to smoke out this under eye liner that I just created. I’m going to take a little bit of Swallow and smoke it out. Smoke it out.

I’m going to go back in and take a little bit more Military, right underneath the Swallow. Alright, for mascara we’re going to use the Roller Lash by Benefit. Just a little on the top, nothing on the bottom yet.

It’s lash time, we’re going to use these Crazed Lashes by Flutter. Yes, Flutter. I love these ones. There are like one of my favorite styles from them. So, to line Jeffree’s bottom line I’m going to use the Fascinating Eye Kohl by Mac.

We’re also going to use Drug Lord in this negative space right here under the eye. She means my Liquid Lip, not my neighbor. Now, I’ve been getting asked so many questions about when is this returning.

It’s been out of stock for months. Wow. It’s finally coming so in a few months this will finally be back. I might say, I’m hoping by Spring time, but no-one kill me if that doesn’t happen. But it should.

So, underneath I chopped up one of the Violet Voss Eye Donut Care lashes. Such a cute name. But I chopped those up and I’m just going to individually place them under here. So, I’m going to put a little bit of (inaudible) on the back of my hand and get it going.

Bam. Next, we’re going to finish Jeffree’s skin. We’re going to use the Tom Ford Lovelust Blush. It’s a really pretty light peachy color. For highlight, we’re going to use Siberian Gold. This is a new one.

Yes. Beautiful. Come on cheekbones. For lips we’re going to use Pussy Whipped. Yay. Like a peachy bronzy. For setting spray today we’re going to use the Dermablend Set and Refresh. Hi. I know you like a lot, so… Mmm.

I don’t know if I wanna change my hair you guys, but can we just have like a little head turn of this look for a second? Like, whoo. Hi. Alright guys, hi, this is the final look. I don’t wanna say goodbye.

I don’t wanna goodbye. But this was an amazing journey. It was so fun to even watch her in the monitor transform this eye. And the brows though are so snatched, like, you all really need to get some (inaudible) wig glue because it’s over.

But thank you so much for transforming me. Of course, thanks for having me back. Any time. I love it. Yes, if you guys have any other looks you want Nicole to do on me, sound off in the comment section down below.

‘Cause Nicole’s always down to come paint. It’s true, always. If you guys aren’t already, please subscribe to Lipstick Nic’s YouTube channel. Yes, she’s finally on YouTube. Thank you Lord for granting this wish.

So, everything will be linked in the description box down below. Alright guys, we’re gonna go. What are we gonna do? -We’re just gonna hang out. -Take pictures. Yeah, exactly. We’re gonna go take like a hundred selfies.

So, thank you so much for watching this. Mwah! We love you. Bye.


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