Home Makeup Tutorials We Tried Following a JAMES CHARLES Makeup Tutorial!

We Tried Following a JAMES CHARLES Makeup Tutorial!

We Tried Following a JAMES CHARLES Makeup Tutorial!

welcome back everybody today I’m doing something that is kind of out of my comfort zone not a comfort zone but I don’t like no a little bit unusual I guess you could say so today we were trying to follow a James Charles makeup routine and I just like get the picture pics and I’m kind of regretting it because I think I’ve pasted literally one of the hardest I haven’t even seen yet is from you I see yeah it’s kind of a little competition she’s more into the makeup world that I am not really entire you know it but that’s something more artistic so I’m not sure who’s gonna pull out this win and now let’s get onto this competition to James Charles yes okay so you’ve kind of already put like a base on I guess you could say I’m not really sure what he’s even starting with in this tutorial I think recreating my colors makeup chart face face shirts what’s the face chart I have no idea okay so actually looking into this video it looks like he’s recreating his fans like art like energy drawn yeah into this makeups okay wait is there a picture so I don’t even know what I’ll show you it’s not even just thinking I look it goes all the way up here and all let’s go 4head guys I wouldn’t fail I can already tell you oh my gosh we’re using his palette and his morphe breasts so hopefully we can get it kind of excited oh I forgot the 51 I’m in the other okay we’re just doing one eye there’s no I came across mm5 with a 114 cause for breach right here okay let’s see and I it kind of looks like this one okay you blew on it looks like I’ve got a bright peachy ready orange shade with an M 506 great oxygen how does it show up so well and why the heck am i doing you better than mine so like a light I can’t make it darker oh that was wait that Y is just like what color do I have I’m just was that you’re kidding no oh that rested one again I’m just making it like I don’t know what I wake up you can not cut cut creep Wow hi um you can’t kind of sitting on some little small this won’t work I’m that I’m not that dumb okay that is not I know but it’s the smallest one okay nice purple shade next door so no round did I cook to my iPad what are you doing I don’t know looks like the purple goes down and really cuts out the crease get mad get serious mmm yes yo Oh what’s happening how are you Wow okay I feel like I definitely just mess it up but click the pull right here the think to choose do you think it’s being better at this point I think we’re both family so if there’s other options like that it’s like a school project that you know you’re gonna turn in and get it back right on but you really just can’t help okay mine actually doesn’t look that bad like for someone who’s never followed into the room mine is just all over the place really pretty if you look at it like from this okay okay it looks way better from far away my favorite brush to cut the crease is going through the back 242 the what that’s what these are for boom no no take that back this one I got it – looks like I’ve painted a rainbow on my face and I don’t think that’s what megabyte camry run joomla self every makeup brand you know covergirl maybelline those are makeup yeah okay you’re literally using more key and you have to start urban decay whenever NYX is God is it really I don’t I don’t mess with the makeup stuff I’m this is mode the most accessible it’s kind of burnt this is the most I’d ever mess with makeup they might have hair like oh wow this isn’t doing it like actually brain I don’t know if it’s just me like maybe I have like super sensitive skin but this actually hurt kind of hurts do you know what I called ups stops truck for like my whole childhood okay why did you say that I don’t know it literally says up so I just like oh it’s the UPS truck but it’s actually UPS so yeah how many makeup gurus can you name yeah oh she’s probably better this one means James Charles patrick Star Jeffrey star um there’s that one girl that like I don’t remember her name there’s the kind of it I mean well if I don’t open my eye too wide it likes by I need to go better at mine now the other absolutely humming a little bit of trouble telling what’s my eyeliner looks warm ooh bro my time in eyeliner i Paisley’s honestly look better than mine Paisley did this on Brooklyn ie yeah hearse was my face and I’m probably better than I should we go to the next step hey now that we have all the liner done kind of I’m gonna start sketching out oh my gosh more no just wait till the night inspire I look like a butterflies I think it looks okay if I deny hues fake eyelashes which I’m not gonna do I’m just gonna use we are using lash next door okay yes I took in two hours so I think we’re winning on speed but you know his looks awesome and ours doesn’t next Oh coughs ago rain blanket here okay look II hockey I’m cutting this okay and just leave it and look at that with the white dots I feel like besides the eyeliner of my lips I’m not fine I don’t know why I chose this like because honestly this is super hard I should choosing something a little bit easier okay wait my pubic area No boom kind of let’s just keep going oh he does all he’s doing all over I don’t think I would necessarily wear this flex on your please Coachella and landscape is like yeah like boom comment down below if you guys would wear this to school James is version not a live version as I said it was like good now this would you wear this anywhere like with yours how and probably at all because I don’t really know I don’t know how do people have to him since it looks like I threw confetti on my face then it actually kinda looks cool it looks really good how do you do that feel okay just look at the difference between you mine my even Ryland is better than mine scrap thing I’m gonna weigh too much whatever this it’s like splash of color okay I think that is the end of water trying to do a tutorial our attempt I was a little bit apprentice at the beginning of it and then it just went downhill from there alright so like kind of did better than I thought I’m not I knew I didn’t have high expectations cuz I I don’t even make up a ton but yeah so comment below who you think did better between us okay and make sure you guys subscribe by clicking the button down there and you guys can check out some of my other videos by clicking over here and thanks James for creating this office to the world you actually killed it we did not lay back this journal like this yeah we did it but we don’t see you guys in next week bye bye


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