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WARDAH One Brand Makeup Tutorial & Review | 2020

WARDAH One Brand Makeup Tutorial & Review | 2020

Hey, guys! It’s me, Vienna, and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m once again making a One-Brand Make Up Tutorial And the brand that I choose is one of the most requested local brand, Wardah.

The last time I used Wardah for my One-Brand Make Up Tutorial was probably two years ago. And at that time, I used products from the older series. So, you guys have requested I make a more updated video using newer products.

This is the look that I will be creating today. This look is very wearable, and you can recreate this look for any events. It’s not too glam, but it’s still acceptable for weddings and other events. These are all the products that I used to create this look.

I will talk about each of their pros and cons, so you can consider whether to buy them or not. So, yeah, don’t forget hit the subscribe button, and let’s get started! Well, guys, you can see my skin’s condition right now.

There are lots of redness and small pimples on my forehead. It’s probably not too obvious through the camera, but I think my skin’s kinda bad right now. Especially because I’m currently on my period and having breakouts.

First, I’m going to use lip balm to moisten my lips until I apply my lip products. The lip balm that I use is from Burt’s Bees, in the shade Rose. This is tinted lip balm, guys. Then, I’m using one of Wardah’s product, the Perfect Bright Moisturizer, to moisturize my face, before moving on to the next products.

This contains SPF 28, UV-A and UV-B filter, and this moisturizer can brighten up our skin. It claims to have seven wide active brightening powder. I suggest you to use this product when you’re gonna go out and get exposed to sunlight, like when you go out for a walk or take a trip on Gojek.

But I still recommend using sunblock after applying this moisturizer, because the SPF content is only 28. So, don’t forget to apply sunblock on top of this moisturizer. It has white color, and the texture is not too runny, unlike the usual moisturizer which feels kind of “wet”.

I’m gonna blend it on my face using my fingers. Make sure your hands are clean before applying your skin care or make ups. I think this product is not too moisturizing to the skin. When I apply it on my skin, it sticks quickly.

It’s only very slightly moisturizing, so I don’t recommend this product if you have dry complexion. As you can see, it sticks quickly to my skin. And it leaves white patches on my fingers. It sticks on my fingers.

This is the result. It does brighten my face. You can see my neck is slightly darker now, because my face brightens up after applying this product. But one of the downside is that the texture of this moisturizer is more like a sunblock’s.

So, I’m not too into this product. We’ll continue on to the next product. Now, I’m going to use face mist. This is Wardah’s C-Defence Face Mist, which contains Vitamin C and natural moisturizing factor.

It claims to moisturize your skin. It can be used before or after applying your make up, to “lock” your make up in place and moisturize your skin. My first impression is the spray is really good. It sprays little droplets, but can reach wide areas.

One spray is almost enough to reach your whole face. So, we’ll only need, like, one, two, three, four sprays, maybe? We’ll just let it sit for a few moments, and it gets absorbed directly to the skin, giving my skin the glowing look.

Now, I’m going to use Wardah’s Instaperfect Porefection Skin Primer. This is the primer from the Instaperfect series, I’ve never tried it on before. It makes our make up stays on longer and blur the fine lines and pores on our faces.

For primers with this kind of texture, I don’t usually apply it to all of my face. I’ll just put them on the areas where my pores are more visible. Now I’m going to do my eyebrows. This is also from Wardah’s Instaperfect series, the Matic Contour Brow-Brushed.

I use the shade brown, so it will look more natural on my eyebrows. For the color, I think it’s pretty good. And it has spoolie brush on the other end, so it’s easy to use. This is the result. Next, I’m using Wardah Instaperfect’s Browfessional 3D Brow Mascara.

I’m also using the shade brown for the brow mascara. I’m going to comb my brow hair upwards. I think it’s not bad, guys. The brown shade is not too light, but not too bold, so it still looks natural in my opinion.

But it doesn’t “lock” your brows in position like the Benefit product that I usually use. Next, I’m using Wardah Instaperfect’s Mineralight Matte BB Cushion. This is shade #11, Fair, I think this shade is the brightest one they’ve got.

The shade fits my skin perfectly. It doesn’t make my skin look dull, but it’s also not too brightening. It evens out my skin tone. It’s nice. And it’s also really buildable. So, if we want to cover up some spots (like the spider veins or dark spots), we can add more layers.

Just tap it on your face. You can compare this side of my face (which I already applied the cushion on), and the other side (which I haven’t). On this side, my skin appears brighter and the skin tone is more even.

The brightening up effect is just the right amount, because I don’t like it if it’s too much. The cushion also covers up my acne scars and redness, which are still very much visible on this side. And even though the cushion is named Mineralight Matte BB Cushion, it doesn’t make my skin look really matte to the point it looks unhealthy.

You can still see my skin glow. I just use the cushion, I don’t add any other products, and it still makes my skin glow even though it feels matte when I touch it. That’s what I like about this cushion.

Next, I’m going to use Wardah Instaperfect’s Matte Fit Powder Foundation. This is shade #12, Ivory. I don’t know why I bought this in the shade #12 while I bought the cushion in the shade #11. There’s a sponge at the bottom of the powder, so you can use it easily when you need to travel.

I’m gonna use the sponge like this And I’ll just take a bit of the powder to apply thinly to set my undereyes area. Turns out this ivory shade is more yellowish, guys. I should’ve bought this powder in the shade #11.

I’ll just apply the powder to the rest of my face using a brush. Last, I’m going to apply a bit of this powder on my eyelids using my fingers. So when I apply my eyeshadow it doesn’t leave patches. Moving to blush on, this is Wardah’s Exclusive Blush On (the older series), in the shade #02, Coral Peach.

The result is matte, guys. Honestly, the shade looks more like coral brown than peach, because it’s a bit dark. For the highlight and eye shadow, I’m going to use the same palette, the Wardah Instaperfect’s Spotlight Chromatic Eye Palette.

On the back, they’ve written the names for the shades, and guess what? They’ve got the shade “Corona” (lol) I’m going to use it for highlight first, before I zoom the camera on my eyes so you can see the eye make up clearly.

First, I’m going to highlight my face. I’m gonna mix the shade “Corona” and “Glitz”. These two shades I’ll mix. When I asked the saleswoman, she said, “Wardah doesn’t make highlighters.” So the eyeshadow palette will do.

It’s not bad, right, guys? I suggest you take the shade “Corona” first, then top it with the shade “Glitz”. Moving on to the eye make up. First, I’m taking the fourth shade, “Haze”, the pinkish one. I’ll put it on my crease area.

I’m also going to apply the same shade on my undereyes using a smaller brush, from the outer corner to the middle. I pick the shade “Terra” as the second color, the matte one. I’m applying it with a smaller brush, from the outer corner near my lash line, and I’m blending it to the inner parts.

If we’re using darker shades of eye shadows on the area near our lashes, it will make our eyelids appear deeper. You can compare this side to this side. On this side, my eyelid appears deeper. It looks prettier compared to the other side.

I’m going to add darker shades on the outer parts. Gently blend it upwards so it gets softer. Now for the undereyes, I’m using the same color. I’ll apply the pink color. Don’t go too far to the middle part.

Just focus to the outer part, just this much. Don’t apply too far to the middle, or else it’ll appear too dark. I’m going to mix in this “Lux” color and this color. This one also has satin finish, but the color’s softer.

The name is “Glam”. I’m going to apply it in on this underside, to blend it with the brown shade earlier For the inner corner of my eyes, I’m going to apply the shade “Corona”, the softer one, on this area.

Because this shade is the most blinding compared to the others. For the upper eyelids, I’ll use my fingers, and tap on this color. I don’t want my eyelids to look too bright. I want a darker look. So, I’ll just use the shade “Lux”, and tap it on the inner parts, so it looks glittery.

This eye shadow palette is awesome, really, and the price is affordable too. I’m surely going to use it daily. But for daily looks, I’m not going to use too much satin colors, I’ll just use the matte ones.

Now, I’m going to use Wardah’s Hypergetic Precise Black Liner. This is also from the Instaperfect series. Apply it from the inner corner to this part, then apply from the middle part and make a little wing on the outer corner.

I think the pigmentation is really good. You just have to glide it once and it makes a really pigmented black line. It also dries instantly when you’ve finished drawing the line. So, I think it’s quite long lasting.

Now, the eye look is finished. I’m moving on to lip product. I’ve bought the newest product, Wardah’s Color Fit Velvet Matte Lip Mousse, in the shade #08, Brown Creator, and #04, Pink Sweetheart. I still don’t know which one to use, honestly.

I’ll swatch it on my hand so you guys can see the colors. These are the colors. I’ll try on the pink one first. This is how the pink turns out. Now, I’ll try on the brown one, we’ll see. This turns out really nice, I think I’m going to use this shade.

It fits more the look I have on today, since my blush on is brownish too. The texture is also really good, because it’s velvety and so soft on the lips. It’s really light, too. I love this. For the last part, I’m going to use the face mist from earlier to achieve a more glowing look and help this make up last longer.

Well, guys, that’s all for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoy it. So far, my favorite product from all these… is the cushion, this cushion is awesome. The next one is the eye shadow palette. I can use it for my daily make up since the colors are so pretty.

And the last one is… Ta-da! The velvet lip mousse. Most of the products are good, but well they have their downsides too. The face mist is pretty good too, but it’s not my favorite. These three are the ones I really like that I’ll surely use again.

Comment your favorite products down below, I’d really like to know! Among all these products, tell me which product is your favorite and which one you frequently use. Once again, thank you for your request and thank you for watching this video! Don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, and I’ll see you guys in my next video.



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