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Wet n Wild Hello Halo Blushlighter at Target | FULL COLLECTION & SWATCHES!

Wet n Wild Hello Halo Blushlighter at Target | FULL COLLECTION & SWATCHES!

hey guys and welcome to today’s new video today i am super excited because i’m partnering with wet and wild beauty for their hello halo blush lighter collection and it is mega glow and i am so excited because they are just so gorgeous and i’m going to get to show you guys the entire collection and it’s at target so it’s super affordable each one of these is only 6.

49 and it’s really really stunning so i’m just going to give you guys a little up-close view of each one of these before i pop into the packaging so here is there i met someone then we have flash me baby and the last one is highlight bling each of these are so so gorgeous and i love them because they have so many different colors and it’ll work on every skin tone so i’m going to pop into them and give you a swatch and i’m going to do each one each duo on their own so you guys can really get a great look at that so i’m going to open them up so we’re going to pop into i met someone and these are both two really beautiful shades and the highlight in this it’s not as blinding as the other two from just from looks of it so i’m going to swatch these on my hand for you so going into here and i’m just going to do one little swipe like that oh my gosh it’s so gorgeous how pretty is that oh my gosh you could totally use these and now i’m going to go in with my other finger and go into the pinkier shade it’s actually a little peachier and this would be the blush of the two so you have the highlight then here is the blush wow so pretty and just like imagine that combination like it’s so peachy and wonderful and brilliant and i love it now we’re gonna go into highlight bling and this highlight oh my gosh is blinding it looks like it’s going to be blinding all right so we’re going to go into the highlight first wow oh my god if you were wearing this someone could see you from the other side of the room going back in to the highlight bling i’m going into the very peach shade which is another very beautiful blush color going right in here and swiping that right next to that highlight wow how pretty wet and wild you can get at the drugstore and it’s super cheap and that’s what i love about it and i also love the quality like this quality is high-end all of these could be in sephora they’re amazing they’re super beautiful i can’t wait to try them on this nextio is probably my favorite of them all and this is called flash me i just really love this rose blush color it’s like a deeper um almost like i don’t want to say maroon but it’s definitely rose it’s like deeper it’s not as peach and that’s really the blush colors i gravitate towards and then this highlight is very like sun kissed glow and you can also use these as eye shadows and in your inner corner for a highlight and i’m going to do all of that for you as well so here i’m going to go into the highlight first which is this beautiful sun kissed glow and this is again called flash mini baby wow how pretty is that now i’m going to go into the blush and i’m going to dip this right here oh my gosh that is just everything look at how pretty i’m obsessed that is so so pretty and all these shades are really really gorgeous so whatever you like they have something for you and each duo is 6.

49 so if you want to shop and grab your favorite duo the link is right down below for you or you can even get all three and use them as eye shadows i really really really really really love them a lot and like all wet and wild products they are cruelty free fragrance free and gluten-free so let’s get into trying it out and i’m going to pull my mirror over all right so i’m going to go into flash me and i’m going to put the blush on my cheeks because i am just so excited to do that and i just love this packaging and how pretty this looks too it’s just everything and i put on blush i just tap tap in there and i build it and i tap and i don’t swipe i tap on my cheek just so you guys know for application purposes and i give myself a little smile and wow this color is so magical i love this this is like my jam like see i love that rosy color okay now i’m going to go into the other side and do the same thing i really love that the blush is buildable and even though there is glow in the blush it’s not overbearing like you’re definitely going to see a difference between your blush and your highlight and i like that it’s just really nice it’s really nice and i love that it’s in a duo it’s so convenient and easy great for travel also secret trick i like to put a little blush on my nose because it just gives you the sun-kissed youthful look so i just do a little dab and i’m also going to put some highlight on my nose too secret tricks now baby yeah so that’s how i like to do my blush and i love to do the little so now what i’m gonna go do is go into this beautiful highlight color and again we’re still in the flash me duo and all i’m going to do with my brush is just take a little swoopy swoop like that and i’m going to go i’m not going to go too close to my cheek back here because you want your eye to be brought up so i’m just going to add some there and very lightly wow so pretty and just ever so slightly i make like a c around my eye i take it up to here and around and i blend it out and then i’ll go back in with the blush just to blend the two a little bit and wow so this is the side with the highlight and you can see how that’s bringing your eye up here and it’s just giving you this extra glow that extra look at me and then on this side i don’t have the highlighter yet now the blush has its own glow but oh my gosh the highlight makes the biggest difference and looks so beautiful so now i’m going to go into the other side and do the same thing and now what i’m going to do is i’m actually going to go into the craziest highlight of them all which is the one that i think you could be seen from the other side of the room which is in the highlight bling palette so i’m going to go into this highlight and i only put the littlest bit on to add a tiny bit of highlight and like i can already see it in the monitor from here like i don’t even know if i pick up clothes to show you guys this but it’s so nice and using your finger sometimes because your body temperature is a little warm kind of helps melt them all together um but i think it’s really gorge okay here we go wow like look at that highlight oh my gosh so pretty and the other side it’s really stunning and now i’m going to show you how i would do my eyes with this this is the i met someone and i’m going to go into this highlight on my on my eyelid and then i’ll probably go into flash me this highlight shade on the outer corner and then i’m going to go in with highlight bling right on that inner corner it’s going to be a very glowy fun look i’m going to use a flat shadow brush for this but you could just use your finger too if you didn’t even have one honestly and so now this is i met someone and i’m just going to close my eye and go right in the middle here wow and i’m just putting that right in the middle of my lid and i’m not even being like super crazy careful just kind of doing it and now i’m going to close my eyes so you can see what that looks like and now i’m going to put the darker color here and the lighter color there so now going into the darker shade of the bunch i’m going to flash me and going to go into that sun kissed look again and i’m just gonna really put this on my outer corner okay and i’m going to show you what that looks like see how it’s like this little ombre effect so pretty now i’m going to go in with the lightest shade and just dab that right on my inner corner and for this i’m going to use my finger my pinky finger and going right in and you’re stabbing it so gorgeous okay i’ll show you what that looks like now and i’ll open my eyes it’s so glowy and beautiful okay and did you see how that little inner corner highlight just opened my eye so now we’re going to do the same thing and i’m going to show you a couple other places that you can put highlight and i am going to go in with the tiniest little bit of this super blinding one right on the tip of my nose but like literally i’m just gonna tap my finger once and go because that’s all you need like literally and then right above my lips this one highlight you can make it look a wet it’s so gorgeous like it’s really nice and then what i like to do is go into like the medium color one and i’m going to go into that highlight as well and then i’m just gonna go right above my brow right here and other side right above the arch because you’re trying to bring your eyes up and then you can also go right on your brow bone and give that a little highlight as well and then what i like to do is just take a big fluffy brush and just kind of blend it all in so it all kind of marinates and looks really gorgeous all right guys and that is my highlighter look in my little demonstration about how i use highlighter now would i go and probably put this much highlighter on my face on a regular basis no i’d probably just tap my cheeks and a little on my nose or if i wanted to bring attention to my eyes do my eyes but i wanted to show you all the different placements that i would put it and honestly i do think it looks really pretty if you’re going for a very shiny wet look and um i love the glow it’s really gorgeous i love these highlights again you can get them for 6.

49 like only 6.49 for one of these and it’s going to last you a really long time at target so make sure you go to target and get your hello highlight blush lighter and the link will be down below so you can check them all out but anyway guys on that note thank you guys so much for watching this video and thank you to wet and wild for sponsoring me and sending me the whole collection it really means the world to me that they support my channel and it would mean the world to me if you supported wet and wild as well because they really are a great makeup and beauty brand and they do everything affordable and also it’s super accessible right at the drugstore you can just go pick it up it’s right there and i love it like it’s amazing literally every single product i try from wet and wild beauty is a knockout and that’s it like that’s all i have to say like 10 out of 10 amazing and if you guys don’t know a little bit about me i am a singer and songwriter and i have music out and you’ll probably hear it in the background right now and that song is called we could be together it’s my latest release and the link to it is down below i also am on instagram and i’m on instagram at carolynmariex3 and i post all sorts of fun pictures and photos and videos there as well different content than here so make sure you’re over there so you don’t miss anything or any fun giveaways or anything like that and make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel because i post three videos every single week thank you guys so much for watching and i will see you in my next video


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